Donald Trump’s Manhattan grand jury indictment, Quinnipiac Poll

| March 31, 2023

Quinnipiac Poll on Trump indictment, click to enlarge.

A poll came out demonstrating what Americans thought of the indictment. Conservatives and Independents see this as politically motivated. Democrats see this as mainly a matter of the law rather than being politically motivated.

Quinnipiac Poll, Trump indictment, demographic breakdown, click to enlarge.

Why should people on both sides of the political isle be concerned? Love Donald Trump or hate him, or anything in between, imperfections that exist in the legal system should not be pushed, abused, bended, etc., to get the result that one wants simply because they want to “get their person”. Even Andrew Cuomo, former New York Governor, questioned the probe and pending indictment, arguing that there was cynicism in the process that would be enforced.

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney’s statement on Donald Trump indictment.

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As this is 100% politicaly motivated, I hope Trump beats the charges. Otherwise, I wouldnt care if a rich politician goes to prison.


Yep. Politically motivated, pure and simple. Trump was not their primary target…We, The People were. He was just in the way.

Nice Pandora’s Box you dumbasses have opened. Karma is a cast iron bitch…with titanium teeth.


As NYC turns into dystopian hell-scape, the MOST IMPORTANT/ONLY thing on the agenda is Trump.
I hope all the criminals in that sewer see this as another opportunity because there are NO CONSEQUENCES.
No sympathy for New Yorkers…


They can whine to him:
comment image


So the New York DA is going after you next?

Do you have a history of committing financial fraud, accepting illegal campaign donations and then committing more fraud to cover up the source and purpose?

If so, then you definitely should be worried.

If not the you are just mindlessly regurgitating Trump team propaganda.

A Proud Infidel®™

Stock yourself up on small paper bags again, Major Moonbat!


Which begs the question of the Commie-Tsar-ZEK
Do you frequently commit factual fraud? Short answer, isYES. Do you frequently misquote, misspell, trip over your own lips and just blather on about unimportant things in general, etc? Again, the short and cogent answer is YES. The only factual part of your limp diatribe is ‘regurgitating team propaganda.’ Of course you would cite the regurgitating part – that and covering up as well as being a complete and total fraud..

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Lars you are almost as crazy as my uncle


Dear Numbnuts,
They can and have.

SFC (R) Blizz

you talking about Trump or Biden here?


Another “woke” opinion:

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BlueCord Dad



They are not.

And your opinion is irrelevant unless you get a jury summons for his New York trial.

A Proud Infidel®™

Hey BOY, remember how you brayed that the Russia collusion was going to be his undoing? Ditto with his tax returns and neither was jack shit!


He rrrrrrrrrrreally needs a refund from UC Berkeley.

A Proud Infidel®™

And his UC Berzerkely “education” is more worthless than rubber lips on a Woodpecker!


Based on what the Commie-Tsar-ZEK has historically commented, you think he actually attended..?


No Commie-Tsar-ZEK, actually your opinion is irrelevant.


See below.


A wee tune:


Even in that poll, 29 of 95 Democrats thought it was politically motivated. For those playing at home, that’s 30%, referred to as “statistically significant.” Unlikely you’ll hear that mentioned anywhere.


comment image

A Proud Infidel®™

Looks to me like he rode the EEO Quota Wagon ®™ to where he is now, rode his skin color to get where he is!


A “politician” like they said, not worth a damn any otherwise…


Just so we are clear here… those 5% of Republicans and 66% of Democrats that think it was motivated by law… What law, exactly are we talking about here? They must know something everyone else doesn’t unless they served on the Grand Jury.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I bet the last peeps who testified after Costello were paid off to tell a great lie. I can’t say “white” lie.


When the Banana goes on the New Flag can we vote on a Fully Peeled versus Half Peeled Nana?

Forest Bondurant

Dan Bongino made an interesting observation on the charges used to indict the former president, and that is Hillary Clinton used money claimed as “legal fees” in obtaining the Steele Dossier, which has been completely discredited, and did so in 2016, also in NYC.

If there’s no statue of limitations, then she needs to be indicted as well.

If Trump isn’t exonerated, then it will be the beginning of the end of the rule of law in this country.

A Proud Infidel®™

If I get indicted, I’ll take at least half of Washington DC with me!” – Hillary Rodham Clinton

Sounds like a very acceptable deal to me.


She used campaign funds to pay or the dossier via her crooked lawers. Trump did not.


Ah, but when it comes to the Hildebeast, that vile old whore, “no reasonable prosecutor” (who wants to avoid suicide) would take the case.


It is amazing how many people were suicided or died under odd circumstances.

A Proud Infidel®™

Whenever I hear the words “The Whore of Babylon”, Das Hildebeast and malig-Nancy Pelosi come to mind.


Quinnipiac, the Leftist-inflated poll, even… 62% BS, 32% Law

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Just wait Demoncraps, until the shoe is on the other foot….

Lefties…screaming (when we do it to them) THIS IS POLITICALLY MOTIVATED!!!!

in 3…2….1….


