Vietnam Veteran tries to get Veterans Wall away from Walmart restrooms

| December 10, 2022

The Grants Pass Walmart stood up a Veterans Wall in the store. A Vietnam Veteran, Bruce Jones, noticed that a part of the wall was moved near the restrooms. He tried to get this resolved by speaking to staff at Walmart. They told him to speak with a manager. He returned on December 7 to speak to the manager about the issue.  The manager told him to contact corporate.

From KCBY 11:

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A Vietnam War Veteran feels disrespected after the Grants Pass Walmart moved part of its Veterans Wall to the back of the business, in front of the store’s restrooms.

Bruce Jones joined the Army in 1971. By Christmas of that year, he was on the frontline in Vietnam serving his country.

On Veterans Day, I came to get groceries and I noticed that the Veterans Wall of Honor is on the bathroom wall. It upset me, and I was pretty sad over it,” Jones said. “I find it very offense for those Veteran pictures to be on the bathroom wall.”

The 70-year-old explained after speaking to multiple employees about the location of the wall, he was directed to speak with a manager.

“On December 7th, when it was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, that was on my mind. I walked back there [inside Walmart] and I saw those Navy Sailors on the wall and I am thinking this is demeaning, disgraceful, and distasteful,” Jones said.

He said he asked the manager if it was possible to move the pictures away from the bathroom and was told to contact corporate.

I spoke to a manager at customer service and she kind of laughed it off and said you need to call corporate about it,” he said. “I told her it offends me very badly and makes me sad to even think about it.”

News10 called Walmart’s corporate phone number on Thursday and was told to speak with a salaried employee at the Grants Pass location.

On Friday, the store manager directed News10 to contact corporate and leave the business immediately.

News10 contacted Walmart’s corporate office a second time and is waiting to hear back.

The above quote is from KCBY 11.

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Walmart – Just say ‘NO’ to crack.


That’s BEYOND gross🤢🤮


Hey, I’m just followin’ instructions so gimme muh paycheck– the Walmart (also “woke”) way! Jawohl, comrade!

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Green Thumb

I avoid The Walmart.


You and me both Brother. You and me both.


Our local WalMart is fairly decent. But we’re not in a “metropolitan” area. Don’t have the clown show that keeps making the internet memes.
Restrooms have been clean, never had much to do with management but they’ve been helpful in the past.


The article keeps flipping between “in the bathroom” and basically “back of the store”. Hard to tell what really happened.


A real display would have been a cut down barrel out in the
parking lot with a couple guys dressed in fatigues and stirring
up shit.


If re-enactors were honest, instead of dressing up as WW2 COL/O6s at airshows…


Confused. Don’t go to Walmart much but the restrooms are always in front.


There are usually two sets of restrooms; one in front, and one in back.

In the WalMarts I’ve been in, the back restrooms are just outside the doors to the back storage areas, and kind of out of the way for most folks.

This sounds like the adult version of “Who did this?” – answer “Not me.”


As far as I’m concerned, the entire Wally World Store (and chain thereof) is nothing but a toilet. Don’t go into them, don’t spend my money there, and Wally World can go piss up a rope.


I agree, BUT,,,, at least it ain’t Target!

I avoid both as much as possible!!!!

A Proud Infidel®™

I haven’t even set foot in a Target in at least fifteen years, fuck them and their agenda!


Dear Bruce;

Get a life.
And stop hanging around Walmart bathrooms.


I did not know Walmart had rest rooms.
Learn something here every day.


Let me ask, now that you know that Walmart has restrooms, would you use the restrooms there?🤣


The wallsmaht near me has ‘prison sinks’, like a school in the ghetto or at a court house.

I never go unarmed. Grateful that I’ve never had to use it there.

Cheapest Dickies pants and generic claritine…


What the newest Messhalls (oh, ‘scuse me, DFACs) have up front today.


The restrooms at the Walmart near us are always clean. Nice helpful people working there too.


Sure. Nice clean store around here .
Don’t know about “there” wherever that may be.


I’ve seen both extremes. The other thing is those damn Walmatians. You see some really strange folks in Walmart.


comment image


Damn! That photo just put me off both of those things.


Yep. Leave it to a Walmartian to put a red-blooded American off biscuits and porn. 🙃 Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I made shit on a shingle. I like to serve mine over biscuits instead of toast.


Hmmm….I think I’m going to have a nice boozy brunch with my wife tomorrow. Eggs, SOS (for me), turkey bacon (for her), biscuits and Amaretto stone sours with the addition of some cask strength bourbon. Hey, you gotta get your vitamin C somehow! Also, take the Cava sparkling wine that we have in the fridge and my Brandy de Jerez and make some champagne cocktails!

RGR 4-78

A lot of my Walmart trips, I will drop my wife at the front entrance to go shop. Then I will circle the building and park in the fire lane next to the front entrance, shut off the motor and watch the “Cavalcade of Stars” going in and out. 😎 

Hack Stone

Like watching a parade of The Dutch Rudder Gang.

Speaking of which, will Santa be bringing Joe Cryer a puppy this year?


I hope Santa brings him Bill Dauterive’s Rotweiller from that dog-dancing King of the Hill episode.

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