Transcript of Donald Trump classified documents audio obtained by CNN

| June 27, 2023

CNN received an audio of the conversation that Donald Trump had with his staffers talking about an alleged plan to attack Iran. You’d have to listen to the audio, and get familiar with it, to get a better context of what was going on in the room, before reading the CNN article itself. You could see the difference in context from the CNN article and the raw audio itself.

The DOJ may not have obtained the documents that are being shuffled in the audio. However, those who have handled classified materials would understand that you’re not supposed to do audio recordings in areas where classified information is discussed. If such a recording is made, the audio recording is supposed to be treated like classified information. Either the DOJ is guilty of their charges against Donald Trump, or this is a nothing burger and Donald Trump is innocent.


Donald Trump: These are bad, sick people.

Woman: That was, that was your cue, you know, that against you. The Conservative Tree House offers an article explaining a possibility to why this audio was leaked.

Donald Trump: Well it started right at the beginning.

Woman: Like when Milley is talking about, oh, you were going to try to do a coup, no they were trying to do that before you were even sworn in, that’s right, trying to overthrow your.

Donald Trump: Well with Milley, ah, let me see that, I gotta show you an example, he said that I wanted to attack Iran, I just, isn’t it amazing? I have a big pile of papers; this thing just came up. Look. This was him. They presented me this – this is off the record but – they presented me this. This was him. This was the Defense Department and him…

Woman: Wow!

Donald Trump: We looked at them, this was him, this wasn’t done by me, this was him. Also [inaudible] it was pages long, look, wait a minute, let’s see here,

Laughter in room…

Woman: Yeah.

Donald Trump: I just found, isn’t that amazing, this totally wins my case, you know.

Woman: Uhm hum.

Donald Trump: Except it is like highly confidential, secret…

Laughter in room…

Donald Trump: there is a secret info right here, look, look at this, [paper shuffling], you look back and.

Woman: Hillary would print that out all the time you know.


Donald Trump: And so, no, she’s send that to Anthony Weiner.

People laughing…

Donald Trump: By the way, isn’t that incredible?

Woman: Yeah!

Donald Trump: I was just thinking, because we were talking about it.

Woman: Laughing.

Donald Trump: And you know, he said, “He wanted to attack Iran and what.”

Cross chatter…

Donald Trump: This was done by the military and given to me, uhm! I think we can probably.

Cross chatter…

Woman: Yeah, well, we’ll have to see, you know, also, try to.

Donald Trump: Think less about it.

Woman: Figure out ah, ah, yeah!

Donald Trump: You see, as president I could have declassified it.

Woman: Yeah.

Donald Trump: Now I can’t, you know, but this is classified.

Woman: Yeah, now we have a problem.

Donald Trump: Isn’t that interesting?

Woman: Yeah!

Donald Trump: It’s so cool. And mean it’s so, I’m, look, we here and I have (?), and you probably almost didn’t believe me, but and now you believe me.

Woman: No, I believe you.

Donald Trump: It’s incredible, right?

Woman: No, it’s.

Donald Trump: Bring some, bring some Cokes in please!

End of audio.

CNN has the article and audio here. The Conservative Tree House has an article explaining a possible reason to why this audio was leaked.

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Okay when Democrats do it, as usual.


Both Twitter posts still work for us.

Cookies have to be allowed to see and listen to both posts.

Please try again with cookies allowed.

Thank You, thebesig!


thebesig is correct reference the linked CNN article that he posted…it does have the audio.

Our mistake!

Apologies to thebesig for our error.


Heck, Trump’s not even being charged for that one:



This is VERY interesting..


We Aren’t….


“Every Living Former U.S. President, Except Donald Trump, Direct Descendants of Slaveholders Including Biden and Obama”

“A Reuters investigation into the genealogies of America’s leading political figures reveals a legacy of slavery in the nation’s corridors of power.”

“A staggering fifth of the country’s lawmakers, living presidents, Supreme Court justices, and governors can directly trace their lineage back to ancestors who enslaved Black people.”

“This finding includes Joe Biden and every living former U.S. president, with the single exception of President Donald Trump, are direct descendants of individuals who once enslaved Black people.”

“According to Reuters, the list includes former presidents Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and – Barack Obama through his white mother’s lineage. Trump’s family immigrated to the U.S. after the abolition of slavery.”

“In a comprehensive examination of 536 members of the most recent sitting Congress, Reuters has found that at least 100 are the descendants of slaveholders. A significant proportion of these belongs to the Senate, with 28 members – more than a quarter of the Senate – able to draw direct links to at least one slaveholding ancestor.”

“These connections to slavery span party lines, with prominent Democrats and Republicans alike counted among this group.”

“Figures include Republican senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham as well as Democrats Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth, Jeanne Shaheen, and Maggie Hassan from the 117th Congress.”


If all of us go back far enough, someone, somewhere on the family tree was likely either a slave holder or a slave.



Slavery was the norm.

