Rainbow LGBTQ flag flown over veteran facilities

| June 7, 2023

A pride flag where a US flag would normally be at the entrance of the Biloxi VA Medical Center. (Carl Boyanton)

VA officials at Biloxi raised up a rainbow LGBTQ flag at the Biloxi National Cemetery and at their VA medical campus. There were other US flags showing, but one was replaced by the rainbow flag. State Republican leaders are calling on the VA to lower these flags and to restore the US flags that normally fly on those flagpoles. In response, the VA recognized people’s rights to protest; however, they reiterated the VA’s commitment to inclusion.

From Fox News:

“We believe this decisions shows deep disrespect to our service members, veterans and their families, and demand that you take immediate action to restore the United States flag to its rightful place at Veterans Affairs facilities across the state of Mississippi,” five Mississippi Republicans wrote in a letter to McDonough Monday.

“Replacing the United States flag with a flag that promotes particular sexual or gender identity goes against the very mission of our national cemeteries,” the Republicans wrote in a joint letter. “This political stunt is yet another example of this Administration’s willingness to promote its political agenda rather than focus on its mission as the executive branch. Our veterans expect the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide services, not promote controversial ideologies.”

Some residents also participated in an “impromptu protest against the disrespecting of our veterans” outside Biloxi National Cemetery this week.

“Taking down American flags and replacing them with pride flags is a disgrace. All people are represented by the Stars and Stripes. Black, white, latino, gay, straight, Christian, Jewish or Muslim are all represented under the US Flag,” Mississippi resident Carl Boyanton wrote on Facebook from the site of the protest.

Fox News has additional information here.

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As shared yesterday:

“It’s quite astonishing. Minority groups get a whole month of recognition.”

“Veterans get 2 days a year.”



I am…

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I know I am.


A Sacrilege to Sacred Ground, IMHO.

I guess when the VA tears down the Peace Monument and disinters them dead Johnny Rebs in Arlington, they’ll have plenty of room for a Monument to all of the contributions made by the LBGTQXYZ crowd to our National Defense.


VA is a bunch of Democrat careerists who think of and treat veterans as annoying Welfare cases who interrupt their coffee breaks. LGBT rainbow-o-rama? To honor “more deserving” Stonewall Uprising alumni? You bet, thweety!)

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Perhaps if there were not so many veterans calling about “back pain” and other non-service connected problems and routine medical care there wouldn’t be a 96 minute phone wait.

And with an attitude and language like that he would be waiting even longer if I were processing him.


I would comment, but since I have never applied for nor received any VA healthcare, I don’t feel qualified to do so.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ya wanna fly yer own flag? Then put up yer own flagpole, don’t use mine.
I wonder if I could use a long match/lighter to set that rainbow flag alight?

“… use a long match/lighter to set that rainbow flag alight?”

Nope…that would be “hate speech”, Tox. Howsomever, you can use that same long match to set alight a US Flag. That’s “Free Speech”.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Hate speech? Gotta catch me first.




The lyrics in this 4 minute video nails it.

14 June 2023.

Flag Day.

“There She Stands”





The rainbow flag has become the new swastika.


I was gonna draw comparison to the Confederate flag in yesterday’s post on this subject. I grew up in the South, and displayed the Battle Flag in my youth, via t-shirts, stickers, and of course the flag itself. As I grew older, I realized that, while it’s a point of Southern pride for many, it’s also a symbol of divisiveness that’s been misappropriated by some fringe elements. I don’t think I even own anything with the Battle Flag on it now, though I do have a Bonnie Blue (which historically was the flag for the Republic of West Florida where I now live).

I’d place the various “Pride” flags in the same category. For some the flags (especially the traditional “Rainbow” version) display pride in culture and represent their lifestyle. Not too dissimilar from someone displaying a Confederate flag out of the cliched-but-honest “heritage, not hate” sentiment. For others they represent a rallying cry of sorts, “let’s take on everyone we disagree with”. Let’s not forget that this movement started with LGB, before adding the “T” and more recently going off the rails in the name of “inclusiveness”. The flags have become symbols of a divided country. There’s the quiet but proud LGBT types, then there’s the extremely vocal and sometimes militant LGBTQ (IA2+, etc. etc.) types who seem to use those flags as Battle Flags for their own movement(s).

I think that people should be able to demonstrate pride in nearly anything they want, outside of overt criminal activities or pure evil. Regardless, the Rainbow flag is a cultural flag, not representative of any banner our Veterans have fought under. It has no place in any national cemetery, or over any other government property.

Prior Service

Well said.


Never allow others to tell you what your symbols stand for.

Of course, that’s easy to say and incredibly difficult to do, especially with something as recognizable as the Rebel Jack. We are social animals, and others’ opinions matter regardless of whether they understand or comprehend.

