Solar Maximum – coming to a planet near you soon

| June 28, 2023

Every 11 years or so, our Sun tends to get its knickers twisted and cycles from minimum to maximum activity levels.

At solar minimum, the sun’s magnetic field is strong and organized, with two clear poles like a normal dipole magnet, James said. The magnetic field acts as a “giant forcefield” that contains the sun’s superheated plasma, or ionized gas, close to the surface, suppressing solar activity, he added.

But the magnetic field slowly gets tangled, with some regions becoming more magnetized than others, James said. As a result, the sun’s magnetic field gradually weakens, and solar activity begins to ramp up: Plasma rises from the star’s surface and forms massive magnetized horseshoes, known as coronal loops, that pepper the sun’s lower atmosphere. These fiery ribbons can then snap as the sun’s magnetic field realigns, releasing bright flashes of light and radiation, known as solar flares. Sometimes, flares also bring enormous, magnetized clouds of fast-moving particles, known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

A few years after the maximum, the sun’s magnetic field “snaps” and then completely flips.

Throwing out solar flares, flipping magnetic fields – what could go wrong?

Another key indicator of solar activity is the number and intensity of solar flares. In 2022, there were fivefold more C-class and M-class solar flares than there were in 2021, and year on year, the number of the most powerful, X-class solar flares is also increasing, according to The first half of 2023 logged more X-class flares than in all of 2022, and at least one has directly hit Earth. (Solar flare classes include A, B, C, M and X, with each class being at least 10 times more powerful than the previous one.)

Solar flares can also bring geomagnetic storms — major disturbances of Earth’s magnetosphere caused by solar wind or CMEs. For instance, on March 24, a “stealth” CME hit Earth without warning and triggered the most powerful geomagnetic storm in more than six years, which created vast auroras, or northern lights, that were visible in more than 30 U.S. states. An overall increase in the number of geomagnetic storms this year has also caused the temperature in the thermosphere — the second-highest layer of Earth’s atmosphere ? to reach a 20-year peak.

The chances of a once-in-a-century superstorm, such as the Carrington Event in 1859 also slightly increase during solar maximum, Fang said. While a long shot, such a storm could cause trillions of dollars’ worth of damage and majorly impact everyday life, she added.


Very interesting topic , not just for the science wonks.  In extreme cases, there are military implications – lost GPS signals, missed comms – the potential could be a little ugly on a computerized modern battlefield. I’m just waiting for the “climate change” folks to somehow blame cattle ranching for the Sun acting up.

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“Don’t cross the streams.”


I check for solar flares numerous times daily because I was
Signal Corps and it left me with debilitating flareups.
Pretty good “M” class one last night. Woke me right up.
GOES X-ray Flux | NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center


Solar activity has been pretty funky lately, but for the most part, as a ham radio operator I look forward to the solar maximum. There are times on higher HF frequencies when you can work the word using a wet noodle as an antenna!


Extra Class here. Probably not good to show call signs on the forum. 73


Yeah, let me see. This happens every 11 years, right? So that means I am on itteration number 4. Those previous episodes were non events, I expect this will be a non event also. Still, it’s a good excuse to check the contents of the “Walk home bag” I keep in the trunk of my car.


Last few 11 year cycles were getting weaker and this next peak
doesn’t look all that different. Had some really strong X class
activity back in the 90’s but I don’t recall anything in my lifetime
that I would label remarkable and I have been a Ham radio
operator since 1959.
If ever there was a made order subject for Climatistas this is it.
I ignore those fools and pojnt my finger at them and laugh.
It’s mostly an HF thing. Below 30 megahertz…or as we used to
say in the old days…”megacycles”.
The power grid is susceptible because it is low frequency ie
60 hertz (cycles dammit) and the solar flares induce high
voltage spikes that affect the grid. Any problems with modern
internet comms will due to power grid problems and not directly
caused by the sun. Transformer windings make excellent
solar flare antennas and the ones at sub stations are the biggest threat.
Most military power systems are 400 Hz (cycles dammit) so
aircraft have a slightly less risk.

Speaking of 400 Hz (cycles dammit) anybody here ever get
shocked by 400? It hurts like hell.


440v wasn’t fun.


Sooo…did it happen with any kind of frequency or did getting hit come and go in cycles?

Bubblehead Ray

Yeah, working on a piece of SONAR I got zapped by the 400 hz servo. Arm ached for days.


Watt is love…
Baby don’t Hertz me,
No Morse.


Increase in solar activity! Is there nothing Anthropogenic Climate Change can’t do?


Yeah, reading this: An overall increase in the number of geomagnetic storms this year has also caused the temperature in the thermosphere — the second-highest layer of Earth’s atmosphere ? to reach a 20-year peak.”

…had ol’ Poe wondering where all the effects of man-made warming might suddenly have disappeared to… 🤔  🙄  🤔 


And we want electric vehicles with touchy batteries for “green” nicety?


Jesus, the Carrington event that must’ve been awful. I mean that must’ve knocked those people back into the 1800s when their technology was wiped out..
oh…. Wait…..

And somehow this is Donald Trump‘s fault.


