Weekend Open Thread

| March 17, 2023

You’re sitting/laying on the ER bed and you see an apparition. Do you mention it to the staff, or do you keep quiet? The seasoned nurses and doctors may be aware of these apparitions, and may have even seen them, but may keep quiet for the sake of the patients and of the newer doctors and nurses. Enjoy your weekend.

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Hack Stone

Magic 8-Ball, can the hardest working Director of Media Relations for a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the Federal Government catch a break and score a second consecutive highly coveted and rarely awarded First Comment for This Ain’t Hell Weekend Open Thread? Magic 8-Ball says…


Ain’t seen the crayon muncher all day then he swoops in and steals the first. Well played Hack Stone. Have a Kong Rat on me.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Shytze! Missed it by 3 seconds!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Oh well, back to the work grind




Close competition again!



Cheese and Veggie Omlette & Potato MRE.png

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Lol. Crazy Marines. Can’t wait to share this with my former jar head coworkers.


I always rinsed mine out with vinegar and followed it with a baking soda rinse. Never noticed much of a “flavor” so it must’ve worked.


Happy St. Patty’s Day!!

I’m GREEN with Envy Hack!@!!

 🙄  😂  😝 

Hack Stone

Picking up the essentials for St. Patrick’s Day. And Elaine Ricci sends out a big thank you to all who contributed to the Go Fuck Me Drive to buy a birthday gift for the greatest Vice President of a proud but humble woman owned business that sell software to the Federal Government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland. With the $3 raised, we were able to purchase home another lime green leisure suit. Tomorrow at 13:30, when Psaul wakes from his alcohol induced sleep, we plan on throwing him a combination surprise birthday party/intervention.


I was too busy yelling about the VA…

Was told a few months ago “we don’t do blood tests in the ER” when I went in for skin swelling on a sensitive part of my body.

I explained that the medication I’m on has a black box warning for various skin necroses and the only way to tell for certain would be to check lymphocytes, platelets and/or a skin biopsy.

“…it doesn’t look that bad…” “Doctor” 10-minutes-before-closing said.

Decided to take a benedryl and hope my skin didn’t peal off like a banana.

The only omnipresent ‘ghost’ in the ER at a VA: that of competency.

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Commissioner Wretched

All hail the FIRST for this week, Hack Stone! In his honor, I offer the week’s trivia, complete with genuflections and all that stuff.

When was the last prisoner of war from World War II repatriated?
By Commissioner Wretched

Time seems to be going by so fast, don’t you find?

I’m reminded of a 1980 song by the Alan Parsons Project called “Time,” which has the line:

Time keeps rolling like a river to the sea.

It’s true, and wonderful, yet at the same time it’s a bit frightening. We all have those moments we want to keep forever, though we can’t. And every time a new trivia column comes out, I want to keep that moment forever!

I can’t keep the moment, but you can keep – and enjoy – the column. So here’s one for your collection.


Did you know …

… hometown pride can be pretty stubborn? Case in point: during World War II, the town of Swastika, Ontario, Canada refused to change its name, despite pleas from the provincial and national government. In the face of such stubborn refusal, the Canadian Department of Highways put up signs calling the town “Winston.” But every time they did, residents tore them down and put back up signs referring to “Swastika.” (If you need to know why they wanted Swastika to change its name, may I suggest a remedial history course?)

… a museum in Iceland is devoted to witchcraft and sorcery? The Strandagaldur, a museum in the town of Hólmavík, Iceland, houses many artifacts and curiosities once used in regional rituals and spells. (Personally, I’d rather see Elizabeth Montgomery wiggle her nose, but you do what works for you.)

… business slogans don’t always translate well into other languages? Take, for example, the well-known slogan of fast food giant KFC, “Finger-lickin’ good.” When you do a literal translation into Chinese, you get, “Eat your fingers off.” (Loses something in the translation, don’t you think?)

Commissioner Wretched

… Mars has some of the most violent dust storms in the Solar System? A dust storm on Mars can last for weeks and cover the entire planet. The winds top out at 125 miles per hour. But they wouldn’t do an awful lot of damage, because the air pressure on Mars is so low that that wind of 125 miles an hour would feel, to you, like a 13-mile-an-hour breeze. (Which pretty much renders the set-up in The Martian rather moot, doesn’t it?)

… cockroaches spend about 75% of their time resting? (Not only are they gross, they’re lazy.)

