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| April 2, 2023

IWI Carmel

Central Illinois police shoot stabbing suspect who charged at them with a knife
IL man was shot in both hands, right arm

Police in central Illinois shot a man suspected of stabbing a woman early Thursday, authorities said.

Two Decatur police officers shot the man after he charged at them while armed with a knife, Decatur Police Chief Shane Brandel said in a news release.

The officers were responding to a domestic vioplence call shortly before 4 a.m. and discovered a 34-year-old woman had been stabbed in her back, an arm and a hip and had a cut on her chest. Brandel said. She was released from a hospital Thursday, Brandel said.

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Fox News

He’s lucky to be breathing air. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

Las Vegas police: Armed bystander helps mall security with knife-wielding man
David Charns

An armed bystander intervened as mall security officers took a man, allegedly waiving a knife into custody, at a shopping center on the Las Vegas Strip, documents said.

Letrelle Calhoun, 22, faces several counts of assault with a deadly weapon, records showed.

On Thursday, March 23, Las Vegas Metro police responded to a call at Fashion Show Mall for a report of a man threatening store employees with a knife, documents said.

Security officers found the man, later identified as Calhoun, “flashing a knife” in another area of the mall and detained him while Metro officers arrived, documents said. Officers described the weapon as a “large butcher” knife.

While “flashing” the knife, officers said Calhoun threatened to kill the security officers, lunging at three of them, police said.

A person in the area pulled out a gun, pointing it at Calhoun in the process, police said.

“This gave the security officers the opportunity to disarm Calhoun and place him in hand restraints,” police said.

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8 News Now

Armed citizens are now protecting mall security. Any other time this would seem odd.

Before all else, be armed.
– Niccolo Machiavelli

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Skivvy Stacker

“Armed citizens are now protecting mall security. Any other time this would seem odd.”

Up here in Minnesota, at the world famous Mall Of America, the guy with the gun would have been arrested for having the gun at the mall, and brandishing it at the guy armed with the knife.
That’s our liberal state.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Inside such LibTard states, learn and practice The Four Esses.
Shut Up

At the Mall of America, use #2 and #4 and be gone before the po-po show up.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Yes, very naughty challenged

And Secure the Brass.

Old tanker

Mall security is not necessarily armed security. Nothing in the news video indicates the mall security folks had a weapon. In fact the only gun mentioned was the citizen who helped out.


I carry a knife wherever I go. I also carry a firearm…everywhere.I.go.

I gots a trench coat that would go well with that Carmel.

Ms Thang looking a little serious there. Does she need me to comfort her a bit? Or buy her some new britches?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Checking out the Carmel, I’m wondering how many I could buy compared to what I’m going to be charged for a tooth implant after I had a bad date with a Snickers candy bar. tooth getting yanked this Tuesday and that is the whole tooth.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Forgot to add that I really dig the Chick in the above pic.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Hoo hum, not much today, only knives to a gun fight. Not like we haven’t seen a bajillion incidents like them already. Not worth cluttering up the Three Inch Three Ring Loose Leaf Binders of T2NB2AGF.
ANd they didn’t die. I’ll be looking for their names on later FGSs as “Ds”, not “Ws”.