Yellow Vests Protect Chicago’s Memorial Day

| May 27, 2023

Governor Pritzker

Illinois Governor Pritzker is deploying trained anti-violence workers to Chicago this holiday weekend. These 30-odd “peacekeepers” will be identified by their yellow safety vests. The $750,000.00 program is modeled after intervention groups already operating in the city.

Not exactly a confidence inspiring comparison, yet hope springs eternal.

“They can help stop some of the violence before it even starts,” opined Marcus Mitchell, a peacekeeper with the Institute for Non-Violence in Chicago.

So would the Illinois National Guard.

Yellow-vested Peacekeepers, funded by the state, will patrol Chicago streets Memorial Day weekend

Thirty members of a “crisis prevention and response unit” are set to help out at large street gatherings to try to help keep the peace.

By Frank Main

If there’s unrest downtown or mass shootings elsewhere in Chicago this Memorial Day holiday — often among the year’s most violent weekends — a special team of 30 “Peacekeepers” wearing yellow vests will be mobilized to help calm things down, state officials said Tuesday.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker authorized funding the anti-violence strategy in 2021 when he signed the Reimagine Public Safety Act, creating the state Office of Firearm Violence Prevention.

More than 500 people have been hired as Peacekeepers, trained to deescalate conflicts in 102 “hot spots” in 14 Chicago communities. They’re on duty from Tuesday through Saturday.

Chicago Sun-Times

“The Citywide Crisis Prevention & Response Unit (CPRU) is an essential tool in keeping our communities safe because these individuals bring invaluable insight and knowledge that allow us to reduce conflict before it escalates, so we are proactive instead of reactive in addressing the causes of violent crime,” said Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson.

What a remarkably woke statement. I sincerely wish these folks the best of luck- they’ll need it. Link provided by one of our usual suspects.

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No peace to keep.

Try peacemakers.


They don’t call it Chiraq for nothing.


Yup… that’ll be their next suggestion.

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You know how progressives are nowadays.
comment image


Those are peacekeepers.



Because they did such a fine job in Srebrenica, etc.


comment image


Will the yellow vests have range rings on them?


If they were really serious, they would be issuing the war-winning reflective PT safety belt.


Good job spreading TTPs out there, bud.

You’re a walking, talking OPSEC violation.

PT belts save lives.jpg

I miss their excessive use so much! /sarc

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Prior Service

Chances a yellow vest happens to be on scene early enough to make a difference: zero. Chances a yellow vest responding to a scene of violence can make a difference: zero. Chances a yellow vest responding to violence becomes the subject of additional violence: eighty percent. Chances this program was a waste of money: one hundred percent. Good luck. You’ll need it!


“Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

This is known as “bad luck.”

― Robert Heinlein

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Bring on the Social (Justice) Workers!


No fault of the TAH author but it’s actually an $11,000,000 program, with a programmed funding increase to $30 million next year.

Crime prevention is a funny thing. There’s no certain way to tell if it is working. It doesn’t even matter if the crime rate goes up or down because other factors could be at play that cause that to happen.

I do hope that they have some success.

Bubblehead Ray

The yellow vests should make it easier to find the bodies. 🤷🏼‍♂️

jeff LPH 3 63-66

A great attraction for yellow jacket bees and you can bee sure of that.

Commissioner Wretched

That’s the buzz, anyway.

Old tanker

This meme is really what I think will happen in this situation. It was made to cover “social worker” intervention and is rather fitting here with minor modification.


Call the FD for backup. Hose off the crazy until he is too tired to stand up.


Not sure turning the firehoses on certain folk is the best optics, either.


Yellow vest peacekeeper witnessing a crime happening:

“Stop! Before I tell you to stop again!….. Or Else!”


Like in Demolition Man: “Maniac, please put your weapon down!”


Or in Team America:


“Otherwise, we will be very, very angry with you and we will write you a letter telling you how angry we are.”

Skivvy Stacker

That’s when you know they mean it. The Letters of Anger come after the E-Mails of Admonishment.

Skivvy Stacker

That reminds me of the joke about London Bobbies; they carry whistles instead of guns, so their command is; “STOP! OR I’LL TOOT!’


Jesus left Chicago in the 70’s, heard that from Mr. Tops, Z.Z. Top that is. There’s that 3 again, Tres Hombres.
Yellow Vests and Boomboxes, that will work or get them in the groove.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

With that amount of money being spent on this idiotic boondoggle, I wonder how much the Governor and his cronies are getting in kickbacks?

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RGR 4-78

The government graft version of a trickle-down economy.


Chicago has one of the oldest and largest Memorial Day parades in the Nation, (supposedly) the only major city with JROTC programs and service academies for all five branches of the military. The parade kicks off at noon and follows an 11am wreath laying ceremony.

