J.R. Majewski still riding the phony pony

| October 4, 2022

One American News (OAN) featured a video segment on JR Majewski and on the “retired Air Force NCO” who claims to have seen Majewski in Afghanistan. In the video segment, the reporter showed an email that OAN received from the Air Force. They highlighted a statement, from that email, saying that the Air Force had no visibility on where individuals were sent from the locations that they were assigned to.

A rough transcript of a part of the OAN video:

Ohio House hopeful JR Majewski was slammed by the Associated Press which claimed that he misrepresented his military service in support of operations in Afghanistan while the Republican leadership has all but abandoned Majewski, conceding the seat to Democratic incumbent Marcy Kaptur. The Trump endorsed Majewski is fighting back and clearing his name, producing a battle buddy from 20 years ago who served with him in Afghanistan.

Battle Buddy Audio: I saw him a handful of times, he came into Afghanistan and then he would pop back out. And then if there was another need, he would come back. Very few people were kicking in doors, it’s like [inaudible] I don’t know, I feel bad for JR. I consider him a combat veteran; I know he is.

Majeski said that he was thrilled that the retired Air Force NCO saw his name and face on social media, read the stories claiming he was never in Afghanistan, and reached out.

JR Majewski video: It’s unfortunate that we had to reconnect in these circumstances, but you know, I, I thank God that we did. Now, I would’ve liked to, you know, have met him, maybe ran into him somewhere, or send him a message on social media, but you know the fact that he came out to help me is, ah, fantastic.

One American News reviewed the retired Air Force NCO’s DD-214 and agreed to protect his identity given his concerns for the safety for himself and for his family. Calling himself “Jason”, Majewski’s battle buddy said, “Reporters were unfair to Majewski, considering that record-keeping was not a priority in those days, and trying to update incomplete military records is a nightmare.

Battle Buddy Audio: I mean he was a kid when he got out, he didn’t know any better that something, that if he did not update his records… like I was an NCO, so, I took care of my troops and I took care of myself, and it still didn’t get processed. That’s just not how it works. And then if you get out, good luck, [chuckles]. Early in the war there was really no, I don’t know, no, ah, accountability they just wanted, you know, their motto was, “do more with less”, and they just wanted to push people where they needed them to go. So, it is not, it’s, it’s a common practice especially for, [inaudible], when I was in, but this was common practice to actually forward deploy, teach you nothing [?], and there is no record of where you actually stepped foot.

The Associated Press in a September 22 article under the headline “Ohio GOP House Candidate has Misrepresented his Military Service” claimed the Air Force said that there’s no record of Majewski’s serving in Afghanistan nor was he awarded the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal. However, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal was not established until 2003 after Majewski was honorably discharged.

One American News Network has the J.R. Majewski video segment here. Thanks to MarineDad61 for the link to the video, and for this screen capture with annotations.

2022 10 03 OAN MSGT Jason vouch DD-214 BUILD.jpg

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USMC Steve

He may well be a weasel, I certainly don’t know. But for the establishment republicans to just turn their backs on him and LET the socialist democrat run wild, that is utterly retarded. Under no circumstances should any socialist dem be allowed to do anything without the maximum blowback and resistance is unforgiveable. The establishment repubs did that because this is a Trump guy and those sort of people cannot be allowed in office, you know.


I don’t care if JR has an endorsement from Jesus signed in blood. Electing a lying sack of shit just to prevent a democrat from taking office doesn’t fix anything.


Agreed 1000% and also, we all know too well that stolen valor is just the tip of the iceberg with these lying scumbags. Majweski is either a lying dirtbag or dumber than a stump (and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he’s both.) Either way he is no credit to the Republican party and would offer Republican voters no real benefit if he did get elected. If anything he’d likely become a lighting rod for accusations of scandal and incompetence.


Richard Blumenthal seemed to survive it all OK.

Hack Stone

But that is the point. Once these guys get in the door, it is nearly impossible to vote them out. Ted Kennedy kills a girl, gets a slap on the wrist, and spends the next 39 years as the “Lion of The Senate”. Despite accomplishing absolutely nothing in her first term, AOC was reelected. And the only people who benefited from Nancy Pelosi being in office is the Pelosi family. The Republican Party is wise to not throw any more money or support into this campaign. Hope that they are more diligent next time they field a candidate.

USMC Steve

The problem there is that those people don’t just get there by themselves. People vote for them. And AOC is a sterling example of that. She is truly representative of her constituency, as there are a lot of fools in it.


So riddle me this, when does the Chair Force have door kickers? Or for that matter, door kickers/trigger-pullers with aircraft loading MOS’s, in the first two years we had boots on the ground. Now there were some air combat controllers on the ground with ODA’s, but he wasn’t one of those highly trained individuals calling in air strikes.