… you may suffer from panophobia? I truly feel sorry for you if you do. Panophobia is the fear of … well, everything. (These days it’s also called “normal.”)

… the last prisoner of war from World War II to be released was freed in 2000? András Toma (1925-2004), a Hungarian soldier who was taken prisoner by the Soviet Army in 1944, was discovered living in a psychiatric hospital in Kotelnich, Russia on August 11, 2000. He had been removed from prisoner of war rolls in 1947, after all prisoners being held in hospitals were reclassified, but not released – and was declared legally dead by Hungarian authorities in 1954. Following his release and return to Hungary, Toma was promoted to the rank of sergeant major by the Hungarian army and, because he had been a prisoner of war and his active duty service was continuous, he was awarded all of his back pay – 56 years’ worth. Toma lived with his sister for the remaining three and a half years of his life. Toma was never repatriated after the war for many reasons, but primarily because he did not speak Russian, and no one at the psychiatric hospital spoke Hungarian. (Bureaucracy at work.)


“Panophobia is the fear of … well, everything. (These days it’s also called ‘liberalism’.)”

Fixed it for ya…

Commissioner Wretched

I stand corrected, Poe.

Commissioner Wretched

… you may want to be careful if someone tosses you an apple? In ancient Greece, tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional way to propose marriage. If the girl caught the apple, she accepted the proposal. (It’s a reverse on the Garden of Eden, when Eve said, “Hey, Adam, catch!”)

… the archaic term for a two-week period is actually a contraction? Not used much these days, a fortnight is a period covering two weeks. The word “fortnight” is a contraction of the words “fourteen nights.” (Makes sense.)

… only one band has knocked itself off the top of Billboard magazine’s Top 100 chart? That one group, not surprisingly, is the Beatles. They did it twice. (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)

… a Rubik’s Cube™ has an incredible number of permutations? Advertised with “billions” of different ways it can be arranged, it’s more like 43,252,003,274,489,856,000. Written out, it’s: 43 quintillion, 252 quadrillion, 3 trillion, 274 billion, 489 million, 856 thousand. (Or thereabouts.)

… the average trick-or-treater gets a lot of candy? On average, a Halloween trick-or-treater’s bag (or plastic pumpkin or whatever) contains candy with a whopping 5,435 calories. (Good thing they don’t eat it all at once, right?)

… a Nobel Prize winner received only half of the money due him? Robert Lucas (born 1937), an American economist, won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1995, a prize then worth $1 million. But Lucas only got half of it because of a divorce settlement. He and his wife Rita (born 1940) divorced in October of 1988, with a stipulation of the decree being that any Nobel Prize won over the next seven years would be half hers. Lucas’ win came just 21 days from the seven year time limit. (“Missed it by that much!”)

Commissioner Wretched

… it is illegal to ride a camel on a highway in Nevada? (Pretty darned silly, too.)

… smoking can void a computer warranty? Anyone who smokes near an Apple computer runs the risk of voiding the computer’s warranty, as the company considers smoking a “biohazard.” (What, you mean it isn’t?)

Now … you know!


It ain’t Elizabeth’s nose that I liked seeing wiggle, CW. Jus’ sayin’.

Another fine job today, CW. Muchly appreciated, as always. Still awaiting the receipt of my copies of your tomes, but the good news is some very positive reports on the SciFi subject matter along with the trivia.

You keep writing ’em and we’ll keep reading them.

Commissioner Wretched

I am overjoyed to hear that your folks are enjoying my books. That means a great deal to me, King … thank them for me, if you would.


Good on Swastika. When you allow the bad guys to define you, the bad guys win.


I wish we could just get over the use of dumb words used by people who weren’t necessarily the most enlightened.

“Race-izms” be everywhere if you look hard and long ’nuff.

Anytime I get near NYC tuning into HOT 97…is my word:


Yeah, the good guys got shut out in that loss.


The inmates use that word constantly – and not just the black ones. And none of them take offense.

Tell one he’s “stupid” however….


When I was in Pamplona, I called a dude “idiota” because he was driving like an idiot. He stopped in the middle of the road and wanted to fight over it.

In my defense, my entire Spanish vocabulary consisted of that, banyo, and cervesa. It was the only insult I had in the chamber.


