DOD Education DEI* Unit Dissolved

| March 31, 2023

*Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion SecDef Lloyd Austin

SecDef Austin was shocked Shocked! to learn of Drag Queen Story Hours performed onboard our military bases. Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was kind enough to bring this to his attention in a House Armed Services Committee hearing. The banter began with Gaetz displaying a series of slides showing the problematic shows have been hosted on board base libraries, and asked how much taxpayer money is funding drag queen story hours on our military bases.

Austin denied funding or supporting the story hours, and claimed this is the first he’s heard of the practice. Glad that’s settled. Wonder if there’s other woke practices he’s unaware of.

Pentagon disbands DEI unit after chief accused of ‘racism’ against Whites, injects agenda deeper into agency

DEI specialists will further entrenched to push their agenda in every aspect of the Pentagon’s schools, servicing thousands of children

By Hannah Grossman

The Pentagon’s education wing for the children of military members – the Department of Defense Education Activity – privately announced that it was gutting an entire unit devoted to diversity, equity and inclusion as Republicans mounted pressure, criticizing what they said was a “woke agenda” in the military, Fox News Digital uncovered.

DoDEA’s director, Tom Brady, said he will be dispersing the DEI specialists into existing units as part of a “reconfiguration of talent.”

The DEI unit was created after Biden directed all federal agencies by executive order to “establish or elevate Chief Diversity Officers,” among other priorities. A few months later, Kelisa Wing was selected to lead the DEI unit, and involved in curriculum, professional development and hiring.

Less than a year after her promotion, Wing was placed in a six-month government probe after Fox News Digital reported on her tweets, which were criticized as “racist” and hostile to White people.

Fox News

NY Post

As Chief DEI Officer, the self-described “woke administrator” has a history of targeting white co-workers on social media and coined the charming phrase “CAUdacity” among other noteworthy remarks. After these missives were made public and her woke racist past was brought to light the DOD was forced to review the issue.

Wing, of course, remains a DOD employee.

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An Old Arty Sgt

There is no color barrier in the military. We are all brothers and sisters. Glad to hear they cut this crap out.

Brotherhood of Vets.jpg

They aren’t going to “cut it out.” DOD is just dispersing and camoflaging it.


Quite correct, unfortunately.


Dispersing talent = Burying them deeper in the system and spread out to do more damage with less immediate visibility.

They all needed to be fired. Including Wing.

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Gunny says it like it should be, but left/libtards may have other plans:


“Kelisa Wing: About Me”

“I honorably served in the U.S. Army for six years and attained the rank of Staff Sergeant.”

“I credit my faith in God, and His grace, favor, and mercy as the key to my success.”



“Kelisa Wing is the 2017 Department of Defense Education Activity Teacher of the Year. She teaches 8th grade Language Arts and Reading to military children at Faith Middle School in Fort Benning, Georgia.”

“Wing is a Toledo, Ohio native, who enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1999 as a Human Resource Specialist. She served six years and attained the rank of Staff Sergeant. Wing credits the U.S. Army, along with her faith, for allowing her to realize her dreams of becoming an educator.”

“Mrs. Wing’s commitment to work for improving education and transforming schools for all students inspires those around her to contribute their best,” said Georgia/Alabama District Superintendent Dr. Christy Huddleston. “Overall, she helped to develop an environment of trust, a positive learning culture, and commitment to education.” Former Faith Middle School Principal Darrell Mood added, “Mrs. Wing is the total package.”


“Former NCO Named DoD Education Activity Teacher of the Year”

“Wing enlisted in the Army right out of high school in 1999 to get money for college. She worked as a 42F human resources information system management specialist, and was promoted to the rank of sergeant after three years.”

“When she was a young staff sergeant stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, she was the NCO in charge of the electronic military personnel office with about 30 Soldiers under her care.”

“Wing recalled a sergeant major asking her during her board for promotion to the rank of staff sergeant, “What is more important, the accomplishment of the mission or the welfare of your Soldiers?”

“She said she knew he was expecting her to say the mission is most important, but she replied, “If I don’t take care of my Soldiers, the mission will never be accomplished.”


“Screenshot of Kelisa Wing books available at DoDEA school Vicenza Middle School, serving an Air Force base in Italy.”


This is NOT the same Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley we served with…



Her books need to be purged!

Didn’t we get rid of Little Black Sambo and change the names of our Army Installation?


“Woke’ Defense Department DEI education official’s books now in one third of Pentagon schools: Gov’t Watchdog”

“Nearly one-third of all Defense Department school libraries carry copies of the controversial “racial justice” children’s books that were authored or contributed to by the self-described “woke” diversity chief of the Pentagon’s education wing, according to a new audit from government watchdog”.

“She faced scrutiny last fall after auditors looked through the book catalogs of all DOD school libraries and discovered that 11 schools collectively carried 45 copies of children’s books associated with Wing.”


Sounds just like the Loyd Austin I’m familiar with. In 2011 he came to Al Asad, on Thanksgiving day, had the theater jam packed with no AC, was 45 minutes late, and had nothing relevant to say. My general impression was that he was a windbag. He has done Nothing in the past 11 years to change that opinion.


Spent 6 years as a Retention NCO supporting 1st Bde, 10th Mtn
beginning when COL John (Jack) Keane, now a frequent guest commentator on FOX news, was Cdr and the entire Brigade would fit in a GP medium tent with room to spare. Austin was in 2-22 Inf and later Bde XO when he got promoted to LTC. He didn’t impress me then and still doesn’t. Nobody in my time there ever asked Austin to reenlist them.
With COL Keane, it was a monthly event.


