Updated gun-grabbers’ tactics

| October 28, 2022

The gun-banners are trying to do an end run around the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). Back in the ’90s and early oughts, high-priced lawsuits were filed against gun manufacturing companies in an effort to make them spend so much money defending from frivolous law suits that they would go broke even if the suits were utter nonsense. Hence the passage of the PLCAA, which says you can’t sue a company when their legal products are used as intended, nor if they are misused by miscreants. Think of the supply chain: in basic terms the manufacturer legally sells to a distributor, the distributor legally sells to a dealer, who legally sells to a lawful end user who passes his (ok, her/its/their/whatever for all our woke readers) FBI background check… and then a crime occurs. Maybe the original buyer commits a crime, maybe (and more likely) the gun is stolen and used in a crime – but the gun grabber’s scream that it’s the maufacturer’s fault! There is no special protection by eliminating such suits, NO product maker is liable for the criminal misuse of their product, else Ford et al would have been sued out of existence years ago by all the ambulance-chasing accident lawyers.

One of those people is Jonathan Lowy, the former chief legal counsel at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, who on Oct. 26 will announce the formation of a new lobbying group, Global Action on Gun Violence, focused on taking on gunmakers on behalf of foreign governments.

The group will partner with other countries to argue that their citizens are harmed by the actions of American gunmakers and the U.S. laws that protect them from litigation.

Lowy filed papers on Oct. 5 under the Foreign Agents Registration Act to provide legal and consulting services to the government of Mexico and plans to work with other nations on similar efforts.

Lowy has already worked with the government of Mexico and lawyers in Canada to file three lawsuits against U.S. gunmakers in the last four years. In 2021, Mexico became the first country to sue U.S. gunmakers when it filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts contending that some of America’s biggest gun manufacturers, including Smith & Wesson, Barrett Firearms, Beretta U.S.A. Corp, Century International Arms, Colt’s Manufacturing Company, and Sturm, Ruger & Co., design, market, sell, and distribute guns in ways they know “routinely arm the drug cartels in Mexico.” (A Massachusetts judge dismissed the case in September but Mexico plans to appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, which is based in Boston and which Mexican officials believe may be more sympathetic.)  Time

Lowy is also suing 5 Arizona gun dealers for funeling arms into Mexico. Funny, I’ll bet he forgot to name Obama and Eric Holder in that suit?  Oh, and he is also working on Canada’s behalf to sue S&W

Lowy is also working as foreign legal counsel in a class action filed in Canada in 2019 against Smith & Wesson brought by victims of a mass shooting in Toronto who alleged that the company was negligent when it did not implement available safety measures in manufacturing the product. A judge allowed the case to go forward in 2021 and it is still being litigated.  MSN

Often taking the form fingerprint sensor or a radio-frequency microchip, numerous “smart gun” technologies exist that can prevent unauthorized firing of a weapon. Gun lobby groups in the United States, led by the National Rifle Association, have fought for years against widespread adoption of the safety features.    The Guardian

Bet he doesn’t mention to the court that so-called ‘smart gun’ technology is resisted because it doesn’t work and if it does, is unreliable and can fail at a crucial moment so buyers won’t buy it?

Sounds like someone I would love to see pull a Leslie Jordan, me. (No offense to a great character actor.)

And on the government front, the ATF is carrying Joe’s water by trying to nitpick FFL dealers out of existence for minor paperwork errors.

Joe Biden first announced his zero-tolerance policy in June 2021. Part of his scheme included five criteria, which he claimed defined a rogue dealer: transferring a firearm to a prohibited person, failing to run a required background check, falsifying records, failing to respond to an ATF tracing request or refusing to allow ATF to conduct an inspection.

However, the ATF is now routinely revoking licenses for even the most minor of errors — errors not on Biden’s five-point list.

As a result, a special report we published in May revealed that FFL revocations increased a staggering 500 percent. Buckeye Firearms

First they tried to drive the dealers out of business, saying there were too many. Then they said almost anyone who semi-routinely sells guns MUST get a license… and now they are lifting those licenses to make it impossible to buy a gun. Sure, they will let you own the gun – you just won’t be able to find a dealer to sell one. ATF is so weaponized it makes the IRS look impartial.

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Anna Puma

Death of Liberty by a rogue mis-administrative state.


Molon Labe


You guys are just paranoid…
It’s not like the government is going show up at your front door and demand to see…


“aughts” vs. “oughts” ?


Not to mention:
comment image

USMC Steve

Shouldn’t go very far, as people in other countries have no legal standing in America.


With the way the courts are now, and politicians we have currently in charge, they will twist this into some kind of pretzel logic and proclaim they now have legal standing.

MI Ranger

So unless they go after the individuals that actually smuggled the guns accross the border into Mexico, they are simply doing what was described…filing frivolous lawsuits.


Fine. Do we get to sue chicom directed companies for waging war on these states united by way of chemical/psychological weapons in the form of fentanyl and tictok?

Your One World Gubmint Bullshit can fuck off and keep fucking off until you reach the edge of the infinite universe, assholes.


Control of We, The People…it’s the Marxist/Socialist/despot way.


We live in a country where parents of car thieves want to sue a car manufacturer because “Their cars are too easy to steal”. Suing gun makers because their products work exactly as intended is nothing.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Should be able to twist the foreign Gooberment’s lawsuits around by providing proof and paperwork that sez that O’Bozo and Hold’em authorized – FORCED – sale and transfer of weapons to unauthorized foreign agents and/or suspicious persons in spite of the gun sellers doing due diligence through NICS and initially denying the sale.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Time to go “scorched earth”.
Toronto wants to sue S&W?
From now on, S&W should deny all sales, support, and repair of weapons to Toronto and Ontario LEOs, gooberment agencies, bodyguards, and other authorities.
Want to buy more? No longer my problem.
Want repairs? No longer my problem.
Ammunition? Ditto above.

I’m going to suggest that ALL arms and ammunitions manufacturers band together to halt sales and support to any gooberment that would sue, or allow others to sue, them due to to third party actions.
Sure, there will be lost income revenue. But will it be worth it compared to being nibbled to death by ducks through the frivolous lawsuits?

Same thing that Barrett did to Kalifornication. Sue me? Fine. I’m outta here! Fuck you!

Or create a group called something like ‘Concerned Union of Naughty Tyrant Slayers’. We can organize to invade the Great [Snowy] North to free our Brothers and Sisters from the usurping assclowns that’ve infected national offices.

Also,their banks make ours look ethical by comparison which is a big factor in the international conspiracy to erode sovereign states.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

What’s that line from one of the Bard of Avon’s plays? “The first thing we do is kill all the lawyers.”


Obama and Holder marketed, sold, and distributed guns in ways they knew would “routinely arm the drug cartels in Mexico.” 

Corrected for historical accuracy.

Brian A. Terry died for their sins. Arizona is still mightily pissed.

Hack Stone

They need to include the Stanley Tool Company in those lawsuits. Look at the havoc they are causing in certain neighborhoods of San Francisco.


Loser Pays is one good method to protect against lawfare.


Yes, that has been the rule in Great Britain for over a hundred years. It is quite a deterrent to frivolous lawsuits. If the plaintiff loses, he pays the defendants’ attorneys’ fees, as well as the court costs, and vice versa.


The great omission of the Constitution is an explicit death penalty for deliberate violations.


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