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| December 8, 2022

Webley MK VI .455

Video: ATM technician wrestles man during robbery attempt
The man tried to rob the ATM as the technician was servicing the machine in southwest Houston.

Author: Jaime E. Galvan
Houston police are asking for help identifying a man who tried to rob a technician servicing an ATM.

This happened around 2 p.m. on Nov. 6 on Bellaire Boulevard near Hillcroft Avenue in southwest Houston.

Houston Police Department’s Robbery Division said the technician told investigators that a black SUV pulled up near his vehicle and a man got out, running toward him.

The man tried to access the open ATM, so the technician grabbed him and they struggled, police said. Then the man told the technician that he had a gun, so the victim let go.

The robber then ran back to the SUV and sped off, police said.

The guy is described as a Black male, wearing black clothing and white shoes.

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A LEO pal once told me if he were a thug he’d live at ATMs. BZ to the tech for resisting but mostly KHOU is there.

‘Brazen’ intruder with rifle shot at police station, CA cops say. ‘It’s got to stop’
Don Sweeney
A Rialto officer shot an intruder armed with a rifle who followed his patrol vehicle into a secure police station parking lot, California authorities reported.

The “brazen armed assault” took place at 4:27 p.m. Monday, Dec. 5, Police Chief Mark Kling said in a video press briefing posted on Twitter.

Security video posted with the briefing shows the patrol vehicle entering the fenced parking lot, followed by a black Dodge Charger.

The officer stopped to talk to a police employee who exited the station, Kling said.

Security video shows the intruder dashing toward the patrol vehicle carrying an “AR-15 type weapon,” Kling said.

The officer noticed the man, who began to run away but then turned back and pointed the rifle at the officer as he got out of his patrol vehicle, Kling said.

Security video shows the intruder sprawl on the pavement as the officer shoots him multiple times.

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Since the idiot is already hospitalized, perhaps someone could send a mental health care professional for a consult? Thanks for the links, Gun Bunny.

‘Sherriff, why do you carry a .45?’ ‘Son, they don’t make a .46’.

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The hinted at “poor victim selection skilz” dirtbags have arrived. You heard it here FIRST! (ht2 Hack Stone). Another struggle on the decision to submit as FGS/SPoTW. Fight Back!
‘…shot multiple times…” *grin*

Lubs me a nice wheelie. Can’t see a Webley and not think about the final assault scene in the Zulu Wars pictures.

.45 Freedom Pill Extraordinaire.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Too bad the Webley 455 round is so anemic.
Is the Mk 6 up to snuff such that you could fire 45ACP through it?
Or is the Webley to be relegated to the “antiques and curios” sideline?

Article says most ARE already converted.

Old tanker

This is the legacy that obozo left behind. He started the war on cops and the current idiot in the white house has done nothing to reverse it. The liberal soft on crime DA’s from soros only make things worse.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The guy is described as a Black male, wearing black clothing and white shoes.
So the perp is a racist for wearing white shoes and stepping on them. The LEO who shot the AR perp multiple times need more range time.


Can’t be racist, he’s black. Aren’t you paying attention?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Too bad he wasn’t wearing a white sport coat and a pink carnation, Id have fun with that one.


Arn’t ARs ilegal-ish in Commiefornia?

The horror. Thahorror.’ –Colonel Kurtz


Looks like you picked the wrong week to quit smoking [enter your tobacco choice here]!

(china? again?! wonder if the big guy got his 10%)