Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| March 21, 2023

Chemical castration is Science™

Not mutilating children’s genitals is “sinful”

It’s not groomer-ish to keep secrets from your parents, is it?

The abuse of this generation is criminal


This fella is really confused

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Don’t we have enough looney tunes running around already? It seems like the crazies are creating more every second.

RGR 4-78

An explosion at the freak factory.




Now “racist,” of course:


We always hear you couldn’t make ‘Blazing Saddles’ in 2023…
Who knew you couldn’t make ‘Kindergarten Cop’ too?

Also, they’re called Puberty Blockers
Not Puberty Pausers…duh.

If I was lawyer, I’d bet set to make a fortune on malpractice in the future on:
1-gender surgeries/medications
2-the”healthy at any size/weight” cult


If that was made today his career in Hollywood would be over.

You’d see him on a forced apology tour on all the late night shows..  😂 



This is happening sooner than I expected, thank God! Sue ALL these evil fuckers into oblivion!!!

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A definite contender for the Josef Mengele Memorial Award for Medical Experimentation on Children.


I’m keeping an eye on to my luggage and the OL’s Prada bag around all of them. It may be a knock off but they don’t know that.


I’ll just stick this right here;

comment image


Watching the NYPD Trustys trot out the barriers in preparation for the protests expected after the arrest. One of them had “NO HOPE FOR RACCOON CITY” on the back of his shirt. I LoLd.


I KNEW Umbrella Corporation was running this show!

It’s time to call up Alice to shut’r down.


Popular opinion or not, I don’t care … in better times, “people” like this would have been gassed.


It’s a constant source of amazement to me that nobody has whacked these bastards. Personally, I lean toward impalement, old school Vlad style, but my wife thinks I’m a little on the harsh side.



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Your missus too?

Yesterday morning I vented forcibly about banksters and w00dch!pp@s. Wife says plainly, “I’d like to know what goes on in your head”.

Just be careful (see below, [it’s a joke btws]):

she works for THEM.jpg

No but you just made realize my GF is a BANKSTER!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! What have I done?


Remember: Just cause you’re paranoid doesn’t mean “THEY” are not out to get you!


Like they said in Red Dawn:

Lt Col Tanner: “Hate will burn you up.”
Ned: “Keeps me warm.”


Wife says plainly, “I’d like to know what goes on in your head”. No, she don’t! Talk about a danger zone? She better put any thoughts of going there on ice, man.



Poor AW1Ed…More Mick…




Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full!


“I’d like to know what goes on in your head”

Don’t tell her—that would make her an accessory.


Another option?

comment image


Nice. WRS has the fire, yet again!

Wouldn’t a ‘sexual tyrannosaurus‘ Jedi at least M134?

edit: sure, I ‘crossed the streams’ a bit, force-ing it. One of those movies stands the test of time tho.

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Another approved method…

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And for those occasions when there is no time for half measures…

comment image


comment image

Dave Hardin

“Transphobia vs. Cissexism”

Cissexism arises from the belief that people can only be cisgender (cis) or have a gender identity that aligns with their sex assigned at birth. In other words, a person is either male or female, depending on the genitalia they were born with.

Instead of expressing messages of outright hate toward transgender, nonbinary, or gender nonconforming people, cissexist ideology fails to recognize their existence. This type of discrimination generally involves denying any and all expressions of gender that don’t align with a male-female binary, including:

saying trans people are “confused”

separating people into binary gender categories

insisting a nonbinary teen only “wants attention”

asking about “preferred” pronouns

refusing to use nonbinary pronouns

Cissexism often occurs on a structural level, in healthcare, education, and other sectors, and tends to be more pervasive and difficult to address. Like transphobia, it can cause deep and lasting harm.

We live in a world where children and not allowed to pretend to be Indians but full grown men can pretend to be women. The aforementioned definition suggests that nobody is confused about their sexuality, there is no reason to separate people by biological sex, no teen is using their sexuality to get attention and that compelled speech is acceptable.

I personally do not care how anyone identifies, I will not be compelled by them on how to think.


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We passed the point of clear projection years ago.


Just reading that bit of brain damaged drivel makes me need a drink!


Not. A. Joke….

“Biological Male Named Minnesota’s ‘Woman of the Year’”


“USA Today named Rep. Leigh Finke, a biological male who identifies as a woman, Minnesota’s “Woman of the Year” over the weekend.”

“I have a future-oriented vision of what the work is, that is how I think of it. I think about what we’re doing for our children’s sake, for the next generation, for 30 years from now,” said Finke, the first transgender lawmaker in the Minnesota House.”

“According to USA Today’s profile, Finke has been “an activist for transgender and LGBTQ+ rights, as well as Black Lives Matter, almost her whole life.”

“Trans liberation is upward flowing, all liberation movements flow outwards. Everyone will benefit from it and it’s worth committing yourself to,” Finke said.”

“Finke is carrying a bill in the Minnesota House that would make the state a “refuge” for children seeking “gender-affirming” drugs and surgeries.”

“Representative [Leigh Finke] is a gift to Minnesota. Her tenacity, bravery, and leadership inspire me every day. This recognition as Woman of the Year is well-deserved,” Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan said.”


Forget who came up with the critique of this affront to our fairer sistren:


(it was either Revenge of the Cis or Salty Cracker, I think)

Next in the pipe?

milley is a b!tch.png
Green Thumb

The joke is Minnesota.


My brother had a problem with his pituitary gland, which affected his thyroid. Basically, until he was in his 20’s, he aged like a 12 year old. Thank God for actual science and medicine, he was put on a regime for two years, that put all his hormones in 4th gear and stomped the pedal to the metal, and he recovered all the “lost” years.

The lucky (now) bastard is 63, and looks 40.


And for desert


God bless the state of Georgia for departing wide-spread idiocy and reclaiming their own sanity…


These kids are condemned to a lifetime of humiliation, unwanted attention and life altering criminal acts that should put all these people in prison for the rest of their lives.
Child abuse is something that stays with you for the rest of your life and affects everything you do.
Prison at best and woodchipper at the rest of the assortment.
Makes me sick, literally sick…