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| November 16, 2022

Martini-Henry Rifle

Penn. man dead after robbery spree

On Nov. 14, 2022, Athens Police Department responded to a store robbery at Circle K located on U.S. Highway 31 in Athens, Ala. Local law enforcement agencies obtained a description of the offender and his vehicle. As a result, all agencies began patrolling service stations in the area.

At approximately 8:20 p.m., James Lee Henry, 53, of Collegeville, Penn., (a convicted sex offender), walked into a service station in the 26000 Block of Main St. in Ardmore, Ala., armed with a handgun and completed a second robbery by ordering the clerk to give him money at gun point.

A Good Samaritan (U.S. Marine veteran), legally armed with his personal protection weapon, observed the robbery outside the front door. Upon Henry exiting the store, the Good Samaritan gave several verbal commands for Henry to drop his gun; however, Henry did not comply. Instead, Henry pointed his weapon at the Good Samaritan and, upon doing so, was immediately shot.

First responders rendered aid to Henry; however, he succumbed to his injuries on the scene.

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The News Courier

Bravo Zulu, Marine. Link courtesy of our own 5JC.

Video shows unarmed guard preventing gunman from entering treatment clinic

Emily Mae Czachor
A man with an AR-15 rifle was stopped by a security guard after entering a substance abuse treatment clinic in Buffalo, New York, and the situation was caught on video.

The suspected gunman, identified as Jeffery Griffin, 48, according to CBS affiliate WIVB, entered the lobby of Alba de Vida on Thursday and fired one shot into the wall before an unarmed security guard tackled and restrained him until officers arrived. The incident was recorded by surveillance cameras, and footage has now been released by the Buffalo Police Department.

No one was injured, police said.

A video clip spanning roughly 30 seconds shows the unarmed guard standing in the vestibule of Alba de Vida, opposite a reception desk and in front of a closed glass door that looks like it leads to a waiting area for patients. The gunman approaches the vestibule through the front entrance and fires one shot into the wall, before the security guard hands something off to an employee behind the desk and proceeds to forcibly restrain the gunman while other staff and patients disappear from view.

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Incredible dedication by two unarmed guards. Link courtesy of our David.
Clinic Security Video

What a terrible era in which idiots govern the blind.
– Bill S.

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Well done, ya jarhead!

And very determined guard!




Folding ladder sights like a M79.
Must be for lobbing extra heavy bullets.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Plus the well know WWI 1903 Springfield Rifle and the American made enfield rifles that we were issued in Great Lakes Navy boot camp that we had to carry all over the place and do pushups out on the grinder with our hands wrapped around the rifle.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The above two rifles had leaf sights which I forgot to add to my comment and not the ammo.


.577/450 Martini-Henry rifle round; it has a 480gr projectile.


Ed’s just tring to make me feel good. First a Sharps, then a Martini. What’s next, a Swedish M96?


Folding ladder rear sights were very common on most rifles prior to WWII. My 1918 vintage Springfield 1903 has one. Even the original Thompson SMG had a folding ladder rear sight. The Trapdoor Springfield has a ladder rear sight, as does the Krag-Jorgensen rifle which replaced it.

Skivvy Stacker

I’ve done un-armed security work. You gotta have steel nerves, a good command of language, an encyclopedic knowledge of human behavior, and a screw loose in your brain housing group to do that job.
I’ve faced down belligerent drunks who were twice my size, Karen’s who had the most annoying voices this side of a group of Harpies, and on one occasion a guy with a tire iron looking for someone he was going to beat with it.
I was also called upon to remove dead mice from under radiators in the bank, bats that got into other businesses in the building, and usher mother ducks with ducklings down the front sidewalk and across a busy street every spring.
The BEST day to have was when not a fuckin’ thing happened.


“…was immediately shot.” And that’s the way you do it, Girls and Boys. BZ Marine, one less parasite on society.

“Hold my coffee, I got this.” Wonder if the gunman heard the clanking of those big brass ones before he was “forcibly restrained”?

OK, we got 20K rounds expended over a 12 hour battle by 150 (less the 25 KIA/WIA) troops to kill 400 bad guys. How many rounds did each troop fire and how many rounds to it take to kill each bad guy? Sheldon Cooper “Is that a rhetorical question or would you like to do the math?” Me, “I’d like for you to do the math.”