The U.S. military establishes permanent garrison in Poland

| March 24, 2023

The US military already has a track record of rotating units into Poland to conduct training. The permanent garrison is at Camp Kosciuszko. This camp is named after a Polish historical figure who is known to have fought against Russia as well as on behalf of the US during the American Revolution. Both the American and Polish sides pointed to Russia as a reason for the need for the permanent presence.

From Notes from Poland:

The US has opened its first military garrison in Poland. It follows last year’s pledge by President Joe Biden to establish a permanent base — America’s first on NATO’s eastern flank — in Poland following Russia’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine.

“We have been striving for this for years — for this word ‘permanent’ — and it has now become fact,” said Polish defence minister Mariusz B?aszczak at today’s opening ceremony. While Poland has long hosted US troops on a rotational basis, it had lobbied Washington for that to be turned into a permanent presence.

“This is a historic moment, a sign that the United States is committed to Poland and NATO, and that we are united in the face of Russian aggression,” declared Blaszczak.

The garrison — housed in Poznan at Camp Kosciuszko, which is named after the 18th-century hero who fought for both Polish and US independence — will act as the headquarters for the US Army’s V Corps in Poland.

It is the eighth garrison of the US land forces in Europe, with the others located in Germany, Belgium and Italy.

“This garrison is a sign of the United States’ commitment to the security of Europe and Poles,” said Lieutenant General John Kolasheski, commander of the V Corps, quoted by RMF24. “It is evidence of strong NATO ties” and “essential for maintaining combat readiness…from the Suwalki Gap to Poznan and further west”.

The Army, ABC News, Notes from Poland, and have additional information.

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Great. When is the Presidio at Fulong Beach opening?


REFORGER go’s east?


Enough of this “rotational’ sh*t, just station units there. We found rotating units cost too much early in the Cold War and just stationed units overseas instead. Relearn.


B-52 base would create jobs.
Who wouldn’t want to work at the Warsaw PX?


Operation Gyroscope pt2.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

And Vietnam starts all over again;


Green Thumb

Check with All-Points Logistics on that one.

Ass-crackistan, too… went the same dang way.

Looks like maybe the Russians had a valid point when they claimed NATO was the aggressor seeking to encroach on Russia’s borders while Russia was retreating.

USMC Steve

Not necessarily. This happened as a reaction to when Putin started his shit over there, necessitating us taking the actions we took, and Poland is well aware of what those Russians are capable of a la 1939.


Count/General Casimir Pulaski grins.


Yeah, except this is Camp Kosciuszko. Of course, this was one of my three suggestions for naming this installation with the other two being Camp Pulaski and Camp Sobieski.

Last edited 1 year ago by MustangCPT

At least I can pronounce Pulaski and Sobieski. How does one say Kosciuszko … Costco?



Anna Puma

Camp Leelee Sobieski?


No. King John Sobieski, who defeated the Turks at Vienna. And, no, I don’t care if the Turks are in NATO. Fuck those double-dealing bastards.


Damn, I wouldn’t mind doing a roto there.
I wish they would have named the base after a great Polish-American.
Camp Lewinsky has a nice ring to it.


The PX kiosk will have a cigar shop, massage chairs and a polishing station.


And a dry cleaner to get those tough, tough stains out


Sounds like a “her problem” to me.


‘Art’ owned by that guy who trafficked minors to no one, friend to many, represented by Alan Dershowitz:

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I like it. The artillery gang can establish “Firebase Monica”. What say you, KoB?


Welp, Monica sure knew how to make the “guns” shoot off. And keep the “tube” clear of any obstructions.

Prior Service

1. It could’ve been Fort Trump!
2. Poznan kind of sucks. I hope they greatly improve it from last time I passed through.


Someone suggested Fort Polka…

A little bit of Tejano polka. I guess that’s what happens when Mexicans and Germans cross paths in Texas. The alcohol comes out, the guitars and accordions come out of their cases, and some musical cross-pollination happens. 🪗