USMC Steve:

Majewski is not the first US Military Service Member associated with the GOP that has embellished or lied about their Military service.

Remember Bernath? The pURpLE CLowN from the same AO as Bernath? Les Brown from Elko, Nevada? Alaska Bob? JRM, the Wannabe Bullwinkle Badge/CAV Dude who was really Signal Corps?

All Registered and Voted GOP.

Sadly, Majewski has embellished/lied more than once.

The voters in Majewski’s District will have to decide who they want to represent them.

IMHO, whatever the outcome is, they will reap what they sow.


Majewski is a small-ball embellisher compared to the POSers you have cited. He actually may have ridden a C17 or a C130 into the A-Stan. If so, he just should have said so, instead of recruiting a faux “battle buddy.

I would have said yes, I flew into Bagram a few times with cargo I loaded on the bird. I even had lunch in the Dfac before we flew back to Qatar. I’m sorry if I gave the wrong impression.

All that being said, I would still vote for him. But then, I would vote for anyone other than a D-rat.


USMC Steve,
The Ohio GOP FAILED to “vet the vet”.
There were others running in the GOP primary,
a 5 way race with 3 favorites,
a sitting Ohio State Rep,
a sitting Ohio State Senator,
and this guy Majewski.
And Majewski squeaked out the primary win with (only) 36% of the vote.

So, place fault not only with the lying phony Majewski,
but also the Ohio GOP,
for not verifying his military service,
and not forcing him to correct his military record,
or face primary disqualification.

2022 OH GOP Primary BallotPedia 1.jpg
Hack Stone


We are adding two more portions of documents we discovered on OAN.

The first one is this. It looks as if “Jason” received the Combat Readiness Medal and the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award With Four Oak Leaf Clusters as well as attending the Air Transportation Contingency Operations Course in 2001.

There is also a number displayed here ((9IT) which I think is 9-India-Tango.

We are not Air Force. What is that?

Interesting he has an Army Achievement Medal.

msgt jason majewski 1.jpg

Here is the Second Document.

Note that it states “Air Advisor Course Afghanistan November 2009”.

Somewhere along the way, he received the Defense Meritorious Service Medal. Don’t know what AOR he served in to receive that. He had to have been with a Joint Unit.

msgt jason majewski 2.jpg

2T271 AFSC is not associated with Combat Readiness Medal unless there has been a major paradigm shift..

Assignment at USTRANSCOM would be something for a DMSM.
91T was a Army MOS for Animal Care Specialists. How it differs from 68T Veterinary Tech I don’t know

TERA (Temporary Early Retirement Authority) was reauthorized in FY12 and while it still has a couple years available the USAF has stopped as of a week ago or so I’ve heard

The Stranger

Uh, I have an Army Achievement Medal that I earned when I was in the Air Guard, so it’s not unheard of.


Not to pile on but I have a Navy MUC I got from NAS Norfolk from running the port (Air Cargo terminal USAF) down there during DS/DS…kinda weird, but not unheard of in bases where they have multiple services and you’re a guest on a other service’s host base.


I am allowed to wear a Campaign Patch from a foreign Country. There were only 12 of us that were awarded that due to being assigned to the NATO ally during a combat operation. It’s the strangest thing I have going on.


Yes. Agree. Members of the ninja family had recommended other Sister Service Members for the AAM.

We just thought it was interesting.

Majewski was in the Sandbox from May to November 2002. “Jason” graduated from Basic in August 1999, which means he had only been in the Air Force for about 3 years when he saw Majewski pop in and out of Afghanistan…Wonder what rank “Jason” was…and where he was? This is what “Jason”:

“I saw him a handful of times, he came into Afghanistan and then he would pop back out. And then if there was another need, he would come back.”

Does this mean “Jason” was in Afghanistan?


my last unit on my last deployment to Iraq
was tasked with flying over gear from Iraq and Kuwait to Afghanistan a lot of the time our guys
were tasked out to other units over there for a week or two while waiting for a flight back
I was over there several times on my last
trip to the sand box
I got no award or no record of it
no one else got anything either
showing there shit detail they were on
I still have my blanket orders from my
from my trips that I did


Not good when one becomes the joke of Duffel Blog:

“J.R. Majewski Recalls Moment He Killed Bin Laden…He Fired 47 Shots, All In His Head.”





Correct me if my assumptions are wrong. This guy had over 16 years in and just decided not to reup for a few more years to get to retirement? That makes no sense to me. Then there’s the fact that the DD-214 shows over 2 months of “time lost.” That would seem to show that he had a problem near the end. Maybe AWOL?


I knew guys who got out of the USAF on an early retirement at 16 years but this was in the 1990s when they were doing the big draw-down. It would be a stretch to believe that someone got an early out at 16 years in 2015 when we were still fighting two wars. The most charitable explanation would be a medical retirement (which is entirely possible for a 16 year vet to have, even if not related to combat injuries.)

