Rumble Case Video

| April 9, 2023

This is a Valor Vulture case on John Watts.


Rumble LINK to the case. 
Special thanks to everyone for helping.  Having some live testing going on makes it a whole lot easier.

Link to our Rumble Channel

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It started immediately without some advertisement about dentures.  😀  I sent a comment to the website about the inconsistencies between reality and what they reported. They haven’t responded yet.


No nail fungus ads– it feels so odd now! 😉


Engage your Ad Blocker to eliminate those annoying ads. Please note there will be some sites that will require you to disengage your ad blocker, but I say fuck it…not that important to see your site…sorry about that


Dave did something above that caused the video to play immediately without advertisement. It was just something that occurred on this site. There is a specific browser that I use that does a nice job of blocking ads on YouTube and elsewhere. I use that browser when I am drumming up articles for the site.


I like it. Nice case summary. Some photos were out of sync with the spoken dialogue (i.e. medical care at VA, etc), but otherwise nicely done.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I watched the video and paper work which was easy to read than one of the documents that had watts’s transfers and then I saw that he came aboard the USS Okinawa LPH 3 in March of 1967 4 months after I left the ship and went into A-Gang (Auxiliary-Div) where I worked out of the diesel engine repair shop. The Okie 3 left for San Diego from Norfolk NOB in Jan 0f 1967 so I missed Watts by 4 months. The pic of 1 0f two pics of A gang crew members came out of the 67 West Pac cruise book. Over 100 members of the crew have an agent orange problem after the product was in the drinking water that was taken on in Danang Harbor


Is this the picture behind the Ms Thang voice? Asking for a fren’.


Watts the matter with John? He’s a liar who likes to stir up racial tension. Maybe he should have taken the money he spent on all the SEAL gear and got some therapy.


Dayum Master Chief! Excellent take!!

See Watts playing dress up below

seals be like.jpeg
Skivvy Stacker

Very good.
But I will NOT join that forum if they’re going to ASSIGN me a user name. If they don’t like “Skivvy Stacker” they can fuck off.


Try typing it as one word

Skivvy Stacker

I did. It responded with “SkivvyStacker is not available.”


Being persnickety about it, huh. It didn’t like KoB or any configiration of Gun Bunny or more than one capital letter. Could be with so many screen names out there, it scans for duplicates? Or maybe…since Dave is the “Founder” it will only accept screen names printed in block letters with a crayon? Or from someone wearing a pink robe.

It finally took bunnyofguns for me. Another odd thing was it didn’t like my primary eamil address (the one I use here) but took my back up gmail addy. The site must be using Red Hat software, available only from a Director of Media Relations for a Proud, but humble female owned company doing business out of a doorless mailbox near Bethesda MD.

Good Luck!


Worked from an iffy connection.


Wow. We can can actually hear him mouthing the fake SEAL lies. His “shadow” was so faint no one in Team One ever saw it or him.

A Proud Infidel®™

WHAT a dickstepper!


I don’t like those computer/AI voices…