Top DoD doc wants gun info

| March 12, 2023

The top doc in DoD wants to overturn a 2013 law that “prohibits DoD leaders, including commanders and health providers, from inquiring about or recording any information on private firearms owned by troops.”

“As a physician, the relationship between my patients and I is … sacred. We talk, and I expect him to be truthful with me so I can help him. Anything that interferes with that interferes with good medical care,” Martinez-Lopez said.

A 2011 law prohibited the DoD from collecting any information on firearms ownership among service members who don’t live on a military installation (members who live on base are required to register any privately owned guns with base officials).

Repealing the provision was among the more than 100 recommendations issued in a report last month by the DoD Suicide Prevention and Response Independent Review Committee to reduce suicides among service members and dependents.

“It’s not good for either of the parties. If I don’t know, I can’t help you. If you cannot tell me, even worse,” Martinez-Lopez said.

Must be getting dusty in here, I am shedding a tear – or even two – at the doc’s selfless pursuit of patient care. But wait:

Section 1057 of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act further clarified the 2011 law, allowing military and civilian DoD health officials to ask about firearms ownership or possession, but only if they believe a service member is at risk for suicide or causing harm to others. (emphasis added – ed.)

Otherwise, commanders and doctors can’t ask about gun ownership, access and safety — questions that are a key part of DoD and Department of Veteran’s Affairs’ officials’ efforts to promote safe storage of weapons as a strategy to reduce suicides.

So in other words, if  they think there is any risk of suicide or causing any harm, they already can ask what they want, right? What they WANT is to be able to grill any service member any time, an entirely different level of invasivess, supposedly in the name of suicide prevention. (Which would lead to ownership lists, which leads to bans and confiscation…) But if they indeed need to ask, they can do it now.

This is how stuff gets snuck past ya, folks… they make reasonable souding excuses, constantly change the name of what they want (handgun control, gun control, Saturday Night Special bans, high-capacity bans, assault weapon bans, gun “safety”, “common sense steps” (to complete bans), buy backs (of what they never owned, right?) – if they were honest it wouldn’t be “suicide prevention”, their end goal is “disarmament and total control”.  Gotta stay alert, it’s never been about guns, it’s always about the control.

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This convo could go two ways.

Doc: How many guns do you have?

Me: On me now, or total?


Doc: How many guns do you have?

Me: How many sex toys do you have?

Bubblehead Ray

Yep. Definitely hacked


Someone mentions sex toys and Chip starts bragging about how much he makes on Chaterbate every time.


Me: How many guns do you have?

Me: How many patients have you touched inappropriately?

Doc: Don’t be insubordinate


This “doc” needs to be docked: pay, hands, feet, and diploma.


Bust him to 2nd louie, and put him in charge of the VD ward

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Bust him to 2LT, put him in charge of the burn pits.


With all due respect Doc, you ain’t a line officer, and Airman Snuffy is in Command of the life raft should the plane crash in the open.

Feel free to defecate in one hand and wish in the other and let us know which one gets full faster.

Are these the same Brainiacs that had us fill out post deployment health self assessments including SSNs but not including a Privacy Act statement?


Common-sense gun grabbing.

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Doc: “How many guns do you have?”
Me: “Under Art 31 of the UCMJ and the 5th Amendment, I don’t have to answer that question.”

Ask me why I know about Art 31?  😉 


Despite TV and Movies, It doesn’t really work that way. The questioner has to suspect you of a crime for you to invoke privilege. Once they do, everything instantly changes, especially in the military, where most of the time the answer to a question is more like an order.

If the someone suspects you might be thinking about committing a crime then likely no crime has been completed.


Any doctor who says “between my patients and I”, is a poorly educated doctor. I would not believe anything he says.


When you live on post and register your firearms with the Provost Marshall it stays in the system forever, however they insist that you update it when you move to another post, even though it is already in the system. This information is shared with Federal Law Enforcement, even after you retire or otherwise leave the service.

I found this out when I lived on post in 96-98 and then later 08-09, everything was still in the system at a completely different base.

This kind of over reach in the military is all too common like when they told us they were collecting our DNA to identify our remains if you were KIA and then made it searchable on the crime database.


Which is why I never registered my weapons on any base or post I lived on.


Big Brother, yo!


“Do you own any firearms?”

“Doc, do you like anal?”

“Pardon me?!?”

“I just thought we were both asking personal questions.”


“Do you own any weapons?”

“Only my rapier-like wit! Oh, and my wife’s farts are a weapon of ass destruction but here in Christendom we look unfavorably on the word ‘own’ in the context of referring to women.

……I’m sorry, what was the question again?”

Old tanker

More of the, we want to control you because you are not capable of living without supervision.


…their supervision, of course.


Gotta stay alert, it’s never been about guns, it’s always about the control.”…Of We, The People.

Doc; “Anything make you sad or depressed?”

Me; “Just a few flashbacks to the memory of that tragic boat accident when all of my firearms were drowned in the quicksand bottomed lake during the hurrinado. Oh, and the things that your wife makes me do to her while you’re at work.”

Our Davy Boy…partial to them Brownings and Brunettes…and there is NOTHING wrong with that!


There were two big pushes to get gun info while I was in, likely just local to the unit or installation. The first time, I was in the 101st when it came down that we had to provide information, including serial numbers, on our personally owned weapons (POWs). I lived off-post and, despite being known as a “gun guy”, simply stated that I had sold them all.

The second time, I was a squad leader in The Old Guard. Our company and platoon leadership wanted us to report POW info, which I flat out refused to collect. I guess this was some unofficial but widespread effort, as shortly afterward official Army guidance stated that commands could only ask about firearms if a Soldier was at risk of hurting themself or others.


I used to get asked whether I owned or had any firearms in my home every year when I went for my annual wellness doctor visit. When I was asked this question, I just started lying. I found it the easiest solution.


I had a commander in 1990 that reported several of us to the PMO because although we lived in the barracks, we kept our POW’s in an off post gun storage facility and refused to register them and keep them in the arms room. PMO and JAG said as long as our weapons stayed off post, it was none of their business and wouldn’t get involved.