MI Ranger

2015 was the start of the big draw down in the Army. Can’t speak for the sister services. I destinctly remember because it was the second year they stopped promoting every O-4 to O-5. I got told since my injuries prevented me from running in formation (at my own pace) I could not lead a Battalion. At least in my MOS it was only the top 20% who saw promotion, and the Army started offering TERA (early retirement at 15years). So retiring at 16 makes sense for the timing. I didn’t need it, and got told I still owed several months for converting giving my children my 911 GI Bill benefits.

W. Bainbridge

Jason got out in 2015, right about rhe time the Trump train was taking off and just shy of 17 years of service (line 12a). Same year as JR but they blocked Jason’s month & year

He got out the same year (line12b) as his effective date of last pay grade (line 12i). No one gets out immediately after a pay grade increase & years years left.

Training is same time that JR went to school (line 12h)

I suspect Jason joined the same time as JR, they went to school together, remained friends, both got on the Trump train but Jason got busted whime active duty posting BS online (Political)

They dropped him a rank & booted him & he resented the military ever since. Now is really sticking it to AF by helping JR including letting JR usie his records.

Also makes sense rwgarding my 2 prior posts to you.

USMC Steve

Maybe he had a bitchy ex-wife, and didn’t want her to get his gravy for free? I know a few Marine SNCO’s who did just that. One went all the way to 20 and just got out, didn’t retire. Pissed his shrew of a wife allllll off.


I knew a Marine Aviator who did that after he was promoted to Major, and intentionally got out before retirement and went off to fly in the airlines.

His nasty ex-wife totally lost her shit.


A few things rubbed me raw about this OAN Phony Defender story.

OAN showed only partial views of the “MSGT JASON” DD-214.
Worse, the excessive REDACTIONS.
Overseas details.

Something happened with block 29, too.
WTF is “MSGT JASON” hiding all this for?

So, I stuck a blog comment on the bottom of VG #4,
and emailed my contact at VG.

This Phony Defender BS is no better than
Les Brown of Nevada’s Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass
flashing his DD-214 briefly,
sticking his finger at the line that says
“Activated in Support of DS/DS”,
and then bellowing
“See, that proves I was there.”
And then, the POW*MIA backing him up.
To the grave.

And yet, as several of us have blogged before,
we can all pony up dozens of in-country names,
including chain of command,
but J.R. Majewski STILL can’t seem to come up with (only) 1.

2022 10 03 OAN MSGT Jason vouch DD-214 REDACTED BOTTOM CROP.jpg

He remembers seeing some rando from another unit 20 years ago? I saw lots of faces around that time and since. Doubt I’d remember any of them. If I did, I’d have to be damned sure I was remembering it right. This MSgt Jason isn’t speaking in very definitive terms.


“Recordkeeping was not a priority in those days….trying to update incomplete records is a nightmare.”

We are calling BS on this.

Once again, it is the SERVICE MEMBER’s RESPONSIBILITY to update their Military Records.

Due to COVID and his disinterest for the past 20 years, it may take some time for Majewski to update his DD214 to a DD215 to reflect the GWOT and most likely, the GWOTEM for his 6 months in Qatar.

He may have the challenge of proving he was in Qatar unless he has TAD/TDY orders for the 179 days he was in the sandbox at Camp Snoopy. He does have a paystub that shows IDP for 2002, so that MAY help.

Doubt very seriously he qualifies for the Afghan Campaign Medal (ACM). Doubt very seriously he was there for 40 days, let alone the continuous 30 days of Boots On The Ground there (the criteria for the ACM).

We still believe he may have flown in and out of Afghanistan from Qatar, perhaps maybe stay a day.


The other thing is that Majewski has stated “He has nothing to hide.”

If that is the case, then he should have no problem telling the Voters and the Public WHERE and WHEN he was in Afghanistan.

The Red Flag went up when he stated “Classified.” We are calling BS on that one. Which is telling us there is a possibility he NEVER flew in and out of Afghanistan. There is nothing secret what the Airmen of Camp Snoopy did in 2002. It was in the newspapers.


Majewski had a DUI to hide.
Among other things.
For decades.
Until it surfaced.

And, it’s obvious that “MSGT JASON” has plenty to hide.
And, the Phony Defenders are hiding it for him.


He speaks in only very vague terms, like someone who heard about it second-hand or has only seen a postcard about a place.


That was the biggest line of bullshit in his report.


Phony Defender website #2 – NATIONAL FILE

NF claimed (on October 1)
“The veteran who served alongside Majewski
also provided military documents
that confirm his service in Afghanistan,
as well as his extensive service
in other military theaters around the globe.
National File has examined these records thoroughly.”

NF showed no DD-214, showed nothing from “MSGT Jason”.

