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| January 8, 2023

Corner Shot

Armed Florida good Samaritans detain man who allegedly assaulted, shot at 2 women

Andrew Miller
A Florida man was arrested by deputies after two concealed carry permit holders kept him from escaping by holding him at gunpoint after he allegedly shot at two women.

Police in Florida say that Lee David Wilkerson, 38, was standing outside the Bingo Paradise bingo hall in Pensacola, Florida on Wednesday when two females attempted to enter and an argument ensued, according to a Facebook post from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

Wilkerson allegedly retrieved a firearm from his side and struck one of the females in the head with it before shooting in their direction as they attempted to run away.

Wilkerson, who police say was carrying methamphetamine at the time, then allegedly tossed his gun into a nearby dumpster.

When Wilkerson tried to walk back into the building, two citizens with concealed weapons pulled those weapons and held him at the scene until police arrived.

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He was booked at 1402 mid-week, so I guess this was his day job.

Ax-wielding attacker shot by gun-permit holder who was defending himself in Merced County

Merced County Sheriff’s deputies say an ax-wielding man was shot Tuesday evening after he allegedly attacked a property owner who has a concealed-carry permit.

The incident happened on Brannon Avenue in the Dos Palos area after the suspect, identified as Luis Larios, was on the gun owner’s property, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release.

The property owner saw Larios sitting inside a vehicle stuck in the mud. The property owner was trying to help him get the vehicle out of the mud.

According to the release, Larios became angry and grabbed an ax from the trunk of his car.

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Which way to go- no good deed goes unpunished. Or the obligatory ax to a gun fight? How about, is the truck still stuck on the property? Be a real shame if something were to happen to it.

HPD: Robber shot, killed by customer at taqueria in SW Houston
Police said the customer who shot the robber is wanted for questioning. He has not been charged.

Author: Brittany Ford, Ugochi Iloka, Jaime E. Galvan
A customer at Ranchito Taqueria shot and killed a man who robbed the restaurant in southwest Houston late Thursday night, according to the Houston Police Department.

It happened just before 11:30 p.m. Thursday at the restaurant on S. Gessner near Bellaire Boulevard.

Houston police said the armed man in a mask came inside the restaurant, demanding money and wallets from customers. However, as he was leaving, one of those customers shot the suspect.
The incident was caught on surveillance video.

Houston police also released surveillance photos of the customer who shot the robber in the video. Investigators said he is wanted for questioning for his role in the shooting. He has not been identified and is not charged at this time.

A photo of his 1970s or 80s model pickup truck with no bed was also released

The shooter collected the stolen money from the robber and returned it to the other patrons, police said. Then the rest of the people in the restaurant left the scene before the police arrived.

The incident was caught on surveillance video.

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Only in Houston, and KHOU is there. The shooter is in the wind and HPD has exactly zero chance of help from the patrons. A peek at the pic explains the question of the pickup’s pedigree. Links care of our very own Gun Bunny.

“When we honor our flag we honor what we stand for as a nation – freedom, equality, justice, and hope.”
– RR

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Hack Stone

Hack Stone has sympathy for the owner of the Houston restaurant. His business from will now be a shrine to the the recently deceased redistributor of wealth. You won’t be able to navigate past all of the candles, Mylar balloons, teddy bears and malt liquor bottles. Fo’ shizzle.


It’s the new George Floyd! He was’t doing nothin’ while robbing a restaurant when some KKK Nazi Super-MAGA racist shot him for absolutely no reason! No Free Sh*t, No Peace!

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

I read one account where the Houston customer put nine rounds in the perp.
I’m not sure if he was using a 9mm and the ‘reporter’ didn’t understand what the “9” stood for, or the customer was really quick on the trigger, or the perp was hopped up and it took nine rounds to put him on the floor.
From what I’ve seen of the video, it was one or two rounds and he was down – but YMMV.


“Don’t shoot till you think he’s dead, shoot till HE thinks he’s dead” – John Connor I beieve.


Cops: “Why’d you shoot him 17 times?”
Shooter: “Because that’s all the bullets I had.”


All the videos I have seen end suddenly. I am told there is a full video where he shoots him, the robber is down, and he goes over to the robber and adds seven more shots and then one for good measure. Then he redistributes the money to every one.
This might be why the police would like to talk with him.


I posted it below.


Hey! He shot the guy committing the armed robbery pointing his gun at everyone in the back. That is so unfair. Couldn’t he have just shot him in the leg or something?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Leg and arm shooting always work, just Just ask Hoot Gibson, Johnny Mack Brown, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Lash Larue with a whip, Tim Holt, Hopalong Cassidy, Etc. The guy with the axe really axed for it by bringing an axe to a gunfight. Am not going to axe why he brought the axe.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I think we’re going to see more like the Houston taqueria robbery/shooting, where the Good Citizen Shooter does his Good Deed, downs the Perp, doesn’t stick around to talk to the po-po, and the other customers don’t give him up.
Why? Maybe the Good Citizen Shooter has a record. Maybe the po-po have a bad reputation.
Whatever. Doesn’t matter. This shoot-and-walk is going to happen more and more often.

