Encouraging news from Islam

| March 14, 2023

Never thought I would see the day…an Islamic legislative group declared a ‘fatwa’ against Hamas for their treatment of Palestinians.

The unprecedented declaration, published by the Islamic Fatwa Council, a non-government body of Shiite, Sunni and Sufi clerics headquartered in the Iraqi spiritual capital of Najaf, states that Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, “bears responsibility for its own reign of corruption and terror against Palestinian civilians within Gaza” and deems “it prohibited to pray for, join, support, finance or fight on behalf of Hamas.”

Hamas, a designated terrorist organization according to the U.S., EU and Israel, has maintained an iron-clad grip on Gaza since violently taking over the territory in 2007 after Israel unilaterally withdrew in 2005. The group, which receives funding and training from Iran, imposes a strict Islamic code on its 2 million-plus residents as it continues to engage in fighting Israel, including firing endless rounds of rockets and incendiary devices into Israeli territory and mass protests along the border fence.

While the fatwa marks the first time any accredited Islamic legislative body has explicitly declared Hamas to be illegitimate from the vantage point of Islamic law, it follows similar rulings by the UAE Fatwa Council and the Council of Senior Scholars of Saudi Arabia against the Muslim Brotherhood movement and all of its branches, declaring them terrorist organizations “that defame Islam and operate in opposition to mainstream Islamic unity, theology and jurisprudence.”


While disagreement between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shi’ite Iran is nothing new, that this is Islamically speaking a multi-lateral condemnation of Hamas and its supporters may indeed be a big deal

For Hamas, a Sunni Muslim organization, the ruling by a council led by a Sunni mufti of stature — Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdullah al-Dheeban — could have deep consequences, and the fact the council also includes al-Budairi, a Shiite cleric, is a severe blow to Hamas’ main backer Iran.

Fox News

This most likely won’t affect Hamas’ short-term operations, but hopefully can be seen as a possible crack in the unified Islamic front. We can only hope that in the long term this may affect Iran and Hamas badly.

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With authoritarian China moving into the region the times they are a’changing.


Yep, it will be interesting to see how the Chinese Communists act when they move into Iran to mine all of the “newly discovered” lithium. We have all read the reports of how the ChiComs treat members of the Muslim faith in China. Lots of useful idiots in the ME for the ChiComs. The Middle Eastern people have been killing one another ever since Cain picked up that rock…and will continue to do so until the last two of them are alive. Damn shame.


It is not only Muslims in China. They are also imprisoning practicioners of Falun Gong. Those prisoners are the primary source of donors for China’s involuntary organ transplants.


China’s mistreatment of the Uyghurs has never been about Islam, per se, but about undercutting divided loyalties.

They’ll be perfectly happy to let Iran be Iran (so long as it doesn’t interfere Chinese interests) for a very extended mid-term period. For all her faults, the dragon is patient. This is exactly why they are brokering normalization between Iran and Saudi. There was a window to undercut the Abraham Accords, and they jumped at it. Not trying to be partisan, but this is on Biden.


Yup. They already got Uighur concentration camps in Xinjiang…
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Skivvy Stacker

How are the Social Justice Warriors going to try to understand the Israel/Palestine conflict NOW? They’re going to actually have to [shudder] open a book and do some real research into the matter…and face the possibility they might be [blood curdling scream] WRONG!


Do you really need to ask that question?

SJW: “Orange Man Bad!”


You know what is even more confusing? Trump brokered a peace pact between Morocco and Israel that morphed into normalized relations and a defense pact. If he had served a second term the Palestine pact would have stood as well. Diaper load screwed it all up.


It’s much bigger than Morocco.

It started with the Abraham Accords between Israel, UAE, and Bahrain in September, 2020. It then expanded to include Morocco in December of that same year (with the Trump admin recognizing Morocco’s claim to Western Sahara). In January, Sudan jumped onboard in exchange for a loan and removal from the state-sponsor-of terror list. Oman opted out of signing due to Biden’s election win, but they and several other gulf nations would have presumably signed had the election gone the other way (to include Saudi Arabia).

After Biden shifted MENA policy back toward the Iran-Nuclear focus, UAE and Israel made huge moves to surrogate India for the US. Kushner’s momentum was growing despite the election and despite a loss of American hegemony in the region. China winning over Saudi to the Belt-and-Road Initiative (a Western simplification of a nuanced collection of Chinese policies) is a huge coup against this. In chess terms, they captured our queen.


Of particular note: We compartmentalize. Our DOS, DOD, DHS, alphabet soup continue to fight themselves for king of their shared pot; on a deeper level, CENTCOM, EUCOM, INDOPACOM, etc., all focus on their own lanes. Until two years ago, CENTCOM didn’t even have access to Israel policy without jumping through hoops.

I was bouncing around the Gulf for
ARCENT when all this was building up; I had to make a personal call to an old friend in SOCCENT (in Tampa) to gain any insight into Chinese efforts in the countries I was standing. I still owe him a bottle of Clase Azul.

Grand strategically, this is a huge Achilles heel of which our adversaries are taking full advantage.