Slavery is even in the Bible, both Old and New Testament.

Remember Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his brothers?

As mentioned before, in researching family tree, our family was too poor to have slaves.

Others on TAH have shared the same….or as in DJT case, their families came to the US AFTER slavery was abolished.

The Washington Post found that Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson had ancestors who were enslaved, while her husband, Patrick Jackson, has ancestors who were slaveholders.

This is why we are not surprised.

Now we know Elizabeth Warren’s family had slaves. Probably why she tried to convince everyone she had Indian blood in her. Projection…🤭


Oh, The Irony…



Incorrect. Slavery began in America under white European colonists. In fact, they invented slavery. They fought British rule and founded the United States of America in order to keep it. White fascists are in denial of this history. Look it up. 😉

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Go back a little further….
Slavery began in the Americas under the native Americans (Indians).

Aaaaaand….the first non-native slave owner in the Brit colonies was a black man.

But don’t take my word for it.
Look it up.

Aaaaaand I skipped the SARC tag… but you’re 100% correct.


And who exactly rounded up, and sold black people into slavery.

Ninja is correct in that slavery is as old as the world itself. It is still around today, but to report on it, would undermine the story that the white man invented it.

Stupid facts always get in the way of a good lie.


Without slavery, Nike wouldn’t be able to pay Colon Kaepernick an obscene amount of money to be a professional victim and refer to the NFL as slavery.


Yeah, and our nation was actually founded in 1619 solely for the purpose of acquiring and owning slaves. Just ask any Prog. It is indisputable. Even the commie cuttlefish knows this, per his reams of empiric evidence.


Africans invented slavery or, at least, selling people they didn’t like for cheap labor because it got them mad $$$. They’re the one who convinced the Brits it was a good deal.

British slavers weren’t cruising around the African coast looking for dudes to snatch like in Roots. That was just a delivery operation. They backed-up the ship and took on a load of slaves, in exchange for some booty, from other Africans. Slaves sold were dudes more powerful, better organized folk defeated in war– cha-ching, baby!

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Hack Stone

How come nobody is demanding that the pyramids in Egypt be torn down? Weren’t they built with save labor?


My Irish relatives fled form the Potato Famine and one of them died in the Andersonville POW camp, poor bastard. My German/Pole relatives came over just before the turn of the century, so no slavery in my wood plie.


There you go…

Another TAHer whose family did not own slaves…

There are LOTS of us in the US whose ancestors did not have slaves.


Now that we know the Bidens and the Obamas came from slaveowners, probably time for them to cough up that reparation $$$$….

The irony. Remember Ole Brandon Boy making that speech in Hotlanta about George Wallace, Bull Conner, Jefferson Davis?

We Do…


Don’t know if anyone in my tree did, highly doubt it tho. Lancaster PA is about the extent south wise for our bloodline.

That being said, I couldn’t admonish a distant member from owning a slave, nor would I celebrate the enslaver.

Quite frankly, I think there is too much of that in this country: enslaver worship. Heck, there are Sunday talk shows dedicated to these relics of satan’s enterprise, and the occasional $2,000/ plate meet-and-greet! One them mas’sahs even wears carhartt hoodies and cargo shorts to ‘work’, to much fanfare from our seesaw-principled brethren!

435+100+9(for now, right nan?)+1ish+1ish = too many slave masters for this fucking plantation.

Don’t even get me started on the local buck breaking fucks at the state and town level, squeezing all us poor folk for pocket lint.

As bad as chattel slavery was, the current form has beyond no excuse.


If they were Irish peasants they may as well have been.






Trump Not Slaves.png
Eric (The OC Tanker)

The proper response to the above should be: And, your point is?


I’ll take ‘What was carefully edited and released by the prosecutors to be spoon-fed to CNN’ for 1000, Alex.


One more time. The trials will not commence until Trump has locked the Republican nomination. This has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with politics.


Always has been. Nothing to see here, Citizen.


Lawfare is always commenced for a political objective. It rarely has anything to do with the even-handed application of the law.

Anna Puma

DoJ and CNN possibly release classified material.

But Trump is on trial?


TCT – Is 100% correct. Unless there is something more to that audio it will never get admitted as evidence. That was the reason he HAD to leak it, so the dumber folk will hear it and act accordingly.

The funny thing is that Trump’s lawyers can now ask potential jurors if they heard the audio. If so they can likely get them off the jury, straight away.


So obvious as to why the audio and transcript are out there.

An attempt to deflect from the Corrupt Biden Family.


Speaking of deflection…..if they knew on the day that the Titan sub disappeared that it imploded, why would you let all of the rescue teams to pack up, travel, and show up to search for an empty boat? Another “so obvious” deflection and smoke screen. Its disgusting.