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Just ask Lars…
comment image

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

IIRC (I could look it up, but I’m lazy tonight) the 1880s Carrington Event……arcing and sparking between telegraph lines, and telegraph lines and telegraph operators. Ouch!
Some high voltages floating around in the atmosphere then. And that was in the primitive technology of the 1800s. Just think what would happen to the low voltage, static sensitive electronics of today…..medical, aircraft, financial, military, communications, automotive……you can add more of your own.

The strongest geomagnetic storm on record is the Carrington Event of 1859 which electrified telegraph lines. The event caused major outages and disruptions in telegraph networks around the world; currents induced in the lines by the event were strong enough to cause sparks and allow some operators to disconnect their systems from batteries and send messages using only the current induced by the storm.

Impacts from the storm were limited given the state of technology at the time; modern society is far more vulnerable to the effects of a significant GMD event due to its reliance on electricity and technology. A more recent significant event occurred in 1989, when a geomagnetic storm collapsed the Hydro-Québec power grid in under two minutes, resulting in the loss of electric power to more than six million people for nine hours in Canada.

A Carrington-like event today, which exceeds the magnitude of the 1989 Hydro-Québec event, could even more significantly disrupt and damage electric power grids. A major GMD event could also disrupt radio communications and navigation signals from GPS satellites, and intense events could create significant radiation hazards for astronauts. Due to technological interdependencies, a severe GMD event could create a complex set of cascading effects, including requiring rerouting of air traffic to avoid areas where communication and navigation would be limited by space weather impacts [p.11, see below]

You wanna good read? Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Protection and Resilience Guidelines for Critical Infrastructure and Equipment.

Just be forewarned, the data properly consumed could make one realize the US of A is a hothouse, full of orchids, one misstep away from ruination.

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Intersting article

From the Washington Examiner, Lack of faith in Biden drives doomsday prepping (link).

Ya don’t say…

From said Examiner,

A congressional report said* just one EMP attack knocking out power to the East Coast would lead to the deaths of 90% who live there.

*I believe that was Doctor Peter Pry’s number. IIRC, he said a large geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) could cause nearly the same outcome because of losses of bespoke transformers that we no longer produce domestically, nor do we have the material on-hand to repair the damaged equipment in situ.

But, silver lining? Connecticut is the ‘tenth most prepared state’ according to the WashEx article, with ~42% of my neighbors reporting that they have prepared, maybe they won’t get squirrelly enough to necessitate ‘intervention’.

P.S. Dr Pry passed away last year on 20 August and left an impact on our country, unknown to most. Imho, his works are worth a looking at.

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Well, lack of faith in anyone/anything Democrat or RINO. Just sayin’.


Preparation S

Veritas Omnia Vincit

As long as we filter those NYC pizza ovens I’m sure everything will work out fine.


The irony of climatenazis going after ovenuden is somehow the saddest and funniest thing I’ve heard in a’hotminute.

May the sweet breeze of justice forever kiss their faces: how demonrat is the clientele?


I’d never heard of a coal-fired pizza oven until this latest circus act. Now I want one. The smell of coal smoke takes me back to the winters of my ute, when everyone had a coal furnace.

A Proud Infidel®™

Said “Coal-fired Pizza Ovens” are fueled with charcoal, others via wood. I myself enjoy grilling over charcoal, thus I make sure to give off enough CO2 to piss the eco-kooks off. And yeah, I cook over burning hardwood too, and I have friends and neighbors who enjoy cooking meat in a smoker, so FUCK the leftard eco-kooks, just how will they cook and eat if the SHTF with the grid? Oh yeah that’s right, they’ll go batshit and cannibalize each other.


leftard eco-kooks,… they’ll go batshit and cannibalize each other.


I need a cigarette after that.

A Proud Infidel®™

Your happy thought for the day! 😃


Back in the 50’s and 60’s when all the heating at Ft. Campbell was from coal furnaces, during winter a flat, inversion cloud of black smoke used to extend in a north/south alignment over the entirety of the post, with the worst concentration being over the big, company-sized barracks on the division troop line. Coming from Hopkinsville, it was visible from miles away.

From December through March you had a constant, inescapable taste of sulfur in your mouth… 😫 


Sounds cool.


Let’s offer vice [p]resident Kamel-ah as tribute to the Sun god!

If that doesn’t work, take the ‘not a war with russia’ money, load it up in Bezos’ cockrocket and whip it into that b*tch!

Having listed my layman’s solutions, has anyone asked; Darth Klaus, Neil DeGassy Tyson, Bills Nye, Gates, or Larsypoo for a plan?!


Maybe we could resettle them all on Venus.


Works for me.

A Proud Infidel®™

There is little telling of how many thousands of TONS of Dihydrogen Monoxide has been released into our atmosphere from launches into space, just the Atlas Rockets alone!!!


All that shit raining down on an unsuspecting populace! Oh, the humanity!

Skivvy Stacker

Well, there ya go. What with all them cattle farts, and the Earth spinning around, they were gonna hit the sun sooner or later. And what are cattle farts made of? METH! And that METH stuff turns everybody who uses it into wild ass zombies!

Slow Joe

I don’t know…