Border updates – they say all is well

| May 18, 2023


After the Title 42 expiration, masses of immigrants were expected to swamp our wide-open borders, right?  Not necessarily so:

Biden stated Sunday that the border looks “much better than you all expected,” after the end of Title 42. He added that he has no immediate plans to visit the border because doing so would “just be disruptive.”   Fox News

And then there is Mayorkas’ version:

“Over the past two days, the United States Border Patrol has experienced a 50% drop in the number of encounters versus what we were experiencing earlier in the week before Title 42 ended at midnight on Thursday,” Mayorkas said on CNN’s “State of the Union”.    NBC News

Wow, how could we have been so wrong?

“Please, go back to Mexico,” a Texas soldier told the group just north of a river dividing El Paso, Texas, and Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez, beneath a bridge that joins the two countries.

As the migrants trudged up the sandy, trash-strewn riverbank into Mexico, a Guatemalan man said the Texas troops had been clear: “It’s not in our interest to be here.”

Two dozen National Guard troops quickly set about stretching coils of barbed wire across the cement base of the bridge where the migrants had been.

Beneath the Ciudad Juarez-El Paso bridge, a Texas National Guard member warned migrants that if they came further into the U.S., they would be deported and barred from applying for U.S. entry for five years.

New regulation presumes most migrants are ineligible for asylum if they passed through other countries without first seeking protection elsewhere, or if they failed to use legal pathways.  Reuters

Oh, I see – troops blocking border crossing, physical barriers… wonder if they just built a wall whether it would be even MORE effective. Hmm… wonder where we have heard that?

However, the Biden administration is trying something Trump didn’t – no court dates. Just catch and release, telling them to check in someday. Or giving them real interesting court dates (if they give a court date at all!):

Even as President Biden’s administration is seeking to release migrants into the U.S. with no court dates at all, the Department of Homeland Security is already issuing court dates that would allow migrants to set up a whole new life for themselves before appearing at an immigration court to determine whether they should be removed.

Migrants fresh across the border shared their DHS I-862 forms that display court summons dates three, four and even five years into the future, according to a Monday report from the Washington Examiner. Fox News Digital has also confirmed court dates set for up to five years after a migrant crosses the border.  Fox News

The article says one Venezuelan immigrant claimed that his mother was given a date TEN YEARS out but that could not be verified.

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Well ain’t that swell.
“all is well” as the nation goes to Hell.

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We have them arriving in Vermont, some will be heading to Canada for better/different free stuff.

USMC Steve

Well socialist countries do hand out tons of free crap, so that might be the way to go. Tell the illegals to go to Canada because they will get more and better free stuff. Bus them to Canada.


And if the country-less become homeless then socialist ‘medical’ system, mis-administered by technocratic overlords, will ‘offer’ MAID.

Canada has lost any pretense of being a serious country years ago.

Honk honk!


“We broke it, you buy it” — Prezaccident Hoe Bribe’m

At least you guys have great Federal representation…? /huge s


We got our new baby communist elected to help Bernie,


p.s try some 14th star beer, vet owned.


Recently tried a six pack of “Mountain IPA” in bottles.
Pretty good stuff.


Send them to western Canada to help fight the fires. I mean, for free stuff.

They all seem to be on a world tour anyway.


He’s not going to the border.

His handlers won’t allow it and there’s probably no ice cream available.

Skivvy Stacker

That’s how the cartels smuggle in the fentanyl; in the ice cream. They smuggle in sex slaves in the candy trucks…


I’ll end up seeing some of them in the hallways of TDCJ-ID. Other’s will show up in the streets of Houston one way or another – trafficked or trafficking or just shooting each other.

What if we could air drop them in the yards of Martha’s Vineyard?


With or without operating chutes… Sorry, just thinking out loud.


“Whatever is most economical” is my first thought, but I’d like ’em to survive and pester the vermin in the Vineyard a while.


Are crocodiles in the Rio Grande? If not, is it a climate they can flourish in?

I bet you’d have a less people willing to swim across it if so.


Piranha would work.


The Vineyard would feed them for a day and then shoot them out of a giant circus cannon back towards the mainland. Who knows? They might make it, might have to swim a little.

You only need but so many gardeners and dishwashers.


