Rand Vet Survey Results and The Narrative

| May 23, 2023

We owe the men and women of the Department of Defense an environment free of extremist activities, and we owe our country a military that reflects the founding values of our democracy.
Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III
Memorandum, December 20, 2021

We all know what comes next. There’s something amiss though. Where are all these extremists? Our own Poetrooper sends.

Rand survey finds level of extremism among veterans same as public

By Nikki Wentling and Leo Shane III

A new survey of about 1,000 veterans found no evidence that the population harbors more extreme beliefs than the rest of the American public — though its authors acknowledged that the results are limited by how many people were willing to be honest about their extremist stances. And it did show that about a third of veterans surveyed believe in the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory – that people of color are being allowed to enter the U.S. to upend the white majority.

Army Times

If there’s another explanation I’m not aware of it. But what’s this?

The survey by the nonpartisan think tank asked whether respondents supported the following: white supremacy, black nationalism, the neo-Nazi Proud Boys, or Antifa, a far-left, anti-fascist group. While just 1% of participants said they supported white supremacists, Antifa saw the most support, at 5.5%.

The extremists? There they are. Thanks, Poe.

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Skivvy Stacker

And in this month’s America’s First Freedom there’s an article about how the DoD wants to reduce suicides among military personnel by prohibiting guns from private ownership, or by having military members REGISTER their personal firearms (no matter where they are kept), or raising the age to purchase a firearm by military personnel to 25.
Yep. That’ll put an end to suicide in the ranks. More fucking with the troops.


There were at least two attempts to create records of our guns while I was in. Shortly before I left Fort Campbell in 2004 and in TOG around 2006/7 Soldiers were pressured to provide serial numbers and other info for all personal firearms. I always had 40+ but no longer had any when asked. None of the command’s business; I always lived off-post and never registered a single one. Around 2007 I recall an ALARACT message clarifying that leaders could not ask for that info, so I think it was a group of Good Idea Fairy Friends at the O-5 to O-8 level who came up with the idea. Whether rogue BN/BDE Commanders or ill-advised CGs, this was obviously not an Army-wide mandate. Personal firearms are already enough of a pain to own for Soldiers. If you live in the barracks and don’t have a place to store your guns off-post, you need permission to store them in the Arms Room, must provide at least 24 hours notice if you want to draw them out, provide the reasons for doing so, and even then need the COs permission and the Armorer to be available. Few leaders are going to make the Armorer come in at 0300 on a Saturday so PVT Deerslayer can go hunting. Especially considering that the Armorer has to give up more time to receive the firearms back. Then you have the asshats like CPT “Judas”. New PVT, 28-years-old with a wife and kids, and about three guns. He got on-post housing on Belvoir, about 18 miles and 30-90 minutes from Myer and needed his paperwork signed to register his guns for storage in on-post housing. CPT Judas refused because he didn’t “know him”, so I kept them at my house for a couple of months. Judas was the main reason I moved up to MDW. He micromanaged everyone including the 1SG, H Co was usually last to be released, and Soldiers were forced to constantly cancel or reschedule important medical appointments to meet mission requirements, instead of us using the backup company. Judas failed to pick… Read more »


When I was at Hood in 2008, 3rd BCT/1st Cav got a new CO (now-retired LTG Volesky) who demanded that any residence where a SM lived that had firearms had to register all the firearms in the household, to include firearms owned by civilians, with the BDE S2. I refused (my company CO didn’t care) and unregistered the firearms the PMO had info on from when I was in the barracks (they handed me the paperwork and did a serial number search in front of me to show me they were no longer in the system without me having to ask, which was refreshing). I left shortly thereafter. My replacement decided malicious compliance was the way to go and registered 80+ firearms, so they had to sign off on his 20+ forms since each form could only be used to register four guns. Fast forward 2-3 years and we are now in the Obama era. My replacement went to unregister his firearms with the PMO office after Volesky left and they refused, stating no firearms could be removed from the registry.


…the neo-Nazi Proud Boys…

And you wonder why no one takes you seriously.

We owe the men and women of the Department of Defense an environment free of extremist activities, and we owe our country a military that reflects the founding values of our democracy. –Darth Lloyd

‘Extremist activities’ like forcing women into combat rolls? The hiring of non-deployable, mentally-ill care-suckers known as trannies?
How about the experimental vaxxine that killed a bunch of people? THAT kind of extreme?