But NF showed J.R. Majewski’s LES
with IDP Imminent Danger Pay,
you know, as “proof”.

Do we see proof of “service in Afghanistan”
on the MSGT Jason DD-214?

[Veteran Who Served With Majewski
Says he Saw Fellow Serviceman in Afghanistan
‘More Times Than I Can Count’]


Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

IDP proves QATAR,
AND 20 other regional areas,
until IDP was taken away for many of them in 2014.

2014 2.jpg
MI Ranger

While I am not in the AF, I can say that in the early days of Afghanistan we had lots of AF folks assigned to Qatar, come in to Baghram, do their job, and go back to Qatar a few weeks later. We laughed at them because they couldn’t handle a camping trip.
What worries me is when he says his missions were classified! Its not like he was helping hunt down UBL and his croanies. He was loading and unloading planes…to help those of us stuck there hunting down UBL and his buddies. The only thing classified is how we did it. Me, I did it from inside a building, relaying stuff to people spread out over the entire country. Back when we would have killed for a Battalion’s worth of firepower!


MI Ranger:

Were you in Qatar?



Sounds like you, me, and ninja were enjoying beautiful Bagram around the same time frame.




(Shhh…Bagram Secret…Please don’t let good ole JR know..)


Hack Stone

Someone should ask Master Sergeant Jason how high that he can count. That may nail down how many days Majewski was in country.


You must mean using his fingers and maybe some toes.


We still believe that “Jason” is really Majewski disguising his voice in the initial interview on National File.


I suspect the possibility that
J.R. found his very own “Ron DaRonche” of a Phony Defender.

Ron DaRonche – Another Elko NV Phony CIB
IAS | August 26, 2019


Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Sock puppet.


This just keeps going on and going on and going on.
I did this job. I wasn’t in AFG and i never deployed. You guys know that. I’ve never been bashful about talking about my service but if I did something unusual or was in a place “interesting” or odd, I certainly would have details and recollections about what and where.
Maybe it’s just me and maybe it’s just my PTSD and what the Doc said about “Roach Motel” OCD brain with vets but I can remember very vividly, details about random and stupid shit from 35 years about my job.
I Never and I mean NEVER!!! was any place or did anything I can’t solidly give most of the details on and this stinks, shitty and fish in the hot sun, stinks.
I was going to deploy the AoI on this guy but I’m going to hold off only because there’s more onion to peel here and I have a feeling this is going to get worse or better as it goes along? You decide.

I already called his ass out on Book of Faces and identified myself as a SMSgt Aerial Port NCO


Which held and worked 2 of the 3 Transportation AFSCs in the Airforce, 602X1. Freight Traffic/Ground Transportation TMO, 84-88 then 605X1 Air transportation which changed over to 2T2 in the 1990s. and moved all the way up from 1 level to 3 level to 5 level to 7 level to 9 level, the highest training level slot available and worked almost all the positions and duty sections in the Aerial Port available.
The one I didn’t work was 603 or 2T0 which is Vehicle Operations or Motor Pool folks.
Prove me wrong.


I can think of a few places and things I’d like to forget myself. Other things I’d really like a do-over so I could do a better job and maybe this would have happened and that bad thing over there wouldn’t have. I can’t say I have ever been in a country and not recall what it was like, unless I just went to the airport. Pretty much all airports are the same.


I was in 21 years USAF, and went lots of places; some were deployments, some TDY, a couple of MRT. At the LEAST I remember the actual location and a couple of others that were there. My first was in ‘99 for Kosovo, and my last was 2011 for Libya. I retired in 2017. I STILL REMEMBER someone from those places and it would be quite easy to prove. Just quit lying to the voters, us, and yourself.


I object to this mistreat of my comrade in arms Airman Majewski. I saw him in the Stan more times than I can count, and I can count to a really high number let me tell you.

You see what happened was; no shit there we were, ass deep in shell casing from the 155 firing out of Spooky Puff the Magic Dragon AK-47 Gunship. We had just saved the lives of every one of Marcus Latrell’s Seal Team 6 for the second time and we were going to drop them some lunch and some more ammo so they could kill more haggis.

There were heavy drop pallets and nary a chute to be had anywhere. That boy Majewski was a clever one though. He said; “I got this!” and ran back to grab his dufflebag. And just like that began stitching his underwear together to form a huge heavy drop chute. I thought the kid was nuts until I saw the bottle of vodka on the deck and realized he was wasted again. But before I could stop him he pulled the line and out the door he went, still attached to the pallet!


I was about to get mad….and then I kept reading.
 😏  🙄 


I thought for sure we would never seen his crazy, drunken ass again but he rode that baby down all the way to the mountains of the Stan and survived the drop (God looks after drunks and village idiots like it is a full time job).

