Former Army Soldier sentenced to 45 years for planning the killing of fellow service members

| March 6, 2023

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Ethan Phelan Melzer, 24, also known as Etil Reggad, was sentenced to 45 years in prison. He was sentenced for attempting to murder American service members. He provided sensitive information to radical groups, that he was involved with, in a bid for them to carry out deadly attacks. In one of his communications with a group, he acknowledged that he was going to lose his free life.

From the U.S. Department of Justice:

“Ethan Melzer infiltrated the U.S. Army in service of a neo-Nazi, white supremacist and jihadist group,” said U.S. Attorney Damian Williams for the Southern District of New York. “He used his membership in the military to pursue an appalling goal: the brutal murder of his fellow U.S. service members in a carefully plotted ambush. By unlawfully disclosing his unit’s location, strength, and armaments to other O9A members and jihadists in furtherance of this ambush, Melzer traitorously sought to attack the very soldiers he was entrusted to protect. Today’s sentence makes clear that Melzer’s brazen actions backfired and that this office — along with our partners in law enforcement and the military — will work tirelessly to bring traitors like Melzer to justice and to protect the safety and integrity of our armed services.”

“Melzer betrayed his fellow soldiers and his country,” said Assistant Director Robert R. Wells of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. “Americans serving their country overseas should never have to fear a terrorist attack from within their own ranks, and today’s sentence holds him accountable for his deadly plan to attack the brave men and women of the armed forces who protect our nation.”

According to court documents, Melzer is a member of O9A. O9A espouses neo-Nazi, antisemitic and Satanic beliefs and promotes extreme violence to accelerate and cause the demise of Western civilization. The group has expressed admiration both for Nazis, such as Adolf Hitler, and Islamic jihadists, such as Usama Bin Laden, the now-deceased former leader of al Qaeda. Members and associates of O9A have also participated in acts of violence, including murders. O9A members are instructed to fulfill “sinister” deeds, including “insight roles,” where they attempt to infiltrate various organizations, including the military, to gain training and experience, commit acts of violence, identify like-minded individuals, and ultimately subvert those groups from within.

Melzer joined the U.S. Army in approximately 2018 and infiltrated its ranks as part of an insight role to further his goals as an O9A adherent. In approximately October 2019, Melzer deployed abroad with the Army to Italy as a member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team. While stationed abroad, Melzer consumed propaganda from multiple extremist groups, including O9A and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, which is also known as ISIS. For example, Melzer subscribed to encrypted online forums where he downloaded and accessed videos of jihadist attacks on U.S. troops and facilities and jihadist executions of civilians and soldiers, in addition to far-right, neo-Nazi, and other white supremacist propaganda.

In approximately early May 2020, the Army informed Melzer that he would be reassigned to a unit scheduled for a further foreign deployment, where the unit would be guarding an isolated and sensitive military installation (the Military Base). After he was notified of the assignment, Melzer joined his new unit and attended weeks of training, including classified and unclassified briefings, to prepare for the deployment. As part of this intensive training, Melzer learned details about the purpose, layout, and security of the Military Base. Melzer and his unit also received in-depth training about and practiced for numerous threat scenarios at the Military Base, including how to respond to various potential terrorist attack scenarios.

The U.S. Department of Justice has additional details.

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Douche nugget. Hope he enjoys the next four and half.decades in prison and looks forward to his DD when he is an old man.

The group also is big into pedophilia as well.

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He won’t finish his sentence. Guys like him involve themselves in gang/race wars inside the prison, and he will be a casualty.


I’m good with that.

Anna Puma

Wait.. White supremacist AND Jihadi? To get US military members killed?

Sounds just like any talking head on a US media show during Bush and Trump.


According to the august Southern Poverty Law Center, Order of Nine Angels (O9A) and other radical racial accelerationalists,:

occult neo-Nazi groups…like the O9A,.. meld religious and political extremism — two powerful conduits for violence. 

Of course SPLC is retarded (so are N-N groups), but we knew this:

[By acts of violence] neo-Nazi terror cells [could] accelerate the collapse of “the System.” After that [they] could institute a balance and order by instituting a version of National Socialism that eschews left/right political binaries. [ed, bold and underline for emph] This would solidify the existence of the white race over its enemies. (link)



Correct, their politics run more akin to anarchists. They are also Satanists and believe in human sacrifice. Really they are like a collection of all the worst ideas in human history all rolled into one.


They are dangerous because they’re motivated idiots with no principles other than chaos at any cost.

A idiological deadend.

Should we celebrate their shortcomings?
Provide them malt liquor, faulty blasting caps and Nambu pistols?


Damn, they had to work at it get that much batsh*t crazy into one ideological package!

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Nice! I saw a news clip on youtube saying anqueefa was at it again. Didn’t know it was that bad.
As much as I dislike the ATL, they don’t deserve these monsters darkening their doorsteps.

Methed-out losers.

Appreciate the data!

Emma Bogush, who also uses the name Bo, was a keen dancer who performed regularly before she turned to activism.

The 24-year-old’s Facebook page includes many photos with her dance teams, and lists vacations to London and Stonehenge in the UK.

