High Toxin Levels at Okinawa Marine Base

| February 10, 2023

Pop Smoke Media reports that dangerous levels of chemicals have been found at the Marine Base in Okinawa.

Dangerous Chemical Exceeds 500x EPA Safety Standard at Okinawa Marine Base
By Daniel Sharp | February 10, 2023

The Marine Corps have reported alarmingly high levels of toxins at Marine Corps Base in Okinawa. Officials claim there is no immediate health risk, but some experts are not convinced.

The following is an excerpt from a report by a Veteran health focused non-profit, HunterSeven Foundation:

The Naval Public Health Center found the toxic equivalent of 0.0025 mg/kg of the dioxin 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin (“TCDD”) in the area of the Marine Corps Maintenance Bldg. 1304, an outdoor exercise facility and the base skatepark – which is FIVE-HUNDRED times the EPA’s carcinogenic screening level. Another section of the base, surrounding the medical clinic, registered more than one-hundred times higher, making the area unsafe for children. Other areas across the base, specifically the Kinser Elementary School and adjacent sports fields were deemed toxic after contaminated soil was used to fill the surrounding area.

There is a noted, positive correlation between airborne exposures to dioxins and TCDD which may lead to a cancer diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and small lymphocytic lymphoma (NHL) (Gaspard et al., 2022). It is unknown if this sample population was exposed to the chemical directly or passively through secondary exposures via soil / sand which we assume would make an important difference in reference to our military members.

Patriotism & Poison

The US military has a long history of exposing their troops to toxic substances. Black mold, radiation, burn pits, and tainted water have all been directly linked to life threatening maladies.

Many Veterans believe it is not merely enough to pass legislation decades after service members are exposed. Furthermore, several outspoken Veteran health advocates insist the government must take more accountability in the present. This would include a top-down review of potential sources of exposures, and more frequent testing of work spaces and water sources on base.

The toxins found at the Okinawa Marine Base are certainly disturbing, and speak to a larger problem the government seems hard pressed to acknowledge. Our troops deserve better.

Five hundred times the EPA’s carcinogenic screening level?  Pffftt!

I’ve been to Camp Lejeune and have three nipples and my kids ain’t right – come back when you’re ready to play.

Who else remembers the chants of OH-KEE-NOW-AH?

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Maybe I missed it, but which fucking camp is it?

I was on Hansen in 95. I loved every day and night spent inside CTA and NTA.


Camp Kisner.

Marine Corps units Stationed here include:

3rd Maintenance Battalion
3rd Marine Logistics Group
3rd Supply Battalion


Thank, Ninja.


The Rest Of The Story:

“Marine Corps Reports High Levels Of Toxins At Okinawa Base, But No ‘Human Health’ Risk”


“CAMP KINSER, Okinawa ⁠— A Marine Corps report in 2019 detailed high levels of toxins at this seaside logistics base on southern Okinawa but concluded they posed no risk to the base population.”

“A human health risk assessment” by the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center, from Oct. 16, 2019, revealed high levels of dioxin and pesticides at three spots on Camp Kinser.”

“While the levels were reportedly not high enough to induce cancer, they exceeded U.S. Environmental Protection Agency safety standards…”

“However, in November and December 2018, when the soil samples were taken, the toxin levels potentially posed a “substantial impact to human health and safety” in at-risk populations like children and landscapers…”




“Measures including fencing and signage were implemented in those specific areas to prevent exposure to Camp Kinser workers and residents…There is no current risk to human health in these areas.”

“The fencing around the problem areas was completed in March 2021…The pollutants presented no threat outside the base…”

“The health center launched the study in 2018 due to a congressional inquiry from U.S. Rep. Julia Brownley…”

“The California Democrat made the inquiry after receiving a letter from a concerned constituent with a grandson stationed in Japan.”

“Kinser was once home to the Makiminato Service Area, where “large amounts” of Vietnam War-era chemicals were stored in the late 1960s to early ‘70s, according to a 1993 U.S. Forces Japan position paper. The chemicals included insect, rodent and plant killers, along with acids, alkalis, degreasers and solvents.”



“Marine Corps units Stationed at Camp Kisner include:”

“3rd Maintenance Battalion
3rd Marine Logistics Group
3rd Supply Battalion


It started with Lejuene but all these bases are going to have environmental issues. Decades of use and little to no knowledge or understanding of what effects just dumping nasty stuff down the drain or burying it are now manifesting itself in illness and death. Fucked up thing about Lejuene was they knew at least as early as 1982 but did nothing to stop people from drinking and cooking, and bathing in that nasty shit until 1987, they may have known as early as the late 1950s they had a problem but ignored it. Hopefully as soon as problems are now discovered some kind of solution is immediately developed.


Not to mention that it is a nightmare to get any type of contract approved to do any kind of maintenance or upgrades. Easier to leave alone. My civilian job is defense contacting and at some posts, there are up to 20 signatures required to approve something as simple as painting windows to keep anyone from seeing inside.


And yet ignoring real problems that are hurting people requires nothing. I was at Lejuene in 1982 and it pisses me off that they knew about the contamination and didn’t close the wells until 1987. That’s criminal negligence I don’t care how expensive the fix was 5 frickin years is ridiculous. All these bases have sins of the past and most would be considered super fund sites if they weren’t military.

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Anyone caught any Blinkys (Simpson three-eyed fish) yet?

Not that I’m aware of, but they’ve been found in Argentina and the Great Lakes. One was reportedly caught in Brooklyn about eight years ago, but I’m fairly certain it was a hoax.

Aren’t mutated iguanas the bigger threat, there?


I believe Lunga Lake aboard MCB Quantico is stocked with “Blinkys.” The water in that lake were declared contaminated around 2011, and was declared off limits for recreational purposes. About a year later, the whole park was closed down because visitors kept finding unexploded ordnance in and around their camp sites, leftovers from training during WW I and II.


Whaddaya expect? It’s a Marine Base and we all know that the Marine Corps is full of toxic males.

Locals in Mid-Ga have known for years to not eat the fish they catch out of the River that runs south of RAFB.


I guess now the TV commercials will alternate between this one and the one for Camp Lejeune.


USMC pulling g out all the stops to make guys s
don’t make it to retirement.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The epa said the same thing back in 9/11 so now it’s close to 343 NYFD Firemen that are dying from 9/11 illneses which will surpass the 343 that we lost on 9/11

Skivvy Stacker

JEEZ….what is it about Marines they want to keep using us to test toxic chemicals on us?
Next thing you know they’ll start making crayons toxic…the bastards.