And then it started. The SEALS wanted to know if he was the same asshole who had been rat fucking the MRE’s before dropping them. Now we both knew that he had been but he figured he would be left to die if he took the credit for that so he immediately blamed me since I wasn’t there to defend myself and he threw me under the bus.

After that I would see him every Tuesday. He would be on the ground waving a nasty pair of those drawers in the air to mark the DZ for resupply. You see he had told them all about his uncle who was a SEAL and they called BS in 2 seconds. So he got to be their Team Bitch for 3 months. After that he was a broken man. He caught the PTSD and got in a barracks brawl that turned into a DUI after he left wasted.




News article dated March 2002, two months BEFORE Majewski showed up in the Sandbox.

Classified my behind. Yeah, Right…

“US Paves Way For War On Iraq”


“The US Air Force has begun preparations to move its Gulf headquarters from Saudi Arabia to Qatar, to bypass Saudi objections to military action against Iraq, according to Saudi analysts and businessmen involved in the relocation.”


We are calling BS on this statement as well:

“I mean he was a kid when he got out, he didn’t know any better that something, that if he did not update his records… like I was an NCO, so, I took care of my troops and I took care of myself, and it still didn’t get processed. That’s just not how it works. And then if you get out, good luck, [chuckles]. Early in the war there was really no, I don’t know, no, ah, accountability they just wanted, you know, their motto was, “do more with less”, and they just wanted to push people where they needed them to go. So, it is not, it’s, it’s a common practice especially for, [inaudible], when I was in, but this was common practice to actually forward deploy, teach you nothing [?], and there is no record of where you actually stepped foot.”


Someone, somewhere would throw a fit over these missing travel vouchers.


OK so I called out JR on his JR for Congress Facebook page and said hey I’m in the career field hey I know what I’m talking about hey we have issues including on other pages in the air transportation career field on Facebook has also gotten our attention and all of a sudden his content for me shows nothing as in I’m either blocked or he took down his Facebook page.



OK I was able to look on Facebook without logging into Facebook and it looks like all of my comments and any negative comments have been scrubbed from the Pages and I’ve been blocked because none of my content is on there and I just put it on there 5 minutes ago.

Majewski‘s doing damage control !!!! 💩😑🖕🤬

Last edited 1 year ago by ChipNASA
Daisy Cutter

The ship’s taking on water… and JR’s behaving like a scared man with a bucket.


J.R. Majewski is DELETING comments AND BLOCKING commenters
on the Book of the Fake.

This 5 hours old post says it has “25 Comments”,
but only 10 comments are still visible.
New negative comments again,
so there is more work for J.R. to do.

BTW, over at the world of Twits,
J.R. Majewski is being eaten alive with negative comments,
apparently overwhelmed, and unable to keep up
with the deleting and the blocking of twit replies.

Link to Twit account >> https://twitter.com/JRMajewski

2022 10 04 FaceBook JR Majewski scrubbing 25 Comments but only 10.jpg
Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

Yeah I’m not not jumping on social media of Twatt wagon. I’ll take your word for it cause it looks like there’s 2000 comments on there.

Well the only satisfaction I’m getting out of this is that he’s acutely aware that those of us that served and those of us that specifically know what the fuck we’re talking about are on his bullshit and are pinging him hard on the fucking Internet.

This is classic behavior when they know they’re about to get dry ass fucked.

It’s all over but the crying bitch. BITE THE FANBELT!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by ChipNASA

Are you saying that JR is about to get dorked in the squeakhole?

W. Bainbridge

I was the first person JR sent to what I call, “JR’s Facebook Jail” if he blocks you.

After his press conference stating the AP was doing a hit job on him & his deployments were classified, I flooded his Facebook page with documents that showed he was lying about his military as well as education & work experience.

Amazingly, it stayed on his page for over a day & night, but the following Sunday morning, 9/25, I was on his page no more.

He has a separate FB page that if he blocks you it’s where you go when attempt to get on his page. I wasn’t alone very long!

I consider it a badge of honor to be blocked by JR Majewski & have used the page a great place to trade Stolen Valor memes with my fellow Veteran inmates.


So, the most charitable interpretation is that he was assigned to Japan, volunteered (or was voluntold) to do a TDY to Qatar, and (once / occasionally / frequently) was a pallet-chaser into AFG. I doubt the Air Force would care about making a record of that – he would qualify for the GWOTEM, for tax exempt pay, and hazardous duty pay for being in Qatar, and the AF doesn’t have combat patches.

We had an LNO who would pallet chase in from Germany every month or every other month (when he could stay over the last day of the month and the first of the next.) The only reason our S-1 cared was that being in AFG for a day or two got him tax exemption and combat pay (and on the blanket orders for the combat patch, for his 10-12 days in country.)

My question is, if this guy was pallet chasing, why not say so? Opinions may vary about whether that makes him an “Afghanistan veteran” but it seems at least as risky and as honorable as sitting in a JOC on Bagram for a rotation.