Casual American vulgarity is often dire fightin’ words anywhere else.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Present and I award myself Honorary First once again



“Airman Charged With 2022 Insider Attack On US base In Syria Found Not Guilty Of All Charges”


“An Air Force noncommissioned officer accused of detonating bombs on a U.S. base in Syria last year was cleared of all charges by a military jury on Wednesday”

“The Jury found Tech. Sgt. David D. Dezwaan Jr. not guilty of charges levied against him last year after an eight-day court-martial at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, where he had been stationed with the 75th Air Base Wing. Dezwaan-an explosive ordnance disposal technician — had faced charges of dereliction of duty, destroying military property, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault after military officials accused him of being involved in an April 2022 bombing at Syria’s Green Village base. The attack injured four American service members.”

“Shortly after the not guilty verdict was returned Wednesday, Dezwaan was released from Weber County Jail in Ogden, Utah, where he was “held in a cell 23 hours a day.” The panel of military jurors, which included three enlisted members and five officers, found the airman not guilty after about six hours of deliberation.”

“Dezwaan enlisted in the Air Force in 2007 and has received the Joint Service Achievement Medal as well as multiple service-level awards, according to the Air Force Personnel Center. He earned the Air Force Combat Action Medal for engaging in a firefight with enemy fighters while deployed with the Marine Corps in Afghanistan’s Helmand province in 2009.”

“The Air Force made little information public about evidence that the service claimed linked Dezwaan to the bombing after his arrest. Much of the evidence and testimony in the case had been classified “Secret,” shielding the public from several court sessions prior to and during the court-martial.”


“ACLU Sues DC Guard Over Actions During George Floyd Protests”


“The ACLU sued the D.C. National Guard on Tuesday on behalf of Dzhuliya Dashtamirova for low-flying actions taken by a military helicopter during racial justice protests in 2020.”

Dashtamirovs, 25 of Baltimore, Maryland, came to Washington on June 1, 2020, to take part in racial justice protests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. When protestors continued marching after a 7 p.m. curfew, the D.C. National Guard flew two helicopters, a UH-60 Blackhawk and a UH-72 Lakota, 45 feet above the heads of protestors, according to the ACLU’s court filing.”

“Police did not give protestors a warning before the flights took place, said in the filing.”

“My eyes and skin stung from debris. I couldn’t hear anything over the extremely powerful winds,” Dashtamirova said in a statement shared by the ACLU. “For weeks afterward, I had horrible migraines and lost sleep. I kept trying to figure out why the military attacked us, and I kept worrying that it would happen again.”

“Dashtamirova is now seeking to hold the
D.C. National Guard accountable in the form of $200,000 in damages”.




Dude gets a free airshow and sues over it?!

Some people….

[P]rotests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer


Am I the only one that reads this as implying Saint George was a Minneapolis police officer?

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St. George of Fentanyl was not murdered.


He’s the patron saint of Fentanyl overdosers…


comment image


I stole a meme about stealing memes to let you know I’m stealing this meme.

stealing meme.jpeg



“Hunter Biden Files Countersuit Against Laptop Repairman John Paul Mac Isaac, Alleging Privacy Violations”


“The lawsuit claims that Isaac illicitly distributed Hunter Biden’s personal data and accuses him of six counts of invasion of privacy.”


Double Update on the Phony Phront –
Maggie DeSanti – All quiet on the Arizona phront.
No one replies to comments.
No one sends a PM when requested.
Too quiet. Spooky quiet.

Not sure if statuette table honoring Maggie DeSanti at AL Post 138
survives the recent attention.
More soon, with an April 1 – 3 Vietnam Veterans 3 day event,
and Maggie asking when and where.

This other guy, this is how he replies in March 2023, after
3 months of pressure about the
13 medals and ribbons on his podcast wall display shadowbox,
and an ongoing push to tell the truth,
and put up his DD-214.

March 11 – He put up pics of 4 medals certificates on Twitter
(that many of you have seen),
and as we all know by now, not all 4 are the real deal.

March 16 – Yesterday, he ranted on his Phony Rumble Pony,
with lies, new and old, including claiming that
“others” are saying his medals are “ALL FAKE”.

7 seconds of phony self defense gold, now on the Tube of You.


A special thank you to Dave Hardin and “Snake” at VG,
for timely and helpful advice,
on how to proceed in the coming weeks with Teddy Daniels.

Updated December 2022 plop graphic,
with yesterday’s finger pointing medals screenshot added.

