Thanks, Iran!

| February 18, 2023

Honestly, I never thought I would go on record as saying this, but a big Thank You! to the Iranian Government and (presumably) the Revolutionary Guard.

Iran may have donated thousands of assault rifles and thousands of tons of ammunition to the Ukrainian war effort after the U.S. Navy confiscated the weapons from suspected smuggling ships in the Middle East.

The U.S. military is considering sending the weapons along to Ukraine after confiscating them in the Gulf of Oman. The weapons include 5,000 assault rifles, 1.6 million rounds of ammunition, a handful of anti-tank missiles, and over 7,000 proximity fuses, according to The Wall Street Journal. The potential new source of military aid comes as Ukraine’s Western allies sound the alarm over ammunition expenditure.

The U.S. Navy seized 2,000 assault rifles when boarding a suspected smuggling vessel in early January. French special forces seized an additional 3,000 assault rifles in a joint operation in late January.


Mighty sporting of the Iranians to chip in to support the Ukrainien war cause, don’t you think?

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Old tanker

Might as well send them over. The Ukrainians are already familiar with the method of use of them and the manual of arms. No reason to dump them elsewhere when free stuff like that pops up.


An AK in every pot! Ah maybe that was a chicken. Very generous of them to contribute to the cause.


Sure glad we’re keeping a secret about all of this equipment we’re giving to Z Man from Pootin. Would hate for the Rooskies to know that we are in a proxy war with them.

Odd that our grubermint wants to arm citizens in other countries, but wants to take firearms away from American Citizens. Almost as if they’re planning on doing things to us that would make us want to shoot them.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone can’t understand why Joe Biden doesn’t dispatch some Violence Interruptors to Ukraine. They are doing a heck of a job in the American inner cities.


It would be hilarious.


Too bad part of the aid we’re sending is being used to prop up the Ukrainian pension system and give welfare to their citizens. And yes, Biden actually said as much. So, we’re securing someone ELSE’S border and making sure that foreigners have their social safety net. Beautiful, fucking beautiful.


I identify as a non-Azov yet still super duper Youcramieman, gibbsme FGM-148 Javelin.

Got $5 says Pootiepoots recognizes Transnistria tomorrow.


They need to check them real well, just to make sure they aren’t doing what we may or may not have done in a recent past conflict.


Is eliminating or drastically reducing Russia’s capacity to make war a net positive or negative?


Good question. Will this allow us to only focus on China now?

On a broader note, will this cause a revolution in Russia against the “leaders” who are sending their citizens off to die? Or will this turn Russia into a post WWI France with a lost generation?


Russia’s population is predicted to fall to 135M by 2050. With no Army, China might simply absorb them.


Revolutions in Russia rarely turn out well for them or the world.


Who ships firearms laid out on the deck of a ship like that?
Now if it were a drug bust there would be stacks of cash also.

A Proud Infidel®™

As well as some where they proudly display Outboard Motor Covers with holes in them from USCG Sniper Hits.


I fully support the Ukrainian people in their fight for their freedom and their lives and I hope that the weapons help them and help destroy the Russian military and make them a “non-factor” in European peace.

However, the Ukrainian government is just as corrupt as it always has been. I don’t trust Zelinsky (sp?) nor his government any more than I trust ours to look out for our best interests and not the money the politicians can pocket. We are giving them billions of our taxpayer money, but they are funneling right back to our politicians, after they get their cut. The Ukrainian people are not getting the help that money was supposed to provide, or not all of it anyway.

Maybe I’ve become a curmudgeon in my later years, but to see Nancy Pelosi, Shumer, and the rest of the swamp wearing Ukrainian flag pins, I’m sure it’s not for the moral support that they are portraying. If Nancy cared about anyone, why doesn’t she help the homeless out that live right down the street from her?


What do you think is our interest in the Ukraine war? Is it defending Ukraine, or is it reducing if not eliminating Russia’s capability to wage war?

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

If you could do it at zero cost to American lives, how much would you spend on it? Would you use the opportunity to feed money into the defense industry, learn from someone else’s battlefield mistakes, and benefit from the technological innovations you see?


Just what I said above. I support the Ukrainian people and believe that their fight is just.

Those government and our are both corrupt and are using the war to launder our tax payer money to funnel it into their pockets.