Just my opinion having worked in the Port,
And I’m not sure what your description of pallet chaser is. There would be no reason for me to put a cargo airman on an aircraft to fly with cargo to download it at the other end.
I’ve actually done that I deployed during an exercise to Florida, Louisiana, A lot of places, with a lot of people from a wing and when the plane landed there was forklifts and other stuff on the flightline but nobody to download the aircraft and since that was my job we were the first off the aircraft download ours and the other four or five aircraft coming in. That’s the only time I’ve been in that instance we usually have people on the ground in locations .

What now let me put this to you as a question.
This dick bag was an E-2 are you going to send an E-2 chasing pallets. Not a fucking chance if you’re lucky I would send a Senior Airman E4 or higher.

We just don’t do that function in our job, unless your happy ass is part of the deployment package.

Last edited 1 year ago by ChipNASA

SFAlphaGeek & ninja,
Similar happens with PA Air National Guard’s 193rd Spec Ops Wing.
Orders and deployments for flyovers all over.
Mostly radio and television jamming and replacement broadcasts,
and also old school dropping of new leaflets.

I know a few, past and present, among the 193rd units.
Like J.R. and others…
NO reason to lie or embellish duty or participation.



That said,
18 months ago, the official bio of the likely new
Junior Vice Commander
for the Pennsylvania Department of VFW
simply said “Combat veteran of Iraq”.

He was called out, officially and unofficially.
He refused to show ANY of his (several) DD-214’s.
VFW Dept of PA ALSO refused.
However, it was verified that he IS VFW eligible,
in fact, 3x over.

But obviously, NO combat.

Shortly after, his bio no longer mentioned combat,
replaced with long and detailed non combat glory.

Yes, he became Dept. Jr. Vice in 2021.

Today, he’s PA Dept. SENIOR Vice Commander,
and next spring,
he’ll be Department Commander for PA VFW.

Official photo page, with link to bio page.



We had guys ride the bird to be sure that our pallets made it to the right unit (you won’t believe this, but there were supply people downrange who would take a forklift to an unattended pallet of, say HESCOs or body armour, earmarked for another unit, and move it over to their area.) I only managed pallet delivery once, on my way into IZ, but I do remember a dozen or so Air Force guys riding in with us besides the crew to deal with cargo on the far end (that was from Rota, though, not from Qatar.)

I will tell you that the crazy corkscrew approach while the Phalanx system was going off, terrified me a lot more than anything that happened to me on the ground. I have total respect for people who did that regularly. So again, if this guy was doing that, why not just say so? Unless he’s implied to people that he was a TACP or JTAC . . .


Yep, our team sergeant is probably still looking for a pallet of body armor that came up missing in 2007.


What somebody would misappropriate government equipment? 😳😱

It reminds me of M*A*S*H When Klinger takes over Radar’s job, and goes to Kimpo airbase to steal a generator from the people that stole their generator.

That Louisiana TDY I talked about we did an opposite thing where a 130 came in with six pallets of MREs and troops came and got three of them and then two of them sat there outside of our terminal operations office for two days and we sent messages out to 19,000 troops and commanders on the base and nobody wanted to claim the last two pallets of MREs and we sat there and ate MREs until they were coming out of our ass and our ears and ee were sick of them I’ve never eaten so many MREs before in my life …ate five or six a day ….it was disgusting🤣


Yeah. Here is my shocked face. 😜 In the Viet of the Nam, my company was only authorized one jeep, but some how we had five in a few months.


Vehicles just magically appear, right?


One of my favorite stories is when I was stopped by some MP’s on Highway 1 just outside the gate at Chu Lai in a Jeep my supply sgt. had just stolen from the division’s Combat Center. The MP told me they were looking for a vehicle stolen from my unit, the Combat Center. I guess he couldn’t believe this CPT and my sgt. we’re the culprits. Needless to say we were glad to get back to Da Nang. I told SGT Chu I wanted our company’s bumper number and a new data plate on that M-151 ASAP.


Vietnam story from a fellow Gulf War Veteran.

He was a mechanic in a motor pool.
They built their own Jeep from parts.
Used it for many months.

Near the end of their 1 year tour,
the motor pool traded the Jeep to another unit..
… for a conex of BEER.

Vietnam Veteran
Gulf War Veteran



Ask our own Supply Daddy Claw about Coffee….😎😉


My supply sgt. traded two cases of LRRP rations for three pallets of 60 mm mortar ammo we weren’t authorized cuz we weren’t supposed to have a 60 mm mortar. We had inherited it along with a great many unauthorized weapons from the 1st Recon Bn. of the 1st MarDiv.

Hack Stone

We are going to have to call you out on that claim. Everyone knows that you can’t shit an MRE. Having subsisted on nothing but MRE’s our first week or so in Desert Shield, Hack Stone recalls that it was 10 days before he delivered that “baby” in the Porta Shitter. Named that deuce Phil Monkress.