Our founders DID NOT VALUE ‘democracy’ you FUCKING idjit. Did this piece of shit make ‘general’ and never read the Federalist Papers?

Antifa at 5.5%? Thats ’bout 6 or 7% too high.

pinochet rides a bell.jpeg

Last I read, the Proud Boys were not a national socialist workers’ political party.


They’re mostly FBI anyway.


Reminds me of the old joke about the Klan; 3 out of 4 Klan members are FBI informants.


And the fourth is an agent.


Antifa’s cool, though.


‘cept when they HOT!


“When you’re running down the street, on fire…..”

“People get out of your way.”

Richard Pryor


Biden and Austin both like to blame White Supremacy for a host of problems because it is easy to do so and they don’t have to offer any proof.

Daisy Cutter

Same with blaming the fictitious Trump-Russia alliance.


Be the Sheepdog…or like this guy:

comment image?w=500&ssl=1


I find it shocking that more people didn’t admit to being racist Nazis on a survey given by the military to the troops. But yet somehow, some concluded, that it was okay to support antifa terrorists. On the totally anonymous survey given by the trusty Rand corporation.

That one guy that checked yes to the question; “Are you a Nazi: Yes or no?” Was probably a Cat IV. Just a guess, but probably.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

“Asspull Statistics”


I’m gonna go out on a limb here, but I’m willing to bet that survey question had no “none of the above” answer. But that’s how my cynical suspicious mind operates.

Skivvy Stacker

I believe Rand is the company that usually comes up with such results as; “our survey found that 30% of the population represent at least 10% of the population, with a margin of error of plus or minus 20%.”


What about Covid Nazi’s?
Did they include them in the survey?


The face of White SUpremPiZZA?


The more stupid shit like that happens, the more I am willing to believe the swamp-critters have “instant obediant crazy” drugs.

Who the fark runs a barricade so slow you get hung up on the curb, in a big truck with just a flag and a bag as cargo?

That is a some “bad brown acid” level goofy.


And that is some interesting evidence collection methodology on display there.


So I am confused…did the FBI have problems getting the shipment of Ammonium Nitrate they “stole” from the train in California into the van or did they mix themsleves up when they switched them to confuse police and the one packed with explosives got downloaded to pack a Soldier out to PCS?


The MKUltra mind control system is being ran by a blue-haired freak with pronouns in their bio so them/they’s ability to follow a simple check list led to the OP’s failure.

I’m starting to think these guys ‘getting high on their own supply’ might be an advantage…


Illegal aliens– doin’ the “white supremacy” Americans won’t do! (Thanks, Democrats!!)


Antifa has a higher level of support among the military than any other extremist group. I’ll wager that white supremacy will be the only group looked at. Any takers?


If Lars is any indication, it’s “inclusive” to have Antifa…


As others have said, the Antifa supporters won’t be the subject of upcoming mandatory training. They’ll see how 2024 goes and, if Trump loses, probably go all in and toss red hats and MAGA in the PowerPoint. If you’re a straight white male that leans right you’ll be under suspicion for the duration of your time in uniform.

My brother, piece of work that he is, got involved with certain groups when he got kicked out of the Army. As such, I knew more than some about racist symbols and imagery, but I was taken aback by exactly how many DOD recognized when I got my first EO class. A few pages of nothing but white supremacy images, followed by a couple of other groups like the Black Panther Party thrown in for balance.

Why wait until 2024? Senior military leaders are a lot of things, but they aren’t dumb. If Trump wins, they’ll have to walk that find apolitical line until they retire. Don’t want to cross the CinC. Look at Milley, who took both knees for Trump before jumping up and bending over for Biden. I’m being facetious, of course, but Milley has done what he’s needed to maintain his position through two decidedly different Administration’s.

Should Trump lose, or even the Republican nominee in the case if Trump withdrawing or somehow losing the primary, the Left and their media cohorts will find ways to assassinate the character of everyone who voted other than Democrat. January 6th will be supplanted by the Next Big Thing, leaving politically-motivated officers (let’s face it, most of the Officer Corps ranked Colonel and above) little choice but to add terms like MAGA, III%, Brandon, and others to the hate speech slide.