Rumor is kids just being silly, as the new mayor refers to wilding and rioting, are planning on crashing the ceremony site when the dignitaries move over to the parade route, then swarm the parade route. I feel no pity for the residents of Chicago. They voted for a community activist, race-baiting, anti-police mayor that makes Lightfoot look conservative.

Yesterday, the beaches of Chicago opened at 11:00am. North Ave. beach, arguably one of the loveliest with many amenities was officially closed by 1:00pm. Because over a hundred of them showed up and, like the mayor says, were being silly and overexcited at the prospect of a day at the beach. In their street clothes. Without towels or any of the things one normally brings to the beach. But they didn’t forget their guns. They caught one person, didn’t find any guns, only the shot-out windows of a park service vehicle.

It is legal to travel the streets of Chicago with a firearm if you are a concealed carry holder. It is staggeringly stupid. If you use it to defend yourself against a mob of “kids acting silly” you will be arrested, charged and vigorously prosecuted. Because they are just kids, you know, acting silly. On top of your car. Pushing you through a plate glass window. Beating you. With bats, batons, rocks, bricks – none of which will be found by the police.

Interestingly, no yellow vests spotted on videos of the beach melee. Until afterwards, milling around with the police. But it’s hard to tell because extra bodies for clean-up and traffic control wear yellow vests too.

Maybe they should have opted for UN blue. You know, like they have in other third-world shite holes. 2023 is shaping up to make 2020 look like a fond memory.


Shotcago, aka Chiraq, the shithole city that keeps giving–the bodies of those shot down in the streets.

Commissioner Wretched

Sadly, I have fond memories of the North Avenue Beach. During my childhood in the 1960s it was a very nice place to go, at least as far as my memories tell me. I’m saddened to hear what it – and my beloved home town – have become.



comment image


Can Chicago just stop with any pretense of being a member of civilization and go full on anarcho-tyranny?

Anyone taking odds on number ‘mostly peacefulled’? I’ll take: no more than 2 in 30 days, double or nothing if one is a vehicle homicide, $100. Takers?


Nuke the site from orbit…it’s the only way to be sure.


The wearers of the vests will be known as

The Bad News Bees

“Aaaaaa, go buzz off…….”


Remain calm, all is well!!!

Skivvy Stacker

Keeping the peace by yelling; “CALM DOWN! STOP HITTING ME!”

Green Thumb

Send in Snake Plissken.


I think this may be beyond his capabilities.


Ch*tcago’s off to a great start for this holiday weekend:


I live just over the state line in Indiana. Believe me, I know. As long as they stay on THEIR side of the line, I truly don’t care.


The yellow vests will make them easier targets for the gangbangers.


They have totally been slaying it as Saturnalia continues. As of this morning there were only 42 shootings with 34 WIA with 8 KIA.

At that rate they will certainly surpass 2022. Which had 51 shootings, 42 WIA and 9 KIA through the entire three day weekend. They still have tonight and tomorrow to catch 2022.

We have to applaud their efforts, 2022 was a five year high. If they pull together as a team it could go as high as 75 shot, and possibly a new all time record. Some of you might be thinking that this was money wasted, just think about how bad it would have been if the yellow vests hadn’t been out there. In fact they could probably just replace all the racist police in Chicago with yellow vests. These problems will just sort themselves.


I should note the above link updates the scoreboard. We are now at 37/9 and climbing, looks like it’s going to be a record breaker!


With only 14 hours left to go, 2023 has indeed edged out, by a single shooting, 2017. This puts 2016 squarely in the gun sights. Can they make it to 69 shootings by 5:00 a.m. Tuesday morning? Only the shadow knows.

I like to give an honorable mention to NBC News in an assist by helping distort the news. While the majority of the MDKs occurred in Chicago land NBC tried to spread the wealth around the country. But the yellow vests in Chicago were the real heroes of this story. I say next year when the purge sirens go off give each of them $1,000 in their pocket and put one on every street corner in the city. Do that every year till they’re no longer needed.


It’s going to be a photo finish. With 45/11 the death toll has exceeded 2016 even if they haven’t caught up to the raw numbers WIA, many in the mostly peaceful protests of 2016.

USMC Steve

So, now that the weekend is over, how did that all work out for him?


We can’t determine a winner, only a loser. That would be the people of Chicago, The Yellow Vests, Gun Control Laws, The Mayor and Rule of Law.

With a final tally of 11/50 those are respectable numbers. Not near as much as during the mostly peaceful protests but, respect. They will never be Jackson, MS or a St. Louis, they would need to hit 3K a year for that, but they should be able to pull a top ten ranking this year.