0 0 1 2023 Teddy Daniels Displays 13 Army 8.jpg

Happy St Patrick’s Day!




Enjoy Your Weekend!


Wow! It took way too long for me to see the bag.




Happy Birthday, Mr.Stone!

Another famous Dude born on 18 March was:

* Stephen Grover Cleveland, who served as the 22nd AND the 24th President Of The United States.

*Aided by the sermons of Reverend George H. Ball, a minister from Buffalo, they made public the allegation that Cleveland had fathered an illegitimate child while he was a lawyer there and their rallies soon included the chant “Ma, Ma, where’s my Pa?”. When confronted with the scandal, Cleveland immediately instructed his supporters to “Above all, tell the truth.”

* When confronted with the scandal, Cleveland immediately instructed his supporters to “Above all, tell the truth.” Cleveland admitted to paying child support in 1874 to Maria Crofts Halpin, the woman who asserted he had fathered her son Oscar Folsom Cleveland and he assumed responsibility.”

“Cleveland was 47 years old when he entered the White House as a bachelor. 1885 the daughter of Cleveland’s friend Oscar Folsom visited him in Washington.Frances Folsom was a student at Wells College. When she returned to school, President Cleveland received her mother’s permission to correspond with her, and they were soon engaged to be married.The wedding occurred on June 2, 1886, in the Blue Room at the White House. Cleveland was 49 years old at the time; Frances was 21.”

* “Ruth Cleveland, the Daughter and First child of President Grover Cleveland and First Lady Frances Cleveland,died at the age of 12 from a bout of diphtheria. A myth arose that the candy bar “Baby Ruth” was named after her (partially perpetuated by the creators, the Curtis Candy Company). However, that myth has subsequently been debunked.”


* Cleveland’s portrait was on the U.S. $1000 bill of series 1928 and series 1934. He also appeared on the first few issues of the $20 Federal Reserve Notes from 1914.”

Hack Stone

Just to clarify, March 18 is not Hack Stone’s birthday, Saturday is the 67th anniversary of the birth of our favorite member of the Lucky Smegma Club, who took some of his valuable time from abusing the employees of the Reston branch of All Points Logistics to enlighten us on how miserable our lives are. It’s not too late to contribute to his birthday celebration, feel free to donate a few bucks in his name to Bank of America to settle his latest lawsuit for not paying what he owes.

Dennis - not chevy

As to the ghosts in the ER; when I was a AF medic I was oft assigned ANCOD (administrative NCO of the day). On the weekends it was a 24 hour long shift with no sleeping allowed. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t in administration, I performed the duty well, get yelled at for doing it wrong, and accepted that as normal. Anyway, part of my ANCOD duties was to walk through the entire medical facility to check for intruders, fires, unlocked doors, etc at all hours day & night.
At the small hospitals there were no problems; but the large medical centers were another thing. Walking the hallways alone at night with only exit lights providing light, I don’t know what I saw. I do know I kept my thoughts about ghosts to myself; we didn’t have HIPAA then, but I’m sure reporting an undead patient walking about would be covered by it.


Next Thursday, 23 March, an esteem member of TAH will celebrate a Birthday.

Happy Birthday To One Of Our Favorites!

That member shares a Birthday with Dr. Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr Von Braun.

He is known as “The Father Of Space Travel”, “The Father Of Rocket Science” and “The Father Of The American Lunar Program”.

I had the pleasure of meeting him in person and shaking his hand when we visited a School I attended in the 1960s.

Rest In Peace, Sir.


A recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the War Merit Cross with Swords (fewer were awarded compared to the Knight’s Cross to the Iron Cross).

Photo caption:
Generalmajor Dr. Walter Dornberger (left) and Dr. Professor Werhner von Braun at a Christmas, 1944 dinner, reading congratulatory telegrams on their award of the Knight’s Cross of the War Merit Cross with Swords, the medal of which both are wearing at the throat.


He could have worn the 1957 version; many Bundeswehr soldiers/officers wore their 1957 versions in uniform [mostly on a ribbon bar].


It’s a good thing the Russians did not get him!


We are puzzled…scratching our heads about the picture on this magazine covered titled “Top Blacks In The Military”.

We could have sworn one of them was of Italian Descent…🤔

Are we missing something?


Maybe General Odierno got a little black in him on leave once.