Just to opine. I received my combat action ribbon well over a decade after I EASd. I did not update it on my dd215 ( due to COVID ). I do however, have the emails from MARCENT with the award citation, and the approval ( signed by a General ). It’s not unheard of is my point. My personal feelings since I work with dozens of fellow post 9/11 Vets is that if a story stays consistent through the years it’s probably true, whereas a liar always has to add to his claims. I don’t know how the Air Force is run, but it’s plausible he went on orders that were not processed. Additionally, on my DD214 is my Iraqi campaign medal , but on the right side doesn’t not list my duty in Iraqi along with where it does list my stateside assignments such as Great Lakes and Camp Pendleton, etc , I I did not realize it when I signed for it. I also have a sea service ribbon too. Again, my point is sometimes things happen, if he is a lair I would think over the years he would claim a PH, or a V device

W. Bainbridge

On 9/23/22 at 1:46 PM, just prior to JR’s press conference stating his missions were classified, JR tweeted two documents out that he says were in his record as well as “Proof” of classified missions.

The doc on the left has the name & SSN blocked out, but Box 3 has the title/grade of SSGT (E-5), the same title as “Jason” but lower rank, which makes sense since the doc is dated 4/25/01.

JR’s name in box 16, with a title/grade of A1C (E-3).

Bottom right of doc states “Created using Oracle Reports”. This is a TDY Travel Doc with words “Top Secret” on it.


If that’s a TS document, someone put the wrong color paper in the TS printer.

W. Bainbridge

Per records AP dropped, JR was in Japan from December 1999 to May 14 2001 & his duty Travis AF Base CA 5/15/01 to 5/31/02 (5/31/02 is circled on rhe docs the AP released, pg 7 of 7).

The document dated 4/25/01, line 11 shows would be from a flight from Japan to Korea back to Japan.
I suspect this is Jason’s file & he served with JR on flights. OWI was while JR was on one of these TDY’s, not while stationed there.


I think he PCSed from Kadena to Travis and from Travis went 179 days into the Sandbox.


She saw more sh*t in Afghanistan at Bagram than he did:

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That’s a deployment 10 right there!!

The Stranger

OK. Seriously, at what point are we going to drop the AOI on this clown? I made the motion, it was seconded, and the AYE was given way back when. I understand that there may be other considerations here, but this fucking guy refuses to come clean and keeps on “Chevaliering” his way through this. I hereby move, yet again, that the AOI be deployed against this shitbag E-2…I refuse to grant this drunken liar a rank/title.


OK OK I get it yes I was pausing because this is on going but I’m just gonna go ahead and drop it because I can guarantee we’re gonna have more posts on this and I apologize for not following up and if this guy I told you I take this motherfucker personally and the AoI will be deployed.


Cool man. We’re good. It’s just that I don’t like seeing my Air Force get dragged through the mud by this fucking clown. Here it is, I’m back, formerly “The Stranger”, formerly “Mustang1LT”. Fuck Bernath.


And I’ll be back in the high life again.


You got to roll with it.

Mike B

DD-214s can be a disaster. My 1st 214 from when I left AD in 1996 and went into the Reserves, the recruiter asked what I was kicked out for. Told him I wasn’t, he said the RE code says otherwise. Apparently my RE code had me ineligible for re-enlistment. Took 2 tries before they got it right. Years later I noticed another mistake on that same 214. It shows me deployed from Aug 1990 to Jan 1996 for Desert Shield/Storm. That was one long ass deployment at 5 years 5 months.

I think my 2nd 214, for a 2 year activation for 9-11, is 100% correct.

My 3rd 214 from my recall to AD for a MEB/PEB and subsequent AD medical/disability retirement, has a blurb at the end of the remarks section showing I was deployed for some Operation I never did.

Nowadays with everything computerized, they do a lot of cut and paste and weird shit ends up on the 214 and if you don’t read it ALL, or aren’t there to sign it….You get some erroneous off the wall shit.

Mike B

Oh and if you don’t provide them a updated list of awards and decorations, courses, deployments, etc. They’ll plug whatever outdated crap the system has on you, into it and call it good.

My crap was all screwed up, had to bring certificates in to prove awards and courses to get mine right and I still missed the leftover artifact in the remarks section from the previous persons 214. My 214s have the 2 errors I mentioned and my last one is missing my MSM, as it approved after my 214 was finalized.

The Stranger

Fine, I’ll grant you that the system can be fucked up at times. But…are you running for Congress? No? Look, if you’re going to do this, make sure your shit is squared away. Don’t tell lies and don’t cover up your fuckups.