If Emma is a “dancer” I’m a fking world renowned marathoner.

edit: just realized she’s from CT! I may have to introduce myself!!

poor pissy baby ATL.jpg
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Well, this don’t surprise me, registered Dimocrap. Dad’s a commie (working families party).

They live in a $360k house on 10 acres and own/owned a prius.

As of 2021 their food garden is less than 1200 sq ft.

Don’t even see a woodpile so I’d presume they heat with dirty, evil hydrocarbons!!!!

Shameful commies. Just shameful.

Emma fuckface.png

comment image

A Proud Infidel®™

oh yeah, ain’t that whatshisface’s idol? Yeah, the lifelong politician who has never had a real job in the Private Sector but still owns multiple houses and a few expensive cars.




Well he had a job on the commune, before Bernie got into his greatest grift, politics. Bernie was kicked out of the commune; they couldn’t get a day’s work out of him.


I may have found a twitter.

Gotta go do adult things so, have a great night all.


Send pics…


The problem is the group is from the UK. Otherwise US media would make Trump the defacto leader and blame it on a vast right wing conspiracy.


These groups seem like a bunch of antisocial edge lords that do dumb stuff and, in the correct combination with appropriate concentration, act terroristically.

Did he pass classified info to douche bags? Yeah, probably.
Actively ‘attempted to murder American SMs’?
Dunno, but I do know the machine is looking for scalps like his*. Yet if’n he did then that 45 years is well deserved!

*The DoD has told us who “the enemy in the wire” be, imo There’s been selective persecution throughout the years.

Is this me complaining about the purging of white supremacists? Shit yeah it is! Only in the context that there are other race-based orgs with claws in the military that should be expunged pro rata. As my experience taught me that ‘race’ is not a contributing factor in the stupidity of people. That quality is truly distributed evenly, so logic would dictate that racists are too.

My 2c, the views in no way reflect the views of any rational human or the owners/ops of TAH.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

After sentencing, he should have been taken out and publicly hung, also recorded and played on a loop for 24 hours non-stop.

The past tense of hang (execution) is “hanged”. If you’re putting laundry on a clothesline, it’s “hung” as in “hung out to dry.” For your further edification, my favorite Army field manual:

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Thank you. Learn something new daily. I will endeavor to remember.

But will you endeavor to persevere?🤣


Therefore, if you’re saying someone was “hung,” that’s properly something else entirely then.


One of those rare cases where CID is doing its job? Wonder what tipped their hand. This could have been very bad.
Or was it a case of the Jihadist or O9A were so innept that their communications got intercepted and lead back to Mr. Blue Falcon?


The cynical side of me believes that CID only got involved when it heard the “white supremacy” part.

A Proud Infidel®™

He had to be obvious as fuck out in plain daylight for the CID to find him, they’re about as blind as a “Feebie”!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Can he re enlist on good behavior at age 70??????????


Yes, but he’ll have to go through AIT again. Join an OSUT company at stage 4.


They should just put him out on the shooting range.
As a target.
Aim for the groin and see how many rounds he can take before he expires.


As Ethan/Etil has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he doesn’t really have any need of the tiny balls he was born with, I was going to suggest castration but as GB indicates, clearly this is a much better job for a pistol/rifle team(needed practise) rather than any surgeon(routine practise). As I once heard a judge say “I hope you die in prison, as well“.


Toss from a window and into a volcano, defenestrainvolcanisation?

Forest Bondurant

Considering what he did was while the U.S. was at war, he should have been sentenced to death.


In one of his communications with a group, he acknowledged that he was going to lose his free life.

Sounds to me like he was looking forward to “Fisting Fridays”.


One has to wonder how many more are embedded as sleeper agents, just waiting for the signal.


Too many to lose sleep over it.

Get the shot group tight and ask Him for guidance.

Insurance is cheap right now: longterm storage food, ammo, barbed wire, labor to build a mote, etc…

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Thing is, I haven’t seen one yet with the brains to keep his head down. They always seem to have their signifiers like the “88” tattoo or some such silliness.


Looks like he isn’t going to be all that.

Its back…

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But not as cool as (where even the Gamma Goat looked good):

A Proud Infidel®™

May he die lonely, hungry and forgotten. Let’s not forget that when an inmate dies and the family doesn’t want the remains, they’re buried in some forgotten place with a small piece of concrete marking the grave which only has their Inmate Number.

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Skivvy Stacker

Well, seeing as this conviction was in New York, I think he’ll be out on the street by Thursday, if not sooner.


Not a chance. The State of NY wasn’t the prosecutor. It was Federal.

Federal Time is real time. There is no parole and probation is only allowed at the time of sentence. Otherwise see you in 45 years.


Didn’t we have a article on here about this dufas


In news of non-revolutionaries the capitol videos are coming out showing Capitol Police escorting “The Horned Shaman” to the Senate chambers.

No matter how much whiskey I’ve had tonight, I get more tipsy just reading the above that I wrote. The video is gold. They escort him past half a dozen officers and help him make entry to the locked chamber. He got four years for that.

Jan. 6 footage shows cops bringing QAnon Shaman to Senate floor (


‘bUt He HaD hOrNs AnD a dRuMfp fLAg’

There is no justice in DC and they yearn to export their special brand of misery from sea to shining fking sea.


Political, for offending folk.