But if we set up a continuous conveyance system so that, as they cross the Rio Grande they are transferred to the Vineyard in a steady stream, we’d soon overwhelm the Vineyard’s resources.
Sounds like a win to me.


Sorry GB, “‘our'” Congress had determined that this could cause the island to tip over.

Try again.


We don’t like to think about all the global warming it would cause.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

Not to mention the rise in sea levels.


I absolutely love it when their virtue signaling is exposed for all to see. To continue to send them to these cities brings their better than everybody else stature down to the same level as those who don’t have their FU money.

I am not anti immigration, but get in line and do it the right way.

Jump the fence or the line, don’t expect any sympathy from me for your hardships when you get here.

Slow Joe

“warned migrants that if they came further into the U.S., they would be deported and barred from applying for U.S. entry for five years.”

What? Five years?
They should be barred forever!

It took me years to come to the US legally, and these mofos cannot be bothered with following the legal process to immigrate to America.

As long as illegal don’t get kicked out of the border right at the border and barred forever from coming to America this shitshow at the border will not end.

Build the damn wall. Walls have been proven to work for millennia.


Welcome to America, Joe. Outside of drinking shit beer, you’re what the country was founded on.


“Over the past two days, the United States Border Patrol has experienced a 50% drop in the number of encounters versus what we were experiencing earlier in the week before Title 42 ended at midnight on Thursday,”

It’s not exactly the own that he thinks it is. Shifting the flow of border crossers from fence jumpers to “asylum seekers” is not progress. It’s whitewashing the invasion on the border. Mayorkas is a lying sack of shit. I don’t like to toss the term “impeachment” around like so many do, but this guy has to go.


“….whitewashing the invasion on the border.” Spot on SFC D, ya nailed it! And that is exactly what we have going on here…an invasion. Seems like I remember reading somewhere that one of the main responsibilities of the is “…to provide for the common defense…”. They are failing miserably in that duty. Prepare.

Forest Bondurant

Yeah, and I have oceanfront property in Arizona for sale.

Give it some time: Illegal immigrants shipped around the country will end up in liberal cities and eventually learn their hardships and deprivations continue.

Several will resort to committing crimes, and Soro’s funded DA’s will refuse to prosecute them.

The consequence for that is they will commit crimes with impunity, eventually against those who made the rules.

At some point, those same liberal cities will be ground to their knees and beg for mercy.


Every liberal city wanted to be a “sanctuary city”. Right up until it was time to do sanctuary city shit. Then, it was NIMBY.



“NYC May House Illegal Immigrants At Infamous Prison: ‘We Are Considering Everything”

“New York City is reportedly considering using Rikers Island prison to house illegal immigrants house from the souther border, after running out of available shelter space in the city.”

18402 (1).jpeg

He’s just like Obama, He wants to put babies in the cages. That’s what happens when the crazy racists are in charge.


At least when they finally(if ever) decide to yank a knot on these people, we won’t have to try to round them up.


Any day now I expect Mayorkas will be nominated for honorary cartel employee of the year. /s

He’s doing such a great job. Seattle/King County for 2022 reported 802 Opioid overdose deaths, 712 Fentanyl overdose deaths and 528 Methamphetamine overdose deaths. 2023 numbers are projected to surpass those.

The Joker

Let’s see… 0.6% of US population. 2044/109680 gives 1.8% so King County has an overdose rate 3X that of US, which is now officially the highest in the world. Biden has brought us back nany, and we are #1! And climbing!

Look at it this way, everyone of them was just another free shit Democrat (except for the occasional white supremacist or anarchist methhead) that we don’t have to deal with. This doesn’t even include all the ones that are riding around high and crashing into cars and killing themselves. They didn’t have jobs they were all thieves some of them were gender dysphoric. True, some good people die in the crashes too but if you want to make an omelet you’re going to have to break some eggs.

China and Biden are helping us remove the weakness from our society. And then, fifth Reich, thousand year rule! Camel toe Harris will be our great leader and reveal herself as the true genius behind the throne.


I like you.

Skivvy Stacker

Of course Biden and Mydorkus were referring to the Canadian-U.S. border…

Forest Bondurant

^^^ Fuggin’ GOOD ONE!

Spec 4 Drifty

Great! Hurrah for Biden! He has done a GREAT border job!


Z z z z…