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| November 28, 2022

Remington New Model Army

LA County sheriff’s deputy shoots pipe wrench-wielding woman in Covina

Tony Briscoe
A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy shot a woman suspected of vandalism Saturday in Covina after she attacked the officer’s vehicle with a pipe wrench, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Around 10 a.m., deputies were dispatched to the intersection of Cypress Street and Vincent Avenue where a woman was reportedly vandalizing cars, according to a news release from the department. When the deputies arrived, they encountered a woman believed to be in her 20s or 30s who was wielding a pipe wrench.

The woman approached the deputies’ patrol vehicle and shattered the rear window with the wrench.

The suspect then charged at one of the deputies…

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Plumbing tools don’t work well in a gun fight- who knew?

Caldwell police shoot and kill suspect during domestic violence investigation, officials say

Nicole Blanchard
Caldwell officers shot and killed a suspect during a domestic violence investigation Saturday, according to a news release from the Police Department.

Authorities said shortly before 9 a.m. they were working on a domestic violence case in the 600 block of North Kimball Street and found the suspect in the investigation had barricaded himself inside a residence with a child.

Police said the man was known to the victim, though it wasn’t immediately clear if the child was involved in the domestic violence investigation or what the child’s relationship was to the suspect.

Caldwell Police SWAT deployed into the residence after “several hours of failed negotiations” to arrest the man on a warrant, police said in the news release. Police shot and killed the suspect, who has not yet been publicly identified. The man died at the scene.

The child was “rescued without physical harm” and no officers were injured, police said.

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Links again courtesy of our own Gun Bunny.

Chicago woman with concealed-carry license foils attempted carjacking by shooting man in head
23-year-old woman was shot in arm by would-be carjacker’s accomplice

By Jon Brown
A 23-year-old woman with a concealed-carry permit defended herself against four armed men who attempted to carjack her last week on the South Side of Chicago.

The woman, who remains unidentified, was sitting in her car in the Calumet Heights neighborhood just after 2 a.m. on Wednesday near 89th Street and Kenwood Avenue when four men spilled out of a black sedan, according to a local CBS affiliate.

When one of the men attempted to open her car door while holding a gun, the woman shot the would-be carjacker in the head before running away from the car.

One of the other men reportedly shot her in the left arm, and she was later taken to Advocate Trinity Hospital in fair condition.

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Fox News

4 v 1 she sends one to the critical care ward and escapes with her life. Damn girl- BZ!  This one sent to us by our own David.

“Democracy is not freedom. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch. Freedom comes from the recognition of certain rights which may not be taken, not even by a 99% vote.”
– Marvin Simkin

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Add “pipe wrench” to that perpetual, open ended, ever growing list of “Things To Not Bring To A Gun Fight”.
Maybe we should just close the book (haha) on this by making a general rule (subject to amending) “If It Ain’t A Gun, Don’t Bring It To A Gunfight”.

Anyone care to speculate on the odds the woman was homeless and high on drugs?

AW1 Rod

So, the woman shot the would-be carjacker in the head, and then ran away from the car?

C’mon, Jon. Be specific.


Like Tox, I thought that “pipe wrench” will have to henceforth be included in the TAH Encyclopedia of Things To Not Bring To A Gunfight.

Only reason I can see for the lady in Chicago to physically run away from the car is if she were blocked by traffic. Hopefully she was able to ‘run away’ in her vehicle – much better option.

No physical harm to the child in the kidnapping case, but the emotional harm is gonna be pretty intense – especially if the kidnapper was kinfolk.


Purtiest revolver EVER. Closely followed by the 1861 Army. Note: no plastic.


Plastics hadn’t been invented yet. The closest thing they had was gutta percha, which was a rubber-based material which could be molded much like plastic.

I think you mean the Colt 1860 Army revolver, which was as prolific among Union Army troops and officers as the Remington Model 1858 percussion revolver. Both were .44 caliber. The Colt 1861 model was denominated “Navy” and was .36 caliber. It was Wild Bill Hickok’s preferred pistol, after Colt’s 1851 Navy–also .36 caliber. There were dozens of other percussion pistol models carried by both sides in the Civil War. My favorite from a utility standpoint is the Remington like the one above. That is because it is easy to reload on horseback by merely changing cylinders. Back in the early 90’s Pietta’s Italian made reproductions of these pistols sold for only about $130.00.


You can still get a new Italian reproduction for around $300.


popo threw a monkey wrench into Ms Thang nutjob plans.

His abusing days are over.

BZ Mama Bear. Get well soon.

Gifted my Remy to a mentored lad when he made 2LT. He’s a Captain now. Made me proud.

Now, who daphuque does this linky article writer think he is and come from? Must be a carpetbagging scalawag ignorant idjit. Calling Forrest a “war criminal” in the same paragraph where he mentions The true War Criminals of Grant (The Butcher) and Sherman (The Insane Pyromaniac) all while trying to make a hero out of a drunk officer that ordered a burning of a defenceless town by a lapdog LT? Sorry, not sorry, the LT got what he deserved. He knew the job was dangerous when he took it. The disparaging of the finest unmilitarily trained military genius put a taint on an article about one of the finest military revolvers ever made.