American Italian Anti-Defamation League would say that’s WASP bigotry and insulting.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous


“These Southern National Guard Units to Toss Confederate Battle Streamers”


“At least 48 units from mostly Southern National Guard units have been directed to remove Confederate battle streamers from their units’ guidons, which serve as ceremonial flags often held by a soldier in a formation. Streamers hang on top of a unit’s flag and are awarded for participating in wars or specific battles ranging from the colonial era to the Global War on Terrorism. In total, there are 491 streamers set to be removed.”

“Units with the most Confederate combat decorations include the 116th Infantry Regiment and 183rd Cavalry Regiment of the Virginia National Guard, which made up part of the so-called Stonewall Brigade, a large military formation commanded by Confederate Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.”

The names of the National Guard Units are in the article.


Fuck me…

I read up to the second paragraph/sentence:

The move is consistent with recommendations from the congressionally mandated Naming Commission, a committee formed to examine the Pentagon’s references honoring rebels who seceded from the United States, largely to preserve and expand slave labor.

and abruptly stopped.

Fucking giant pieces of shit that should be launched into a fucking volcano.

3 Guinnesses in and I’m feeling pretty fucking irish right now.




Been tracking this. The rino kongress klowne kritter from my district is on the commission. Contacting his office gets you the standard robo pen reply. They forget that many of these units trace their history the Rev War and beyond. My Irish (O’Quinn) and Scots (MacClendon) Blood is boiling. Can’t find the meme Imma hunting for, so for now, I’ll just stick this right here. In his own words why “Uncle Billy” aka ‘Cump aka “barn burning, chicken stealing, pillaging, war maker on wimmins & chill’ren white trash sherman was making war;

“Extermination, not of soldiers alone, that is the least of the trouble, but the people [of the South].”

  • Letter from General Sherman to his wife, July 31, 1862, explaining his purpose in the war

Happy Heavenly Birthday to a Southern Fighting Irish Man, Maj Gnrl Patrick Cleburne (17 March 1828 County Cork) “If we are to die today, then let us die as men.” Dia Duit!

40+ thousand Irish wore the Gray. There were no “Irish need not apply” signs Like the members of the Jewish Faith they were accepted into the communities of the South and contributed to their adopted Homeland. Many Irish fled their Irish homes to avoid the constant fighting and the Euro Wars only to be pitted against one another here. The 24th Geo was heavily Irish and stood off the “Famous” 69th NY at Fredericksburg. Part of TRR Cobbs Brigade, when they ran out of cartridges they threw rocks. The Irish in New York were heavily involved in the “Draft Riots” in July ’63, put down by troops from PA. Sound familiar? You can rest assured that when the reckoning comes, National Guard Troops from other states will be sent in the same way. Watch. GRRRRRRRR!!

Recommended Books about the South and Its History


“Signature Bank Execs Starred In Cringey Broadway-Style Musical Sketch Video”


“Executives at the doomed Signature Bank produced a Broadway-style musical video to launch the firm in the early 2000s — and its song branded the bank “the stupidest idea I ever heard” and even quipped that it could “diminish and fail.”

“Clips of the musical number — now dripping with irony after regulators stepped in over the weekend and took control of the New York-based firm in a bid to stave off a US banking crisis — resurfaced online and went viral this week.”

You can watch the video at this link..and you will understand why the New York Post used the word “Cringe”…



Don’t know what the Family of this Gentleman was thinking when they published his picture with THIS write up on his obituary…🤔🫣

“Doug was a natural athlete talented in curling, hockey, baseball and he spent a number of years as a professional golfer.”


Rest In Peace, Sir.


Am I reading this correctly? Did two of his daughters, a stepson, and his brother all “change” their genders?

The secret ingredient in potato salad is always paprika.


“The secret ingredient in potato salad is always paprika.”



Names of spouses in brackets.
Obit shorthand.

That said….
This line is a deal breaker.
[So many great memories –
playing crib where he made up rules to help him win]


Roger. Thanks for the info.


Condolences to the Family…

The jokes have already started…

Anyone who has ever worked at the Pentagon knows what we are talking about…

“Vaxxed To Death”

“Death By Powerpoint”

“Death By Too Many Meetings/Briefings”

“Death By Commuting”

“Military Service Member Found Dead In Pentagon Parking Lot”

“Well, the deceased was found at the North Parking, AKA “General Parking”, NOT General Officers, which means the Service Member was not important.”

“Should have picked up the Dude that was slugging.”


