Immigrant Bald Eagle killers allowed to skate by Feds

| March 8, 2023

Better take your blood pressure meds before reading this.

The Stanton County Sheriff says they arrested two Honduran immigrants for having shot a BALD EAGLE and intended to cook him up when arrested. (While they had “some papers from the Honduran embassy”, no word on how illegal they are.) For those who don’t know, possession of a SINGLE FEATHER from a bald eagle should get you a year in jail and up to $100,000 fine under the Bald & Golden Eagle Protection Act. Don’t mess with our big birds!

“Two Honduran nationals, Ramiro Hernandez-Tziquin, 20 and Domingo Zetino-Hernandez, 20, both of Norfolk were cited for unlawful possession of the eagle. Hernandez-Tziquin was also cited for having No Drivers License,” the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release on Feb. 28.

Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger said the migrants spoke no English, and their only form of identification was documents from the Honduran consulate, the Washington Free Beacon reported.’

The migrants were arrested but have since been released. The federal government could have kept the pair in jail, but Unger’s calls to the US Fish and Wildlife Service – which would be the federal agency to bring charges against someone for violating the 1940 Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act – have gone unanswered.

Unger joined “Fox & Friends First” on Monday and said that he has reached out to the feds “numerous times” and has “yet to speak to a human” about the crime.

Fox News via Yahoo

Can’t even get an answer? Really?  I’m thinking some folks at F&W should be called on the carpet or fired – what the hell do we pay them for other than making sure someone has the appropriate license? As for the ‘hunters’…send ’em back to Honduras…done to a nice turn on roasting spits. Assholes.

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A Proud Infidel®™

Another sample of what a corrupt, limp-dicked and incompetent administration we have in charge these days. What’s next, a reprimand for whoever arrested those ILLEGAL ALIENS?


Pretty much. Ignore it and it won’t exist is their mantra.


Kringey Jean-Pierre (you know, the incompetent fool who was hired solely for being black and a lesbian) assures us the president takes this VERY seriously.

Take a chill pill… <<sarc>>


the president takes this VERY seriously“…
As it passes in one ear and out the other and POOF! he’s back thinking about what flavor ice cream he’ll get next. :wpds_razz: 

A Proud Infidel®™

The current pResident has an open mind, one can always hear the wind whistling through it.

Anna Puma

I would post this article but it is behind a paywall, a Delaware man has been charged after he was found in possession of a bald eagle foot.

Or there was the wind power company that plead guilty to the killing of 150 bald eagles.

But these illegal invaders skate?


Being a dirtbag pendejo is “part of their culture,” left/libtard social justice aplogists whine.
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That’s the strategy everywhere in government and education etc. The People are pissed at what they’re doing? Just ignore the People and keep on keeping on.


Being a left/libtard proggie means not givin’ sh*t about anyone except political cronies, just like in North Korea or Chicom-land.
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Army-Air Force Guy

If this isn’t a metaphor for what’s happening in this country, I don’t know what is.


Illegal, how’d they get a gun.


Kristobal ‘Semiautomatic-anta Claus’ Kringle, ese.

¿Tienes algún problema?

RGR 4-78

They were in possession of a pistol and a rifle, and the rifle looked to be suppressed.

Of course, the pistol and rifle in question were both air guns, not actual firearms.

Forest Bondurant

Well, the federal government refuses to bring charges against those who protested at the homes of Supreme Court justices (in violation of Title 18, Section 1507, USC), so there’s no reason to believe it would enforce any federal statute against immigrants (who are likely illegal, hence considered a protected class), for killing this national emblem (16 USC Section 668-668d; 50 CFR 22.3).


What say we see if these despicable individuals can soar like an Eagle when launched from a high flying “bird”. Better yet, create a flock of them by launching the despicable officials that allowed the catch and release back into society along with them. Set up a betting pool as to which ones will bounce the highest when they high the ground at about 125 mph. Use the earning from the betting pool for Eagle Habitat preservation.

Daisy Cutter

Honduran immigrants gotta eat, I guess. They just wanted a taste of the USA. (Somebody stop me.)

Last edited 1 year ago by Daisy Cutter

The bold American flavor you crave, with no artificial freedom.


Democrats’ whole idea.

RGR 4-78

Were they going to do extra crispy, original recipe, or bald-headed chicken and dumplings?


I have unsuccessfully tried to construct the proper “ranking” of distinct grievance groups.

Illegals chowing down on a bald eagle MRE and skating away really moves them up in the standings.

Skivvy Stacker

And people wonder why I look like I want to cry all the time.

A Proud Infidel®™

Al Gore Junior could likely have given them a good recipe for Bald Eagle.


Should have been released with great publicity and fanfare……deep inside the nearest Indian tribal lands.