The Pentagon announces an additional $2.1 billion for Ukraine

| June 9, 2023

According to the Pentagon, Ukraine will receive an additional $2.1 billion, in military aid, over the long run. This funding will help Ukraine secure additional Patriot rounds, air defense systems, drones that could be launched by hand, etc. This funding falls under the “Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.”

From the military Times:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon announced Friday that it will provide an additional $2.1 billion in long-term weapons aid for Ukraine. The new assistance package will include funding for more Patriot missile battery munitions, Hawk air defense systems and missiles, and small Puma drones that can be launched by hand.

The latest infusion of funding, one of the larger packages the U.S. has provided, comes as there are signs that Ukraine is beginning — or about to begin — the much anticipated counteroffensive to try to take back territory that has been seized by Russia.

Unlike the U.S. equipment, weapons and ammunition that are more frequently sent from Pentagon stocks and delivered quickly to Ukraine, this money would be provided under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative and is meant to be spent over the coming months or even years to ensure Ukraine’s future security needs.

In a statement, the Pentagon said the package shows America’s continued commitment “to both Ukraine’s critical near-term capabilities as well as the enduring capacity of Ukraine’s Armed Forces to defend its territory and deter Russian aggression over the long term.”

The Military Times has additional information.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Another load of Moola Shmoola (money) on the way


I wonder who is getting all the kick backs, and is 10% customary.


Once again, those 10-plus billion investments in the Bidens keep paying off.


comment image


Get the car keys and the checkbook away from Slow Joe.


You’ll see the Rainbow flag and Ukraine flag on a lot of these cars right now, but not ours. In their view that flag is evil and might offend someone.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

For another perspective on the RUS/UKR war……

Rude, crude, socially unacceptable……TAHs’ kind of people.

My only problem with BCE is he is so shy and reserved. I do wish he wouldn’t hold back, just go ahead and tell us how he REALLY feels. He kinda reminds me of…well…ME!

IDGAF what side anyone takes in this fustercluck, that’s their business AND their opinion. I personally think that it is odd when you have one country that it has been proven that there was collusion between high ranking US grubermint officials (I’ll have more leeway after the election) (pay my husband a fat fee for a small speech) and another country that had a high ranking grubermint official told to “…stop the investigation or you don’t get the money…” by a high ranking US grubermint official. Now you have two despots in a dick waving contest with 100s of thousands of innocents caught in the middle being ground up like so much fodder. Those innocents are the folks that have my sympathies.

Many of us stood ready, for decades, to unleash hell, including canned sunshine, upon the Red Army if they ever poured thru the Fulda Gap and/or the Iron Curtain. Thank God we never had to test our ability to stop them using the bodies and blood of American Girls and Boys. Tom Clancy aside, I don’t think we could’ve without the canned sunshine and our “Allies” would have folded like a house of cards as the mega ton blasts moved east and west.

The MIC suits will surely make a nice bonus this year and will be able to hire on some more retired FOs so there is that.


Have never heard it called canned sunshine. I like the phrase, not crazy about the results.


I’m partial to:
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Last edited 11 months ago by Anonymous

I heard that stuff sticks to kids…


Question: Is the US dragging up all the old Hawk missiles and FDC’s that were phased out in 1994? Who is gonna be the trainers?

Oh, Well. Heads Up all you former 16 Deltas. A new job opportunity is knocking on the door.


They used to have dozens of Chapparels in a grave yard at White Sands. They could bring those out for target practice too.

A Proud Infidel®™

How much of it are the likes of Biden and Pelosi getting in kickbacks? Asking for a friend.


I say a cool 30%!

I never thought I’d be sitting here watching the corruption of our own government shoved on our face and them laughing about it!

And Trump gets indicted for what Biden also did, BUT not as President.


Yeah,, I like her almost as much as I like Jayne Fonda!!

F both of em!!!!!

Hack Stone

Don’t forget 20% for the Big Guy.


African countries right now


But not that our guys might need stuff or anything…


A lot of times I work missions as a contractor that require 12-14-16 hour days. Currently, I have to trade all OT for time off. Not a bad trade, but it’s hard to work your job and take 2-3 days a week off.

We won’t last another 4 years under another liberal president.

I have seen defense cuts before, but it’s getting very hard to do ANYTHING! And this is coming from a group that actually are “good stewards of taxpayer money”. We don’t go with the most expensive or the best, and actually cut corners where we can!

Top W Kone

They have been “about” to start a counter offensive since November when the Russians stopped advancing.

At least they have been releasing that to the press. Because OpSec they can’t say more than “soon”

Old Marine Vietnam Vet

Oh look over here at the Trump indictment. Pay no attention to the cash give away.


Good thing we’re not in an inflation crisis or anything, otherwise people might have an issue with this non-stop weapons/cash flow to one of the most corrupt governments in Europe.

BlueCord Dad

Are they sending it over on pallets perhaps?


Likely by the cargo plane loads.


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The Pirates Cove


This website never cared about the cost of the Afhhani war
That has now been estimated to be 2 trillion when in another 80 years we finally finish paying off benefits to the children of our dead