Whelp, KoB brother, you know damnyankees are gonna damnyankee.

It’s ok if a damnyankee burns, pillages, and rapes, but heaven forbid a Confederate out-soldier them.




As a de facto prisoner of Lincoln’s Empire I wholly agree.


Dr. Willis Norwood Dabbs, MD seems like a well respected member of his community, has done things (see bio), but doesn’t seem to have a degree in history (not that it matters much in this “feelings beget History, begets…” world).
Perhaps some/all was done tongue-in-cheek for his northern readers that truly do believe, ‘might made right’.


Tried to give the benefit of the doubt there, My Brother. I don’t have a degree in history either, but I have read books that were written before all the political correctness and the destruction of “All Things Southern” started up. The Good Doc would have had more than tongue in his cheek if he had made that statement in the presence of a true student of Southern (or the War) History. If Ballsack Bragg hada listened to Bedford that whole war in the west woulda went another way.

I won’t hi-jack this thread any further, but if someone wants a history lesson(s) on the TRUE WAR CRIMINALS (Grant, Sherman, Sheridan et al) our Beloved AW1Ed has full Weapons Free Authority on my email addy.

My disgust for ANY revision of ANY history (warts and all) ranks up there my disgust for the self serving politicians that started that and every war since and are continuing on the subjugation of We, The People.

Steve 1371

KoB, I don’t know much about the civil war as my kin came from Ireland and Poland around 1910 or so. I am replying because Dr Will Dabbs is one of my favorite writers for Guns and also American Handgunner magazines. Give him a pass on this as I believe he is a native of the area he spoke about. I think you would find most of his writing entertaining. I know I do.


You prolly correct Steve 1371, doing my due diligence on him now. A good portion of the rest of the article was informative and interesting and I did peek at some other stuff he has written. Just pushed my buttons when he disparaged Bedford with those false, trumped up war criminal accusations. I poked around and read some of his other stuff. May try to contact him and have a “chat”.

Forrest stopped the fighting at Ft. Pillow when he got into the fort and the embellished stories of “unarmed killings” was just that; embellished. As in any fight you gonna have people that do what a professional soldier shouldn’t do, but he neither participated or condoned such action. His Troop and his personal Escort Company included Armed Black Confederates His funeral was attended by Ks of Blacks that paid their respects.

Some of my Irish G Paps served under Count Pulaski during the FIRST American Revolution and later settled in Pulaski Co. GA.


Perhaps some/all was done tongue-in-cheek for his northern readers that truly do believe, ‘might made right’.

I wonder if some of the venom still spewed by the Revisionists is in subconscious acknowledgement that the damnyankees truly were the vicious brutes, and the Confederates generally attempted to behave in a civilized manner.

Why they work so hard to disparage Southerners still today.


I’ve not seen that before. Sure feel like I’ve known some of those folks, though.

Thanks, Roh!

Steve 1371

I sent this to my sister in North Carolina. See lost all her hearing several years ago but reads lips pretty good and the captioning will bring her the joy of music even though she can’t hear it. I am sure she will remember this song. Thanks Roh


I please to aim!

Sorry to read that. May her burden be light, joy bountiful, and God Bless.


Don’t know where’s else’n to put this, here it go.

Security clearances be a mo’fo’, I reckon.

Last edited 9 months ago by Roh-Dog

A longer writeup from a source that’s not a libertarian cesspool of contrarian junior freelance economists and/or degenerate gamblers (read: investors).


I stuck it in SPotW, earlier. Technically it was last month. The hilarious part is of course there absolutely no way they could mix this person up with anyone else on the planet. Stealing shit is not a great path.


I missed it. Good on the catch and thanks for the hard sleuthing!

Make sure if The Headshed sees it you get credit.


It has been suspended from “their” regime job due to charges for theft of a woman’s luggage from the airport baggage corral. He was caught in his hotel room with her stuff. Guess he was looking for more ladies’ wear.


Here’s the criminal complaint, Counselor:

mcro-27-cr-22-21567-e-filed-comp-summons-2022-10-27-20221128135812.pdf (

You can bet this wasn’t his first theft. So much for the efficacy of background checks for high-level security clearances.



P.S. Was it ever determined whether he was sporting a mustache or a dirty sanchez in that pic of him wearing lipstick with the apparent ‘stache?


Considering this sicko’s predilection for canine games, it’s probably a dirty-doggie. 💩 

Gotta confess that the schadenfreude is strong in ol’ Poe with this freak. Like most here at TAH, Poe doesn’t really care what other adults do in their bedrooms. But this guy is a veritable one-poof gay pride parade, trying to rub America’s nose in his public displays of depravity.

Actually, it’s the Democrat left trying to rub our noses in their public promotion of perversity. They’ll probably replace this crap Sam-wich with someone even more degenerate and reprehensible.

Last edited 9 months ago by Poetrooper

Sexual deviance seems to be one of their primary objectives because it undermines the traditional nuclear family.