“Benning Educator Is First Minority To Win Military’s Teacher of the Year Award”

“She served in the U.S. Army for six years, honorably discharged as as staff sergeant, after being stationed at Fort Knox, Fort Campbell and Fort Jackson and being deployed to South Korea.”

“Wing lives in Fort Mitchell, Ala., with her three children and husband, Donald, a retired sergeant first class after serving in the U.S. Army for 22 years. He now is a teacher’s aide in Wilson Elementary School at Fort Benning.”

“Despite becoming an award-winning teacher, Kelisa Wing failed the first grade in Toledo, Ohio, the year her parents were going through a divorce.”

“Being selected, Wing said, demonstrates one of the life lessons she tries to teach her students.”

“It doesn’t matter what they look like, where they come from or who they are, that anything is possible, as long as they believe in themselves,” she said. “In my classroom, it is an environment of love and acceptance and tolerance.”


“…allowing her to realize her dreams of becoming an indoctrinater.” Fixed what she meant to say.

Good riddance to this program. Too bad we can’t say good riddance to her, too.


Think she had the EO/NCO on speed dial for her six (6) years?


That’s probably what led her down the path to bigotry, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if she were an Equal Opportunity Leader (EOL) during her service. There was a common misconception in some of my units that white males were unwelcome in the world of Equal Opportunity. Hence, while the EOAs that served at the Brigade level and higher were fairly diverse, a lot of the Battalion and Company EOLs were usually a minority of some sort, with females often outnumbering males.


DEi personnel are little more than Political Officers ala Soviet Commissars.


What talents does it take to be the head of Division, Execration and Ignorance anyway? I am going to need a third pension to keep hitting the Class VI after the inflation has “gotten under control” at only 6% this year. I bet I could do it.


Say goodbye to the Zampolit Bureau



You can’t be in a “uni-formed” service and have diversity hires or policies.

Tear ‘em down as recruits and candidates and build them into one seamless team. For years the military and merchant marine of the United States were the epitome of true diversity without the bullshit theatrics and self-destructive ideologies of today’s so called “leaders.”


She came into the Army in 1999, was in for 6 years (1999-2005), got out as an E6/SSG, was a 42F Human Resources Information System Management Specialist, probably went to Basic and AIT at Fort Jackson, stationed at Fort Campbell and Korea…

She never took any training respecting folks of ALL Races?

She never deployed to the Middle East in that timeframe?

What Are We Missing????



She was probably mentored by Teresa King, ol’ “No Slack” herself. Another 42-series with zero deployments who was suspended as Commandant of the Drill Sergeant Academy, reinstated briefly before being replaced, and cried “RACISM! DISCRIMINATION!” all the way home. She even sued the Army over it. Made it to the highest enlisted rank with over 32 years in, held a nominative position as Commandant, got her token Legion of Merit for retirement, and was even inducted into the Drill Sergeant Hall of Fame, but her status as a Black Woman held her back somehow.

King was, like most Drill Sergeants, a stickler for upholding standards, but I guess she was unpopular among Drill Sergeant Candidates and senior NCOs alike due to her actions coupled with the fact that she never saw combat (and this was in 2011/2012). You can’t talk down to a multiple time combat veteran because the Army told him he was going to be a Drill Sergeant, but he lacks a little in the Drill and Ceremony department.

Last edited 1 year ago by fm2176

But I digress; to be honest, I can’t hold it against an HR type for not deploying between ’99-’05. The wars were relatively young and a lot of Infantrymen hadn’t even deployed yet.

The problem with people like Wing (and King, for that matter) is that they are professional victim warriors who use their race and gender as both a weapon and body armor. Wing seems to have a decent career with upward mobility, but forgot the Army Values along the way, and especially forgot that we are supposed to be “One Team, One Fight”.

Over my 21 years in, I encountered a number of such people. There was the E7 who failed height/weight at Drill Sergeant School, refused to sign her NCOER, then filed a congressional complaint over it all because she was being discriminated against as a Black Woman. There was another E7 who was the Supply Sergeant at the Fort Knox NCO Academy who was invited to come educate us as to how her hair was within standards. She had a massive amount of hair that she kept in a bun…on the left side of her head. She justified it that she could wear the beret more properly, and that us mostly white male students had no business bringing it up to the mostly white male instructors, who she happened to outrank anyway.


comment image



Same intent. Same effect.

Prior Service

Poor Austin got caught by surprise!

So, records say fast tracking NCO and recognized for excellence as a teacher. At what point did this insidious disease infect her? How long did it take her to transform and twist her to what she now is? Who first saw a spark of divisiveness and let it keep smoldering instead of crushing it?


The “woke” brain damage that is progressivism– probably caught it through getting her college degree and couldn’t get enough.


What a shame. This intelligent woman went to the dark side and rightfully ran into a wall. She could have gone far if she would have opened her mind to what opportunities America has offered her.

Old tanker

I watched a part of Gaetz grilling the sec def about it. The weaseling and waffling were unexpected finally devolving into evading answering entirely. The only surprise for me was miley’s surprise and his request for the info regarding drag shows were being held and promoted on bases particularly for kids. I later heard he had been advised via e-mail about it before the hearing.


Milley is an obvious but decent enough actor/liar. He reminds me of so many officers who already know of something, yet act surprised when confronted, or who feign ignorance while hearing a Soldier’s explanation during an Article 15.


That is my all-time favorite picture of Austin. I cannot help but to think of King Jaffe Joffer from Zamunda.

Fuck, now I’m craving a Big Mick.