Boomer’s Sunday

| March 12, 2023

Couple editorial remarks and I’ll STFU. First thanks again to all who contributed, can’t do this without y’all. As for further dissemination of the offerings, have at it. All I ask is you credit the source. Shameless plug for the site? Of course. Back to your regularly scheduled Sunday.

You did set the clocks ahead an hour, right?

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58 Driver

time change on the oven vs the phone presented a few challenges this morning— great humor as always

Bubblehead Ray

Someone check on Chip. Looks like he got hacked.


On our political class, their aversion to rational and moral behavior, the possibility is always there…

pols heart kiddos.jpg

One of my personal favorites. It’s a little wordy which is usually doubleplusunmeme, but it has so much truth it hurts.

As a ‘hacker known as 4chan’ and PDW survivor, the pain is real.

w3 r raytardid.jpg
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

My reply would be, “Eat the bullet, FiBbIe, just eat the bullet, put yourself out of (y)our misery.”


Shit, I’m going blind. I missed the (y).

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Look, just because a man showers with his 12 year old daughter doesn’t mean he can’t be President.


So many good ones! Thanks for the great post!!


BJ Bill and Hitlery may not be the most despicable people in the world, but they are in the top 3.

Winning the meme war and losing The Republic. Stock up! No one is coming to save us…We will have to save ourselves.


First step on the path to salvation…

Mike Gunns

You can’t drink all day if you don’t start early.




If the fiery idea of Republic just kindles on in the heart and mind of one, I fear not the loss of her blessings. Given the sum of all inequities foisted upon man to this very day, I surmise there is more than a faction that carries that spark so deep that all the oceans could not extinguish our light.

Let them ReeeeeEEEeeee, so long as they stay big mad over our frogs and arial font!

They ignored us, mocked us by calling their tax cattle ‘boomers’, and now would like to contest our will on That Field…

Set the frizzens alight not, my frens!

When these homeless idiots come back from their wildernesses, drawn in by campfires’ warmth and glow, we shall provide them tendies, grog, and stern admonishment!:

You saw we were pissed off and crazy! You thought you had a chance?!”


Thesaurus and redneck fire alarm.

A Proud Infidel®™

Good stuff once again!


A “too bad you’re not here” for TVI and a hat tip to our very own TAH Lioness…Brunch for the Gun Bunny @ Firebase Magnolia. Tennessee Brand Porked Beast Snarsage and buttered milk cat heads. My version of “Wheaties”.×819.webp

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Winner Winner, chicken dinner!! Each and every single ‘toon a solid winner!!! Her-she’s? A very BiG MIDDLE FINGER to Michelle ‘I’m so Fuct’ Buck. Doom on her and every Woke moron out there.. Great selection, thank you kindly AW1Ed.


Ok, one more. Because I loathe what this system does and all the poisonous fruits it shits out onto the good people…

Damn you Banksters. Damn you all to hell!

he who panics first panics bestest.jpg

Well, this’ll offend someone (“woke”-sters included):
comment image



emo spt snow leopard 2.jpg

The tables have turned…