At the same time as we shouldn’t allow cancel culture minions and government apparatchiks (not evenly, but from both sides of the aisle) to define our symbols, we should also be more vigilant in preventing neo-Nazis and other groups from redefining those symbols as well.

Whether it’s the confederate battle flag, the swastika, the tor rune, or any of myriad symbols that have been bastardized and erased throughout history, it’s never just one party destroying it.

USMC Steve

May be, or it may not and I don’t care. What about being a sexual deviant is there to have pride in? Given that they comprise less than 1 to 2 percent of the population dependent on which studies you go by, why do we cater to them and kiss their asses? So they won’t get mad and have a hissy fit?

I have never yet had anyone come up to me and say, Hi I am XXXXXX and I fuck women, cater and pander to me. And if your sexuality is what defines you then you are way beyond ruined beyond repair.


Odd how feminists raise hell if for being treated as a sex object, but those L……. folks take “pride” in being one.


“…pride in culture and represent their lifestyle.”

“Pride”? “Culture”? The whole fuss is about how some people get their rocks off. I like sex as much as anybody else, but I certainly don’t consider it a “culture”, nor do I see any reason to take any “pride” in it.


Might be.

zz LBGTQIA-Flag.jpg

They don’t call it the Gaystapo for nothing.
comment image


Pride Is A Sin, But Only If You Are White.


It might just be my twisted mind at work, but IIRC, aren’t the Biloxi VA facilities mostly on what was once Jefferson Davis’ property? And in order to be historically accurate and inclusive, shouldn’t those facilities fly a rebel flag as well? Fair disclosure, the D family had no participation in the war between the states, we’d already told everyone to go fuck and headed west.


We don’t think the VA Hospital and the VA National Cemetery at Biloxi was property of Jefferson Davis.

We think you may be thinking of this:



It would appear so. I went to school for a month at Keesler (1988), and I recall an instructor telling us that the VA was located there. Biloxi was different then. They’d just passed the law allowing casinos, the beach was nothing but shrimp boats, dive bars, and USAF trainee girls. It was an excellent month!


We enjoyed Tropical Best Daquiris back in ‘89, they had a drive thru window.


I recall Liquor Barn had a drive-thru, not far from the pier. More of a stumble-thru, actually.


“…and headed west.”

Where your ancestors no doubt raped, robbed, and killed innocent native Americans. You can run, but you can’t hide! YOU ARE GUILTY!


Nobody in the west was innocent at that time 😉




So, we guess the Flag of these two individuals is more important than the Flag of Veterans who are now resting at the Biloxi National Cemetery.

The VA seems to care more to catering to a Woke Minority than taking care of our Veterans.

And DoD can’t figure out why recruitment numbers are dropping?



One of those two is already in jail. F”cking thief.


They let him out on a bail bond last week.


At the rate we’re going as a nation, one day you’ll wake up and ask yourself the question:

“We’re still the good guys. Right?”


And the answer will most likely be, “No.”


One would think that the Bud Lite fiasco ($$$$$$) would be a wake up call to the Alphabet Soup community and that some things should not be pushed to the American public, i.e. replacing the American Flag with a Rainbow Flag at Veterans National Cemeteries.

If VA is persistant about the Rainbow Flag, then perhaps they should also fly the flag of the 1st Regiment of the Tennessee Infantry. A Condederate unit.

Biloxi Cemetery’s first burial was held on March 24,1934, with the interment of Private Edgar A. Ross, 1st Regiment of the Tennessee Infantry.

This is getting riduculous.

What is next? The Alphabet Soup community asking for reparations?

In the meantime, we have yet to see the manifesto of the Nashville TN shooter who murdered 6 innocent souls.

Jussie Smollett is still a free man.


Ellen ‘ Zippertits’ Page pulled a Juicy recently by claiming it was verbally ‘ attacked ‘ by a transphobe at an LA hotel.
It then hilariously claimed that ” LA is no longer safe for LGBTNKVD ”
On behalf of Canada, I apologize for Zippertits, Justin Bieber, Nickleback and the smoke we are blowing up your asses

Last edited 11 months ago by RCAF-CHAIRBORNE

“On behalf of Canada, I apologize for Zippertits, Justin Bieber, Nickleback and the smoke we are blowing up your asses”



“She.” Unless she’s actually been spayed, in which case “it” can be argued. Canada didn’t invent the English language.

Baise toi, Trudeau. Canada was once a great country, and it can be again; it’s silly shit like this that’s in the way.

Credit where due, Ms. Page was a talented actress.


I see that Zippertits has to trumpet its abuse anlong with its sexual conquests of other Hollywierd ho’s in her book.

USMC Steve

“In the meantime, we have yet to see the manifesto of the Nashville TN shooter who murdered 6 innocent souls.”

And you never will. Once the particular sexual deviant in question was found to be a raging leftard all that coverage died in place like right quick.