Thanks to being in the Guard, I have 9 DD-214s. Not one of them match 100%. I have several awards that don’t show up on any of them because they were awarded at the end of (after de-mob) or after my last deployment (but I have the certificates.)

I should probably have spent more time worrying about it, but to be honest, when you’re going through de-mob, you want to out-process and go home, not worry about why the OSR that magically appeared on your last DD-214 magically dropped off of this one.

If JR came forward with a decent explanation (like, I was in Qatar but flew into AFG sometimes to support cargo movement) and some supporting documentation (like flight manifests, letters of commendation, a legit air crew guy who backed the story up) I’d give him the benefit of the doubt on calling himself an Afghanistan vet instead of looking at his DD-214 with a microscope – but he’s not being forthcoming about any of it, which makes me wonder about everything he claims.


Just like J.R. Majewski…..

Tyler Kistner, running for Congress in Minnesota.
Pushing his phony combat suck since his 2020 campaign.
Running again in 2022.
Only caught now, by an angry veterans group.


2022 10 05 Kistner MN for Congress 1.jpg

Not exactly “Just like”.
Kistner was a U.S. Marine O-3 Captain.
4 deployments.
No combat.
But plenty of phony badass combat BS since 2020.


And just so you know, JR you pig fucking Blue Falcon AIRMAN SHITBAG!!! Away we go, I’m going to ride your ass PERSONALLY, harder than Ned Beatty got it in Deliverance. You’re going to WISH that was you.
Because you’ve defamed my very sacred Port Dawg, 2T2X1, Air Transportation, career field which I so HEROICALLY!!! (sarc) served in from 1988 to 2007 and was a SMSgt and worked ALL the duty sections of the Port and had Major Additional Duties to include, Unit Disaster Preparedness & Chemical Warfare NCOIC, Unit Deployment Manager (Which is why I know your classified E-2 story is complete bullshit) and then Unit Training Manger.
This….THIS, you fucking ass maggot, is fully deserved and I’m going to not let go of this until its conclusion.
Bend over son because I’m about to drop a FULL 463L 60 Turner load of cargo into your fat ass!!!


Never Tick Off The Chipster!!!!


Now that’s what I call a “shaped charge”.


It’s the Chipster’s Symbol…When He’s Flamin’ MAD!!

“shaped charge”…

Good One, 26Limabeans!



oh oh — Another LIE?
J.R Majewski is now accused of

Fake Magna Cum Laude honor for a Master’s??

Insert J.R. Majewski cum jokes here.


2022 10 05 JR Majewski Magna Cum Laude Masters LIE.jpg

Quiet Riot – Cum On Feel The Noize (Official Video)

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Well, MarineDad61, am afraid that some of us TAHer will not be available since it is “age-restricted…”

Are They Serious? A video made in the 80s?

We still have that Album!!



Colorado Tech is basically an On-Line school.

Bet he converted his GPA and awarded himself those acclodes.

For his Bachelors, all he needs to show proof is his Diploma with “Summa Cum Laude”. He can forget about the Master’s Degree with “Magna Cum Laude”. Those Latin honors are for Undergraduate Degrees and I think for Law students earning their J.D.

Another case of embellishment.

Majewski really has issues.

Additionally, as pointed out before, both his Paternal and Maternal Grandparents were NOT “War” Veterans. One Great-Grandparent served during WWII from November 1944-April 1945.

Also, his Great-Grandparents were not European Immigrants. His GREAT-Great Grandparents were German Polish.

Last: His Biological Paternal Grandfather was NOT the original Secretary to the Hell’s Angels in California as he claimed.

As we said, this guy has some mental issues. Does he not realize that all it takes is a couple of keystrokes on a PC to unravel the truth?



Perhaps J.R. Majewski  😵  has prior experience that Some Cum Loud, hence his request that everybody else in line hold his head with his ears covered. 😜 


The As(s)teroid of Insults®™
(aka, “This Ain’t Hell” Thesaurus)
J(izzbag) R(atfucker) Majewski (Major Jerkoff), HEY DICKLESS (SUPER Dickless) WONDER, (“Yes, it’s true this man has no dick!” …**HT to Ghostbusters**) We all hope you read this and come back here and try to defend your actions, but, you won’t because, YOU’RE A STRAIGHT UP COWARD, </b>, NOT a COMBAT Veteran, LIAR!!,  vile, flaming piece of skunk shit, ALLEGEDLY, but not confirmed or proven, but in some people’s opinion, works balls, tickles taint and tongue punches hobo’s crusty fart boxes all, I Guess, while being a syphilitic, turd-sucking feces factory, HOLY Baby Ape Shit Breath, spunkknuckle, Bitch-ass Fuckstick guzzler, pile infested, onion-eyed flapmouthed butt-bailiff, “Fowl” mouthed Chicken Fucking Chickenfucker,

Last edited 1 year ago by ChipNASA

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Hack Stone

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