Representatives of Generation Z defend cancel culture

| October 17, 2022

There was an episode on Doctor Phil that involved commentary on issues from the perspectives of the Baby Boomers and of Generation Z. One of the questions presented was why many comedians were afraid to go on college campuses for fear that something they say might result in consequences. One guest argued that “social repercussions have always existed”, that the newer generation is becoming more aware of how things like “bigotry” can be found even in jokes, and further argued that what is being penalized has been changing… And suggested that this was a positive thing.

From Fox News:

One young content creator named Victoria suggested that “social repercussions have always existed,” and said, “I think that just as a generation we’re becoming more aware of how bigotry, even if it’s in the form of a joke, really negatively impacts people. And so I think that while social repercussions are nothing new, what we penalize people for saying is changing. And I think that that’s a positive thing.”

Another young TikTok artist named Neekolul, who helped popularize the “Ok, Boomer” meme, suggested, “Stereotypes used in comedic stand-up is just simply— just, like, not ok anymore. So you can say whatever you want, but you need to be also be ready for the repercussions of what you say.”

Conservative commentator Brad Polumbo fired back, “You’re not free to say whatever you want if you get fired for an off-color joke. How would you feel when it’s you who is out of step with the social mores of the day?”

Victoria said to Polumbo that while canceling people for what they say is not new, now it is being done for more morally correct reasons:

“I think you’re still acting like this is something new, though. People have been fired for things that they’ve said for forever, but now we’re seeing an era where, if you’re disrespectful or bigoted towards someone, you get fired for that, I don’t see that as a bad thing.”

Dr. Phil replied, “The point is, the threshold has really gotten low.”

Greg Lukianoff, the president of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, explained that rates of depression among young people are skyrocketing and there is nothing historically normal about the current form of cancel culture.

Fox News has additional information.

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It’s only about “getting” folk they don’t like, as all Leftists do.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The Spammer is back.


So they’re trying to strangle speech, get people fired, debanking some folks for ‘reasons’, investigating dissenting rhetoric, arresting protestors, and yet everyone not on their plantation is a fascist?

Fuck yeah I’m a bigot, solely of jokes like you.

Cancel these nuts.

Hack Stone

Blacklisting communist sympathizers from employment, housing and financial services during the McCarthy era is bad, but blacklisting conservatives from employment, housing and financial services during the Woke era is good. Do we have that right?




You got it. Okay when Leftists do it.


Buncha spoiled rotten sissies that hate us cause, they suck, their lives suck, their music sucks, their cars suck, their work ethic (lack of) sucks, their Tee Vee Shows/Movies suck, their fashions suck (Long Live Mini Skirts), they probably even suck at…well…sucking. Get a haircut and get a real job. (ht 2 George Thoroughly Good)

Dr. Phil always was a freak show. Some things NEVER change.


Jerry Springer did it first/better.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Being a year older, silent majority (B1945) than Baby Boomer’s (B1946), I’ll let them talk……..


Good Ole Ralphie Boy, born 1959.

Most likely his Senior Year at Onancock High School in Virginia (1977).

ralph northam.jpg

On-an-cock? Am I saying that right?


Another picture of Mr. KKK.

From his High School Yearbook. 1977.

He will go to his grave never admitting anything.

ralph 2.jpg

Further proof the guy in blackface wearing glasses is not Northam. It is irrefutable that one of the people in that photo is Northam. So, Northam is wearing the Klan garb.


One of Virginia’s finest (NOT).

1975 High School Picture. 10th Grade.

ralph 4.jpg
Only Army Mom

The issue is and to some extent always has been about the definition of what is moral and who makes that decision.

When morality was no public displays of affection, showing married couples in separate twin beds and not cursing in the public sphere, the rules were understood by everyone.

The problem now is the rules are constantly changing and dependent on each person’s interpretation. Hence we have things like micro aggressions-“a statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group such as a racial or ethnic minority.”


The guy in black-face in that pic is wearing glasses. Northam did not wear glasses in medical school or college. So, the fellow in the Klan robe and hood is Northam. Which to me is much worse than wearing blackface.

Hack Stone

At least he didn’t culturally appropriate another race.

Ralph Northam thought that the television show The Amazing Race was a documentary on the accomplishments of the Ku Klux Klan.


VMI Class of 1981. One of his many accomplishments:
VMI relocated the statue of Stonewall Jackson to the Virginia Museum of the Civil War and New Market Battlefield State Historical Park.

“The Stonewall Jackson statue was given to VMI in 1912 by sculptor, Sir Moses Ezekiel, Class of 1866, VMI’s first Jewish cadet and a veteran of the Battle of New Market.”

ralph vmi.jpg

His FOIA part 1.

ralph army 1.jpg

His FOIA part 2.

ralph army 2.jpg

The Ad he posted on TV when running for office.

