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| June 8, 2023

You may remember Robert Hanssen, a former FBI agent who was busted 22 years ago for spying for the Russians. He died of natural causes at age  79 this week while serving his life sentence at the Supermax prison near Florence, CO.

Three years after he was hired by the FBI, Hanssen approached the Soviets and began spying in 1979 for the KGB and its successor, the SVR. He stopped a few years later after his wife confronted him.

He resumed spying in 1985, selling thousands of classified documents that compromised human sources and counterintelligence techniques and investigations in exchange for more than $1.4 million in cash, diamonds and foreign bank deposits. Using the alias “Ramon Garcia,” he passed information to the spy agencies using encrypted communications and dead drops, without ever meeting in-person with a Russian handler.

“He truly didn’t respect Russia very much, at least not in his conversations with me,” O’Neill said. “But he was able to use them very effectively to solve his other problems. One that he was angry at the FBI for not placing him in the position of authority and gravitas and respect that he believed he deserved. And two, he needed money. He was financially having problems and he needed money and you solve both those problems by becoming a spy.”

“At some point, spying and being the top spy for the Soviet Union, while within the FBI, became the thing that made him belong to something much bigger than himself,” he added. “I think that at some point, even more than the money that became what was so important to him.”


Used to be,  there were four  main motivations for spying:  Money, love, ideology, and blackmail. If you had something to hide, you were vulnerable. If you fell in love with a partner over whom an unfriendly service had leverage, you were vulnerable. Ideology – being a closet Communist, having divided loyalties for some reason – used to be number 2 on the list, although nowadays the Snowdens and Winners are more common,  as are losers like Manning and Texeira. Hanssen may have been one of the last who seemed motivated principally by greed and money. It’s rarely a clear cut single reason – in his case he felt slighted because the FBI didn’t make him King of the World – but primarily he wanted to live a lifestyle that FBI pay didn’t support. So adding the KGB bonus pay came in handy.

In the 1980s, 74 percent of spies did it solely for money, the study found. But since then, the majority of Americans caught spying on America were not recruited by a shadowy foreign agency or in it for financial benefit. Of the 37 Americans caught spying inside the United States since 1990, only one was solely motivated by monetary gain, the study found. Washingtonian

I’d say an unmarked pauper’s grave would be appropriate.

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This would have been the appropriate end for this fuck.


If you have a problem accessing the video, right click on the video and “Copy video URL”, then open in another tab. Easy peasy.


It works on 1st click on “Watch on YouTube”
IF you are signed in to YouTube.


Hope he gets a marked grave.


Oh, it’ll be marked all right.


Some are worth the drive.


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AW1 Rod

Adios, scumbag. May you suffer the barbed cock of Satan in your worthless ass for all eternity.


Devil don’t provide K-Y.


Tiger Balm


Hanssen sold out America for cash and baubles.

The FBI today has sold out the Constitution.

I hope they all get what they deserve.


Mueller, Comey, and Wray may be worse.

Prior Service

You really should put a buffer post, maybe a stolen valor, between going straight from unknown war dead to this turd burglar.


I get goosebumps when you talk all official…
It is pride month after all, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do ???


These days he would get a 14 year long investigation, some documents stashed away where no one would ever see them and nice retirement package.


Yep, used to be, treasonous bastards were shot or hanged. Now they are (s)elected or appointed to some of the highest offices in the land. Or get a good paying gig with a utility company.

Odd how the agents of the Chinese Communists are very seldom heard from. Maybe the Russkies should develop a deeper appreciation of the arts?


Don’t forget their getting hired for a well-paying gig at CNN or MSNBC.


The Long Drop The Subject


Drop his ashes in a stadium urinal on cheap beer night.


Better yet, drop them in the toilets at the Elko Chili Feed…

Green Thumb

Or at All-Points Logistics….


Justice delayed but finally realized. AMF Hanssen.


By coincidence, Poe recently watched a video about the SuperMax in Florence, CO. If his time there was typical, Hanssen received some very well-deserved and very unpleasant justice for the last decades of his life.


These days, he would avoid prison and get hired by MSNBC to bash America.

RGR 4-78

Paid consultant to the Biden family.


Great minds think alike. I had the same reaction.

Green Thumb


A Proud Infidel®️™️

Dump his ashes in a septic tank and forget his name for all time.
May the day he was born be erased from the calendar.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone’s Uncle Joe Stone was a Korean War Veteran (Army Ranger) and an FBI Agent. He used to bust Hack’s balls whenever some Marine would fuck up and bring discredit to the Corps, particularly Clayton Lonetree. Then this asshole came along, and it was payback time.

Wasn’t there another FBI Agent back in the late 1980’s in the Los Angeles Field Office who had an affinity for Russian Strippers and passing classified material to the Russians? The name escapes me, but he was Hunter Biden before it was cool to be Hunter Biden. Of course, it’s still not cool to be Hunter Biden, but the pay is great.


Hack, that FBI agent was named Richard Miller, and along with carrying out an affair with his Russian counterparts wife, he also took three-hour lunches at the nearest 7-11 eating stolen candy bars and reading comic books.


Hunter, at least, went for the gusto with strippers and blow.


Was Sheriff John Stone (Sloop John B) also one of your relations?🤣


Creamation and scatter his ashes over the dump nearest to the Supermax in Florence CO.
Being Colorado, the dump would actually be the nearest homeless camp. Mix it up in a PBJ and sell it to some filthy hippie looking for free pot.
That would be a fitting end to this chapter of this POS.


Problem is, the cremation is -way- late.


And a reverse pineapple!

Skivvy Stacker

That shit eating grin on his pasty face looks like he already had a dick up his ass.