You can act like what I’m not meeting your moral superiority by not considering the American lives that the Ukrainians are saving by killing the Russians. Not the case! This war didn’t start until Putin was emboldened by the weakness that this administration has shown the world and especially our enemies. They were in check, and were kept in check, till the swamp rats saw an opportunity to line their pockets.


Their government *


I’m not asserting a moral superiority. I am asking questions.

Exactly what is the US interest in Ukraine? Are we supporting the people, reducing Russia’s war fighting capacity, or both? Are either of these goals ‘good’ or ‘bad’?

Which weakness are you talking about? Biden’s indication that ‘minor incursions’ would be OK and the fact that his son was neck deep in Ukrainian energy, or Trump’s indications that the US would not support NATO and his attempts to coerce Z?

If this war in increases US warfighting capacity by pouring money into the military industrial concept, is that good or bad?


>complex< not concept


It’s not increasing US war fighting capacity. It’s burning through US arms and ammunition at an alarming rate that cannot be replaced at a rate even close to consumption. I may only have a high school education, but my math skills are sufficient enough to know that’s a bad thing.


That is patently untrue. Ammunition “can” be produced at a much higher rate than the recent historical, but it will cost a lot more.

I doubt it will matter though. Russia and it’s close allies are going to run out faster. The Russians are shooting ten times the amount the Ukes are, about 50k artillery rounds a day. Last week soldiers were posting videos on line begging Russia for more artillery ammo. They are effectively out of advanced munitions already.

Belarus for example has so far sent 1000 rail cars of ammunition to Russia and that was about all it had in reserve. Russia will run out of ammo in 2023. A lot more defense ministry personnel will soon be “falling out of windows”.


The makers of all the weapons and munitions get a live user test under combat conditions and get to make more to meet US demand- plus, free advertising…


All true, but the greatest windfall for the US, NATO and even China, is that we now know that the Russians aren’t actually a near-peer foe in terms of conventional warfare.

And if their nuclear arsenal has been maintained like their conventional weapons systems, then they aren’t near-peer in that regard either.


I think we have known that since 1991, we just needed some reassurance. Russia did swallow the Nazis but it was as much Hitler’s terrible planning as anything. That and 20 million dead Russians.

I hate to see what will likely be well over half a million dead after it is all said and done, just to feed the ego of of one man but that is how history has always worked.


…be precise; whose ego is being fed?


Well, exactly. If they’ve maintained their nuclear arsenal like they maintained their nuclear power plants or their biological weapons capabilities we are all in for some trouble (see Chernobyl; read ‘The Demon in the Freezer’).


Back in 2005-6, Poe had a consulting gig that required multiple visits to USAMRIID. The fact that a marketing consultant w/o any clearance could gain relatively easy access (even into a lab once) was not reassuring.


The down votes amuse me. What about this is not true?


Ah, yes, you see, that is how it works around here. If you present people with things that are true but don’t align with their world view then it will get down voted. Or if they don’t like what you are saying or don’t like you or whatever. The truth has nothing to do with anything.

All of my down votes are about things that are true. When I get something wrong it doesn’t get down voted which I think is odd.


I down voted you in solidarity.


and then upvoted so you don’t feel unloved


You would be a good Chat Bot. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Poe upvoted you or you’d have been down two… 😜 

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Trump threatened NATO states so that they would increase their spending, and thank god he did because they really weren’t interested in abiding by the 2014 agreement until he held their feet to the fire.

Trump threatens a lot of things from locking up Hillary Clinton to prosecuting alleged corrupt poll workers. It’s how he lives his life. It’s kind of like being in toxic command environment 24/7.


Agreed- but he simultaneously signaled that he would not uphold the alliance in the event that Montenegro invaded Russia…

This cracked me up because I have two close friends who actually served in Montenegro decades ago…


It’s a Democrat wet dream, steeleyI–they are able to drag America into another lucrative war without shedding a drop of American blood, all while bleeding out the Russians through a proxy government that’s just as corrupt as the leftist Deep State.

And the fact that they can do this while piously wrapping themselves in the banner of saving the poor Ukrainian people makes it a wet dream with impassioned kissing… 😉 


As long as you see it for what it is. Who knows, maybe they’ll pull it off.

I am neither pro-Ukraine or anti-Russia per se; I think Putin is a bad guy and the world will be better off when he is gone.

Gotta admit, defeating Russia and getting the world to love you for it would be a pretty cool trick.


“You know how much I love watching you work. But I’ve got my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder,and Guilder to frame for it. I’m swamped.”