He said he “witnessed the damage that assault weapons can do firsthand as an Army Doctor during the First Gulf War.”

ralph tv ad.jpg

You mean like Frank Burns?


IIRC, we had more gunfire caused casualties from friendly fire than we did from enemy fire. I recall there were several incidents where we shot up our own mechanized vehicles, thinking they were Iraqi. I’ll bet our soldiers with AK wounds weren’t even in the dozens. Now, if one of our soldiers was shot with an M-16 or an M-4, it would have been from friendly fire. So, how would Ralphie have even seen such a wound in Germany, even if he didn’t treat it?


I think casualties were evacuated to hospitals in Germany during the war.


Yes, but the largest casualty event was when a scud missile hit a US troop facility in Saudi Arabia, IIRC. They weren’t gunshot wounded.

Hack Stone

The irony of Governor Ralph Northam and his black face/KKK Scandal is that during his run for Governor, a PAC that supported him ran commercials showing African American and Hispanic children being run down by a white redneck in a pickup truck, pretty much saying that his opponent was a white supremacist and would encourage white on black violence.


30 Seconds.

Ole Ralphie Boy said he treated Soldiers in the First Gulf War.

Note the first comment is from our very own beloved Jonn (RIP Platoon SGT).

Jonn was correct:

“He was a child neurologist during the Gulf War, stationed in Germany. I don’t know how many wounded soldiers he treated, but that number would be tiny to nonexistant in my experience.”


Agree. He lied to make himself more electable based on military medicine he never performed. The only battle wounds he likely saw at the Wiesbaden Army hospital\ were when he wandered through a ward of wounded to meet another doctor for lunch. Sure, if I had a bullet wound, I would want a child neurologist treating me. /sarc


Correction: He was stationed at Landstuhl instead of Wiesbaden.


I don’t know, but I would assume (and hope) all Army doctors have some training in caring for wounded soldiers. By the time any wounded soldier got to Germany I doubt they needed critical care, or if they did they were cared for by appropriately trained personnel. Routine care and post-op monitoring can be handled by non-specialists–even pediatricians.


Preteen combat casualties at Landstuhl from that were quite unlikely.


I think active duty personnel have priority over dependents in military medical facilities. If wounded personnel were evacuated to Germany they would have had priority over dependents, so it is possible Northam was assigned to help with wounded soldiers if needed.


Neurologists are not general surgeons. Moreover, there were very few us casualties from Iraqi assault rifles.


30 second video on his Gulf War claims.

H/T to our very own Mick for this video:


Ha, that’s not even Jesse Ventura “in theater” material!


30 second ad from 2017 when he was running for office.

Once again, his claim of treating Soldiers from the Gulf War:–campaign-2017/2017/08/10/b8662282-7dd5-11e7-b2b1-aeba62854dfa_video.html


Ralphie is a liar and a Klan fan.


There were only 357 wounded in the first Gulf War. The largest number of them were wounded by the Iraqi Scud missile attack on a base in Saudi Arabia. There were a number wounded by air attacks on our vehicles by our own aircraft. I would imagine the number of rifle gunshot wounds were de minimus. I think Northam is lying, but some want to believe him. He still has never admitted he was wearing that Klan garb.


Make ’em all watch Blazing Saddles for 24 hours straight. Follow it up with an All in the Family / The Jeffersons / Sanford and Son marathon. Maybe they’ll learn that laughing at stereotypes ends bigotry faster than “cancelling” it.


And watch some Red Foxx standup, especially “You got to wash yo ass!”


From 2017:

“VMI To Keep Confederate Statues, Add Historical Context”

“Virginia Military Institute says the statues of Confederate statues will stay on campus.
Tuesday, the school released a statement saying the school has “produced leaders that fought in the Civil War” and all major wars in United States history.”


Ladies and Gents:

Meet the current Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

One Classy Lady. Hope she runs for Governor down the road. Heck, let’s try President…


Told ya she is Classy…


The Commonwealth of Virginia sent out a firm message last November when she was elected to be our Lieutenant Governor…

Oh and our Attorney General?

And Southerners are viewed as Racist?

Yeah. Right. So says the Puppet Dude from CornPop country…

Please Vote In November.


“Stereotypes used in comedic stand-up is just simply— just, like, not ok anymore”


Pardon the pedantry, but I ain’t taking morality lessons from someone who can’t even use proper middle-school English. I will wager its moral education is just as deep and thorough.


Could have been, “Stereotypes…be.”

And absolutely no one would ever call them on that… 🙄