The Robin Hood mystique has real cultural pull. Just look at Sinaloa.

As for the Houston hero, I don’t care why he ran (wanted for something else, afraid of Big Brother and the Biden gestapo, just likes a low profile, etc.), he was a hero that day.

I hope he eats at that taqueria for free for the rest of his life, and no other words are spoken about it.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Missy Golden Hair looks like the next generation of order takers at your nearby fast food drive through window.

“This ain’t Burger King, you can’t have it your way, you’ll take it our way or you won’t get the damn thing. Would you like fires with that order?” Nice profile, Missy. You may be holding a plasticized abomination, but them Blouse Bunnies look real.

Close shave for Mr. Wilkerson. He methed up.

Stuck in the mud and now stuck in jail. Prolly gonna be stuck in the middle too. He axed for trouble…and got it.

KHOU been a dry hole of late. Was getting concerned. Good to see that they’re back with a bang. BZ Citizen.

I want one too…and yes, the model with the 40mm grenade launcher for…reasons.

You want to tell her that? Although she’s dressed in a way they may want to emulate.

RGR 4-78

I figured she was a trend setter for drive through operator wear in the Houston AO.


[…] This ain’t Hell… has your feel good stories, and more during the week. […]

The Pirates Cove

Old tanker

I hope the taco shooter really is a good guy with a gun, but his actions certainly suggest otherwise.

Hack Stone

Offset penalties?


Mitigating circumstances.




I watched the longer version of the Houston shooting with correct audio match and now understand why dude got allergic to the police all of the sudden. He lays out honor student with four to the back. With ex-robber laying face down he dumps four more into him. He then disarms him (gun was airsoft) AND then puts a pill in his head execution style. A jury of his peers might have a problem with that last one, or even the 2nd round of 4.

Regardless, based on the video this clearly wasn’t his first rodeo. Looks like a hyena cub ran into a lion and got, gotten. Or Jules Winfield on the wrong MFing day.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

“…a pill in his head execution style.”

I think that’s called the TSP. Overkill? yeah probably. I don’t have any issues with it. Don’t blame him for leaving before the popo got there either. Suit me if they never find the Good Citizen. They should show the video several times a day with the caption “This is what happens to robbers.”


Even under Texas law, that person is likely to face some legal repercussions.

Head shot, after disarming the downed robber and discerning the fake gun? Sounds like an uncontested lay-up for a rookie prosecutor.

Then again, Texas.


The problem is the same DA who won’t go after the robber on his 8th offense will track down the guy who kills him like a blood hound.

In this case the DA is saying he isn’t facing charges but just wants to talk to the guy. I’m sure dude is thinking “yeah, right”.


Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t trust a prosecutor who tells me he wants to “talk.” Hell, I wouldn’t trust a prosecutor in general. It seems that their modus operandi, especially in large metro areas like Houston, is to give career criminals a pass while trying to fuck over law-abiding citizens. I see it all the time in the Chicago area.

Hack Stone

And the FBI just wanted to talk to General Flynn.


Maybe, but I think that the DA’s office may offer a plea rather than take a chance on a jury. I can see a hung jury if not an outright acquittal on this one.


I can’t, legally or morally, defend the final execution-style aeration…

Am I a hypocrite that I still hope he gets away?


That’s the thing, if it wasn’t on video, we’d never know what exactly happened. I don’t think any of the other patrons would’ve said much. I don’t feel particularly sorry for the would be robber. He fucked around trying to rob a bunch of people in Texas with what seems to be a toy gun and then he found out. Oh well.


From one video, it looks like he throws the skell’s weapon with his bare hand. Coming forward via his lawyer seems like a smart approach, but if 5JC’s viewing is correct, he’s probably screwed either way.



Yep, yep, yep, and yep.

The right lawer and a good jury may get him a walk…after he goes thru the wringer.

If I was on the jury, he’d get a walk…and a medal.


Here is the longer version with correct sound match.


Thank you.

Hack Stone

Speaking of idiots in Texas getting ventilated, is there any update on the Soldier being tried for defending himself from that dumbass BLM protester?


“Roughly a year later, Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza brought the incident before a grand jury. Perry was indicted on murder and aggravated assault charges. Additionally, an investigation by a respected veteran detective of the Austin police force concluded the shooting was a justifiable homicide. That veteran detective, David Fugitt, was the lead detective on Perry’s case and also signed a sworn affidavit accusing Garza’s office of withholding evidence from the grand jury and of witness tampering.”

“The family of a Black Lives Matter protester who was shot and killed in 2020 is suing the admitted shooter who was driving for Uber. The family is also suing Uber.”

Not sure how that will work since Uber policy is that drivers are required to be unarmed victims. Trial was set for last September. Didn’t happen.


I am guessing it didn’t happen because of the mayoral election, which is why there was zero coverage. In 2020, the city, led by the mayor, cut the budget for the police department by 30%. Crime shot through the roof and in 2021 they had a record number of homicides. A moderate dem won the election so things will likely adjust a little.