Are amy of y’all getting that nasty smoke from Canada? Never thought it would get into our AO, but sure enough, it has.

The smell is terrible!

For some reason, the smell is bringing back memories of the Middle East.

26Limabeans, Roh-Dog, Vermont Crew…are y’all ok?

Don’t know if it has hit Dawg/KoB or Dave Hardin country yet.


Oh, No…

“AOC seizes on Canadian wildfire smoke covering East Coast for new Green New Deal push”



Blames Trump, demands all gas grills, guns and MAGA hats be seized by government.


Thank You for the update and the link, thebesig!

Yep, that smell reminds us of Iraq and Afghanistan…smells so much like that burn pit in Bagram (SFC D should know).


I’m wheezing just thinking about it!


That prevailing wind out of the West South West is keeping the worst of it well north of me, ninja. Going by thebesig’s map, TVI’s AO is smokier than the Dawg Patch AO, but it looks as if most of it will head back up north. Air quality measurements in the central state is currently 56 and there’s a thunder boomer brewing.

No where near as bad as it was back in ’64 when Pyro ‘Cump left a sixty mile wide path, nearly 300 hundred miles long, of burning homes, barns, grist mills, towns, and slaughtered animals.



Thank You for your update…Wow on what happened in 1964..300 miles..We researched it…Good Heavens!

Hopefully, it will stay away from your AO!

Thinking about Mason…hope he and his family are doing ok…We think Sapper may be affected as well…and Ex-PH2, OAM, Dave and Mick…we think our beloved AW1Ed moved further away where he was before, so we hope he is ok!



1864… It was even worse when the invaders made their way into SC. The burning of Columbia could be seen in Charleston


My bad on the Century typo…19th century, not 20th century..🫣

Sherman….reminded us of that scene in “Gone With The Wind”…

This is what we found…and remembered from History classes in High School…


And what happened in 1865 with Sheridan..”The Burning” in Virginia..


History Can Be Painful.




Colorado had that Canada smoke a week or two ago, but it’s obviously shifted east a bit… enjoy! It sucked while it was here.. (though it did make for beautiful sunsets..



Wow! We did not know it hit your AO!

Thank You so much for sharing that information!

You are so right…it DOES suck..that smell with eyes burning!



We good. Thought you’d pick up on the “Cump” reference. That was his preferred “nickname” tho not many people know that little tid bit. He made a name for himself, but in the grand scheme of things he was NOT a tactician and lost more battles than he won. He and Sheridan used their scorched earth, make war on women and children to good effect against Native Americans that they had perfected in the WBTS. Amazing what you can do with unlimited manpower and resources.

Your email working yet? Hit my ….outlook addy up and see if our machines will shake hands. Got a linky or 3 for your perusal.


“Arlington National Cemetery, 109 year old Confederate Memorial to the Reconciliation and Reunification of our great nation after our bloodiest war. It was the brainchild of Union soldier and president, William McKinley, who said “every soldier’s grave made during our unfortunate civil war is a tribute to American valor.” The sculptor, internationally renowned Jewish artist Moses Jacob Ezekiel, was a VMI Confederate soldier. Art critic Michael Robert Patterson states that “no sculptor, as far as known, has ever, in any one memorial told as much history as has Ezekiel in his monument at Arlington; and every human figure in it, as well as every symbol, is in and of itself a work of art.” In a barbaric crime against art and history, the naming commission and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin want the monument demolished.”

Quote from the Charleston Athenaeum Press article on the destruction of the Reconciliation and Unification Monument and the removal of Confederate Names from the Ranger Memorial at The Fort for Wayward Youth located near Columbus, Georgia.


Or 1964, for that matter. Back then municipal incinerators routinely disposed of trash and garbage. There was one within walking distance of my home, and I did not live in an “underprivileged” neighborhood. In the fall it was also routine to rake all your leaves into piles at the curb and burn them, along with branches, etc.

Prior Service

This crap is disgusting. Much as I don’t care for that lifestyle, whatever, if you mind your own business. But to fly it over a cemetery for “inclusiveness” where it probably “includes” maybe .025 percent of the dead? Appalling. There are probably more of Yemeni descent there than gay vets from the length of time the cemetery is open. Might as well fly their flag too. 🇾🇪!!

Forest Bondurant


Old tanker

Let me be perfectly clear. I do not care a whit about who you decide to have relations with, marry, or simply cohabit with as long as they are a consenting adult. I do not care if you are straight or not, what color your skin is, if you are smart of not. I do care that you act responsibly and take care of yourself to the best of your ability. I care that you treat others as you would like to be treated. I do hope you exercise your rights as given by God and demand you allow others to do the same. Live your life and let others live theirs without coercion or derision. That means not forcing your opinions on others and certainly not desecrating memorials to those who fought to keep those freedoms you enjoy. That is the meaning of a free country.


Here ended the lesson.


Another false flag operation