As they say:
comment image


Or, if y’all prefer the 13 Hours at Benghazi version:


“We got him this time!”


Alvin Bragg is a racist.

A Proud Infidel®™

As well as a political whore.


And fat.

Prior Service

I’ve got no problems with indicting Trump (well, I actually do have concerns with the merits of the case). Now Let’s apply that standard to ALL politicians. I suspect Trump would be one of few that were exonerated.


Not relevant.

He committed the crimes. He is a career criminal. His con-conspirator was convicted and flipped.

There are hundreds of pages of financial documents clearly showing fraud. Indisputably.

And some grand jury witnesses were about OTHER aspect of his business and probably tax fraud having nothing to do with the campaign finance fraud.

So some of the 30 charges he is facing are likely beyond the scope of the fraud and cover up related to campaign finance.

He will face a jury.

This pointless poll conducted before the charge list is even known, and even before the indictment was filed is irrelevant. Polls don’t determine anything. Not elections and especially not criminal trials.

I notice you didn’t mention the results of the same poll that were bad for Trump. Just the part that is most favorable.

In fact the poll results are pretty negative overall for Trunp. But, they are irrelevant to anything that is going to happen next.


You’re the expert on relevancy. You’re about as irrelevant as human being can get, yet you keep slugging away. The lone voice crying out in the wilderness, “Look at me, look at me!” A desperate, meaningless life of bluster, hypocrisy, and fraud.


But, Commissar, do you not agree that the same standards of investigation and indictment should apply to ALL politicians?

Or, is it okay for those on the left to also commit campaign fraud, shady deals, etc., and those just swept under the carpet?


Dude, I think politicians are not charged with crimes enough.

Corrupt politicians should be public ally executed if convicted.

Unfortunately, most forms of corruption in the US is legal.

I was railing against he Clinton’s for years.

Forest Bondurant

The one fucking charge he was indicted on has to point to commission of another crime, which will fail in front of a uncorrupted jury.

You railed against the Clinton’s for years? Really?


C’mon Commissar, you don’t expect us to believe you about the Clintons.

You would’ve fought Monica for a chance at that cigar.

Warren Peece

“He committed the crimes”….. please show the crimes he has been convicted of, in a court of law…. ya know, to justify the statement you made.

A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat McShit-for-brains, let’s NOT forget that YOU repeatedly came here braying that the Russia-whatchamacallit was going to get Donald Trump thrown out of Office before his first term was up and you were full of shit as usual. Come to think of it, you ALSO brayed that his Tax Returns were going to undo him and those too were a big “nothingburger”. OH, and your screeching about how Zika was going to be the end of civilization as we know it? Yea, another one of your nothingburgers. Come to think of it, get yourself another supply of small paper bags to hyperventilate yourself into when this turns out to be nothing as well.


The comments on every Trump story posted on here one clear message that should be a warning to others…

Cults are scary and people in them are squishy minded fools.

Don’t join cults. Especially personality cults obsessed with a narcissistic sociopath, career con artist, and grasping despot.


Interesting comment. Especially when you consider the author is a card-carrying antifa-supporting member of the leftist-progressive cult.


The mind of a mollusk is a terrible thing to waste. So few brain cells.


James Lindsay video “As Below, So Above” is an hour and 41 minutes, but you are so all in it or some parts. Take a watch, it’s worth it and you may learn something about Evil.


“Cults are scary and people in them are squishy minded fools.”

This is highly ironic coming from you since you are a cultist


I remember when this country was doing better than it had for four or five decades… then your cult — the real cult — took over and fucked over mankind for likely many, many more decades than that to come.

But that makes you happy, doesn’t it? You America Last piece of shit.

Hope you’re happy… (as happy as anyone stuck in Oakland can be…)

A Proud Infidel®™

One of my past Mentors, a Korea/Vietnam Vet once said that “NO decade in our nation’s History fucked it up as much as the 1960’s did!”


Democrats must have heard that and taken it as a challenge… Pretty sure the 2020’s will be able to beat out even the 1960’s


Wait, are you talking about fans of Obama now Commissar? That’s one of the most accurate descriptions of old jug ears I’ve ever seen.


How did you ever get so fucked up? I thank god when my kids went to college they just laughed at d bags like you. Must suck to spend all that time in college and still not be able to get laid. How many hairy toed lesbians rejected you before you started banging trannys?


Well played, Proggies. Trump is going to milk this right into the Oval Office.



As one of my team-mates said ‘Trump’s going to show ’em that shit doesn’t stick to his fur but at some point soon, he may make it stick to theirs’. Think Trump’s legal-eagles are going to have a field day with this one. Reasonable to assume that Stephanie Clifford(Stormy Daniels) might be called to the stand, fairer to assume Michael Avenatti won’t be in attendance. Yup, ought to be quite the circus indeed.

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CPL will be occupied with his wifely duties for his cellies in the next 18 years.


Woops, wrong article. (Wanted WOT)

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Hey, he got head while on the phone with the Russian president– that’s bragging rights for Bill!
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