“Ryder said Pentagon police officers responded to the North Parking, where they discovered the service member in his vehicle apparently deceased.”


To Each His Own!!!


“Joe Exotic Wants Liz Cheney As His 2024 Running Mate, Urges Putin Assassination”


“‘Tiger King’, Joe Exotic, unable to find a president willing to release him from prison — says he’s running for the job himself as a Libertarian in 2024 and that he wants former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) to be his running mate.”

“The eccentric former Oklahoma private zoo owner, convicted of hiring a hit man to kill animal rights activist Carole Baskin, has big ideas for US policy — including assassinating Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the war in Ukraine.”

“Exotic told The Post in a phone interview from his federal prison in Fort Worth, Texas, that he’d like Cheney to be his VP because “the woman has guts.”

“I mean, obviously she’s a Republican and I’m a Libertarian, so we’d have to discuss some items,” he added.”


We Miss This Group Of Great Folks.

The Woke Folks Would Probably Try To Destroy Them As Well.

Rest In Peace To All.


Too white, too male, too hetero, probably too republican


But one is a Furry?


Captain Kangeroo, Mr. Green Jeans but memory fail on the bear..our family learned English watching the program…

Commissioner Wretched

In addition to the Captain and Mr. Green Jeans, we have Dancing Bear, Mr. Moose, and Bunny Rabbit.

I am not one bit ashamed that I know this.


From the article….😆😅🤣😆😅🤣

“WAFF Reporter Megan Plotka saw some customers still in salon chairs shortly after the crash.”

“Well, you can’t leave in the middle of a perm,” one customer said as she continued her salon visit after the car went through the building.”

“Car Strikes Huntsville Hair Salon For 2nd Time In Less Than A Year”


“A car drove into a building in south Huntsville on Friday for the second time in less than a year.”

“On Friday morning, the Huntsville Police Department responded to reports of a car through a building at Bramlett’s Hair Images on Charlotte Drive.”

“The business continued operating while police investigated the scene. No injuries were sustained in the crash. No charges are expected and the incident is classified as an accident.”

“WAFF Reporter Megan Plotka saw some customers still in salon chairs shortly after the crash.”

“Well, you can’t leave in the middle of a perm,” one customer said as she continued her salon visit after the car went through the building.”


Speaking of crashes…Sneak peek poster from the latest Naval Aviation Documentary…Top Cat, The Movie…Diving to the Danger Zone; Starring Tom Catz

comment image


Hate you.


You have to admit…

THAT was a GREAT one!!!


The King Of Battle
The Queen Of Battle






Puts the cat in catapult.


Original Fangster…


Well, they call it a cat shot.


Mrs. GB healing extraordinarily well.
Brother doing well.
I made a 50 mile run to a store for something that wasn’t in stock and wasted 5 hours of my life fighting Houston traffic.
God bless you all.


I’m being treated to a helocopter show in my AO today!

A Chinook is doing touch-n-gos at a nearby airport, a Blackhawk is going some wheres, and Stratford PD has their UH-1H up doing what, I have no idea. Way out of his area.

It’s nice to see that old girl up tho. Serial #68-16616 which gives it a good chance of having been in the ‘Nam, unlike this state’s shitbag ‘senator’ Richard ‘Dick’ Blew-them-all.


Two pictures of her functioning as a Nasty Girl jungle gym can be found at this link.

I still can’t find assignment data for 616.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Fortunate Son is playing in the next room.


Our Mythological Marine Sarah Cavanaugh is just getting all kinds of press lately: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11877519/Woman-raked-250K-faking-cancer-stricken-Marine-veteran-jailed-six-years.html


Been laughing my ass off for the last few hours reading the US Army’s stupidity. Who leaves their youtube comments open and pins a easily-construed racist comment? (see image)

The most-armed, highly degenerate group of socially promoted out of high schoolers, hellbent on destroying the recruitment numbers, that’s who!

The link for the yt vid is in this link.

I’m torn over calling up some general at the pentagone to yell at his goofy ass, but I’m sort of respecting the hustle, or the incompetence, or mistake(?)…

What was it Sonny Tzuberg said ’bout mistakes ‘n making ‘m…?

anyway, tired. bed. if you see this and you read that comment section: I’m sorry.

edit: also just realized (since I don’t marvel, this guy’s character ‘Kang’ killed Captain America. Nice)

army kangs.png
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