And the destruction of the Republic, soon to be known as the Formerly United States of America, continues. How much more evidence needs to be produced showing that Trump was not their target?…We, The People were. He was just in the way and the despotic, money hungry, power mad, domestic enemies of ours are hell bent to ensure he stays out of the way. Spapos and/or his buddy LC to show up squawking fake news in 5.4.3… Could be another distraction to change the headlines from all of the nefarious activities of the Briben Crime Family that is coming to light…or the billions more $ poured down the ‘kraine hole…or the millions more ILLEGAL immigrants pouring thru our non-existent borders, including the reputed 10K military aged male Asians from a country that has bought and paid for the current (s)elected Puppet in Chief? Wonder how many of them have already reported into the 7 known offices the Chinese Communists have already set up hither and yon? Or gotten to their pre-positioned weapons?

There will come a reckoning…and it won’t be pretty. Prepare.

Last edited 7 months ago by KoB

I don’t buy into the notion that there’s some all-powerful group of ‘them’ who are out to get Trump, no. But even if I did, are you saying this evidence is faked? That those aren’t his words, in his voice? That the witness that was there was a plant by these all-powerful forces?

Or, just maybe, did Trump put himself in a situation where he 1) talked about having classified material, 2) pointed out he couldn’t declassify it now, and 3) show it to someone who lacks the clearance for it?

He did this to himself. He’s not a martyr for ‘we the people’ – he’s an idiot out for himself, period.


So, Joe and clan aren’t out for themselves? Unelected, nameless faceless beaurocrats are all looking out for us because Trump is an idiot? Or because they are feeding off the same tax payer funded troughs like all the politicians who make 180k per year but yet somehow become millionaires while in office?

Is that what I’m reading? Do step up LC, and let us know how you would fix that. I will check back later to see if your ideas mesh and with which idiot they mesh with.


comment image

Forest Bondurant

Using their own argument, any politician (including the President) – either currently or formerly in office – whose ancestry owned slaves should have to pay reparations, and any structure or road named after them (including portraits, monuments or statues) should be renamed or torn down.

The presidential libraries of any president (present or past) should have their contents sold off, and the building should be converted to free housing.

Any other suggestions?

Forest Bondurant

^^^//sarc off//


The irony would be delicious, especially if they came after the first (white) black pres… Bill Clinton.

Also, when they sell off the possesions of the first half black pres… Obama.

Their heads would explode trying to reconcile that bit of history.

I wonder if anybody explained to those that desecrated that monument in honor of the black regiment that fought in the Civil War. Because, you know, kids nowadays are smart that way. Apparently they didn’t read the accompanying plaque that was plainly visible as all plaques are on historic monuments.

Somebody help me with the name please.


Colonel Robert Shaw led the 54th MA, shot to Hell and gone, Battery Wagner, SC, July 1863. Shot to Hell a 2nd time Feb ’64 Ocean Pond, Olustee/Lake City, FL. FIRST Black MoH Awardee @ Battery Wagner.

comment image


The list is long, but distinguished.. .


Thanks KoB. I knew someone smarter than I would know or remember.


For if I hang, my heart will be joyous for I will be in the best of company.

They can ‘watchlist’ these nuts. Heck, I’m even half tempted to remove the cover over the web cam and let my spook handler watch me (and/or the missus) plow his/her/zer’s mom!


And thusly the handler will know that we are well and truly “hung”.


They would have to come after Kamala-toe. Her daddy’s great grandpa owned slaves on his plantation in Jamaica.


“We got him this time.”


the most classified cocktail napkin of all times®?

let me know when the House apologizes to DJT for him just suggesting an investigation of what the current POS did, is doing, will do tomorrow

fuck this circus.


Weird how Trump has a gag order on him while the DOJ can leak to their hearts content


(Back home from 2600 miles over 8 days)

IF this story is to be believed…..

Trump uses the word “bravado” (to describe his lies and bullshit)??

According to this article….
It wasn’t military plans he was holding up.
It was plans for a GOLF COURSE.

Unless he’s skilled at doing the quick flash and pull, you know, like
Elko’s Les Brown with his DD-214
(“See, this proves I was THERE !!!” (pointing finger and bellowing)),
anyone in that room should know the difference
between Middle East war maps
and 18 holes worth of fairways and greens.


Bob Dole, in the 1990s,
after being caught with campaign trail lies and bullshit….
“That was just a little bit of ‘politics’ “.

And yet, the voters re-elected idiot Bill Clinton.
And we all know what happened shortly afterwards.

Where is that sperm stained dress today?

Last edited 7 months ago by MarineDad61

I’m not understanding just why this conversation was recorded in the first place. Is Trump recording everything, a la Nixon? Makes no sense to me.


Yes, where did they get this recording made after Trump was president? FBI, given to the media?


A retraction of sorts? After the story (lie) has been floating around as gospel truth? According to the article, the retraction came in paragraph 21.

They know darn well people scan headlines and a few lines of the story at most before moving on to the next article.


Aw, it made me want to support Trump more– kickin’ Iran’s ass would be great! “You won’t have to say… well, I listened to far-left bullsh*t, sat on my ass and was more concerned with American Idol than I was about American security and freedom!”:

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