Cooper Corder defeats Hafid Alicea in a wrestling match, then gets punched on the face

| April 23, 2023

Hafid Alicea punched Cooper Corder after he lost the wrestling match.  (Twitter/MrPatMineo)

Video circulating on social media starts with Hafid Alicea in the prone, and Cooper Corder kneeling at his side. The match comes to an end, Corder provides a friendly tap on Alicea’s back before getting up and proceeding to the center of the mat. Alicea gets up and follows him as the referee guides both of them towards a handshake. However, Alicea surprises everybody by punching Cooper on the face and knocking him down. The police have subsequently cited him for the assault.

From the Daly Mail:

The incident occurred in Oak Park, Illinois, during a third-place, 125–128-pound match at this year’s edition of the Beat the Street Developmental FS tournament.

Corder, representing SPAR Academy, defeated Alicea, of Maine West High School by a score of 14-2, according to TMZ Sports. The unexpected blow came after the match ended, when both competitors were set to shake hands, and leaving parents and other young athletes shocked.

As Cooper, who is in his final year of middle school, wearing an orange singlet, went to shake hands with Alicea, who wore blue he was on the receiving end of a right hand that was thrown with the perfection of a boxer rather than a wrestler that send him straight to the floor.

One woman – who may have been Corder’s mother – could be heard screaming, ‘What the f**k!’ as she rushed over to check on the crumpled Corder.

Corder seems to have come out of the incident a lot better than initially feared, only suffering a nose injury.

But it is understood he will have to wear a face mask during his next matches.

‘He is making the best of the situation and is already back to training,’ said SPAR Academy founder Justin Pearch.

The Daily Mail and Fox News have additional information as well as photos and a video of the incident.


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Hack Stone

Hack Stone would attribute this to poor sportsmanship, but we do not know what gender the contestant’s identity as.


Punk ass sissy. Got his ass beat and took a cheap shot. He’ll get a pass for…reasons.


Pussy…and a poor wrestler. He’ll get recruited by WWE.


If the skin colors had been reversed, I know what the headlines would be.
No, I’m not cynical at all. /s
Hafid Alicia needs some fatherly lessons in losing.


I would say he needs a fatherly ass-whoopin’.


An ass-whoopin followed by a ban from every sport at every school in the state, both as a competitor and a spectator. I don’t care if it’s ping-pong in the cafeteria.


Perhaps, he actually needs a father…


That’s step 1
Then losing cell phone privileges.
Losing free-time privileges (more chores, including helping at a local charity of Dad’s choice).
Losing a bad-attitude.
Losing a egocentric view of the world.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Hafid, hmm strange AMERICAN name.


Maybe he can practice some wrestling moves in the slam. He can see what is like to get “pinned”.


Try not to make more of this than it is. Just a punk, nothing more.


Just like a mostly peaceful protest?


Exactly. That’s why the Whiz Wheel®™ stayed in a static position. Punks gotta punk.


It seems to be just part of the growing neoteny of American (global?) youth. Face trumps integrity, now (though I can’t quite ken how sucker-punching someone equals saving face).

I recall being appalled – appalled I tells ya! – the first time I saw a fencing player win a match and proceed to throw his mask on the ground and his épée in the air… no salute to his opponent, the judge, nor the crowd… just a childish loss of composure in the face of personal accomplishment. While his win was without doubt, his decorum has become the norm and the nail in the coffin for a noble and dying discipline. Were I the judge, gifted with hindsight, I’d have disqualified him on the spot for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Is Alicea a cheap pussy? The evidence at hand suggests so. Is he a poor wrestler? Well, he at least wasn’t good enough on that day.

Is he anything approaching what it means to be a man… that’s on his coach and his father to decide and course-correct for. Assault charges might be applicable, but is handing the kid a criminal record the best way to handle this?


Yes, handing him a juvenile record is appropriate. It’s bad enough that this type of bad behavior is shrugged off when it happens in less public settings, but he definitely needs to be made an example of. This occurred just outside of Chicago. Wanna know why shit like the riots in downtown Chicago and the lakefront happened last weekend? Shit like this here. Lack of consequences leads to the kind of contempt for the law and the property and safety of others that is now the norm in Chicago and other big cities.


I have a friend that grew up in Chicago. He was talking about his high school and said they used to win both the football games AND the fights after the games.


I grew up outside of the city, over in Northwest Indiana so I’m familiar with those types of schools. Hell, I went to one.


No one needs to be “made an example of.” That whole concept is a rape of blind justice. We’re all individuals before the law, and our legal system might be the single greatest thing about this great American experiment.

Justice is not punishment, it’s not a barrel through which one weaponizes his anger. It’s a balancing of the scales.

He (maybe) broke the kid’s nose… if justice is “eye for an eye,” then break his in turn. Don’t stigmatize him for the rest of his life. That is NOT the way to correct his behavior or adjust his attitude, that is how you eternally turn him away from the principles on which this nation was built. You brand him “enemy” and he’ll never see us as ally.


Yes, of course it is. Who are you to even SUGGEST that rotten kid be let off? You’re raising your kids wrong, I bet!


Hack Stone would attribute this to poor sportsmanship, but we do not know what gender the contestant’s identity as.



Last edited 5 months ago by Anonymous
USMC Steve

Did they have the asshole arrested for assault?

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Future jailbird!

Old tanker

First thing that needs to happen is an arrest for assault and battery. Second thing is a ban from all sports until he is 18 at the least, if not lifetime. It’s not like he can claim he never did this because of the video.

Maybe he has a new career in women’s sports as he has proven he is a little bitch already.


He is stunning and brave. Wait for the Bud Light sponsorship