Short Takes: We’re #1, Navy 214s, Poland billing Germany for WWII, Nimitz water

| October 5, 2022

Russian Mobilization Rejects 50%

Russia reports rejecting up to 50% of those mobilized and fired a local enlistment officer in one region.

The governor did not specify how many Khabarovsk region residents have been mobilized, but the 50% figure is believed to be the highest share of wrongful mobilization cases to be declared in a single region. His colleague in the neighboring republic of Sakha reported Monday that 300 of those wrongfully enlisted have returned home.

Degtyaryov’s announcement follows reports of recruiters in the Khabarovsk region signing up men diagnosed with schizophrenia and single fathers with disabled children.

Moscow Times

We’re rejecting up to 77% during recruitment – take THAT. You got 27% to make up before you catch up to us, Ivan!

Admiral apologizes for failing to fix DD-214 problems

We wrote a while back about how the Navy had consolidated its admin functions to generate DD-214s for departing sailors in one spot, and that they were woefully behind on getting DD-214s generated in a timely period. This leaves ETS’ing sailors in limbo and unable to do things like move or acquire medical coverage. In an interview, Rear Adm. Stuart Satterwhite, the head of MyNavy Career Center promised to get it handled by the end of September. A little skepticism was expressed then:

For sailors who have or are about to start their separation, the Navy’s pay boss offered hope. Satterwhite promised that “in the next few weeks,” the backlog of DD-214s — the crucial record the civilian world uses to verify service — will get to the point where they are being issued before sailors get out of the Navy.

“I will tell you that we will get to the point where we will deliver these ahead of [separation],” Satterwhite promised.

But the issue with this one form is somewhat emblematic of the larger struggle that the Navy has put itself in by revamping the sprawling and outdated system.

“As we look at our DD-214s right now, I’m tracking this on a spreadsheet because our IT system doesn’t tell me the information I need,” Satterwhite explained. via Yahoo

At least Excel is reliable. Must be that proud but woman owned software to blame?

Poland asks $1.3 Trillion war reparations from Germany

Poland’s foreign minister on Monday signed an official note to Germany requesting the payment of about $1.3 trillion in reparations for the damage incurred by occupying Nazi Germans during World War II.

Poland’s government rejects a 1953 declaration by the country’s then communist leaders, under pressure from the Soviet Union, that Poland wouldn’t make any further claims on Germany.

Germany argues compensation was paid to Eastern Bloc nations in the years after the war, while territories that Poland lost in the east as borders were redrawn were compensated with some of Germany’s prewar lands. Berlin calls the matter closed. It was Moscow that decided Poland would receive only a small fraction of the compensation.

In the 1990s Germany paid one-time compensation to former inmates of Nazi concentration camps and to victims of forced labor, including many Poles. 2

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Weston A. Mohr/Released)

Nimitz back at sea after JP5 in the H20 problem addressed

The USS Nimitz was able to return to operations following the discovery of JP5 jet fuel in the drinking water system. Several sailors complained of bad odors, and even nausea or rashes from drinking and bathing in the contaminated water.

U.S. Third Fleet spokesman Cmdr. Sean Robertson said Monday the Nimitz left Naval Air Station North Island, California, on Sunday to rejoin its carrier strike group for pre-deployment training. According to Robertson, the ship’s water system has been flushed, cleaned and tested, and the “potable water was determined to be safe for the crew.” 3

Seems the prior water filtration system, “running it through the sailors” was ineffective. H/t to Jeff LPH for this one.



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Hack Stone

As Director of Media Relations for the proud but humble woman owned business formerly located in Bethesda Maryland that provided the US Navy the software for resolving their problem, Hack Stone would like to clarify a few things before the Semi-Fascist Ultra-MAGA Adorable Deplorables present their distorted views to the public.

Yes, we did provide the Navy the overpriced and outdated Red Hat Software to the Navy, but keep in mind that Sailor hats are White, not Red, so we immediately ran into problems interfacing the software with their existing network. Second, the US Navy was also provided, at no cost, Y3K software to prevent baby issues during the transition to the next millennium. Finally, at no time did TAH ever reach out to us for comment. Of course they will say that they tried to call us but the number was disconnected, but the last time we checked, the USPS is still operational, and we have a rock to prevent mail from blowing away.




Hack: Did you say USPS?

“Officials: 3 Philadelphia-area men charged with stealing nearly 400 checks from USPS mailboxes”

And this:

“New York, New Jersey USPS workers arrested in $1.3 million fraud, identity theft scheme”

And this:

“Former Massillon USPS worker sentenced: Operations Manager convicted of delay/destruction and theft of U.S. mail will spend 6 months in prison”


And this:

“OK woman searching for mom’s ashes lost in the mail, says USPS asked if the package is replaceable”

And speaking of USPS, check out who was caught in the $13 Million Fraud and Identity Theft Scheme (Paging Claw Please 😂🤣😅):

“JOHNNY DAMUS, a/k/a “Ace,” RASHAAN RICHARDS, a/k/a “Jay Dee,” a/k/a “JD,” a/k/a “Payso,” DEVON RICHARDS, a/k/a “Dev,” CONRAD HERON, a/k/a “Conny Cash,” LOUIS JEUNE VERLY, a/k/a “Luis Jesus Virola,” KAREEM SHEPHERD, a/k/a “Reem,” a/k/a “Marcus Ford,” a/k/a “Frank James,” FABIOLA MOMPOINT, a/k/a “Lady Fab,” NATHANAEL FOUCAULT, and JOHNATHAN PERSAUD, a/k/a “Junzie-J.”

Hack Stone

Cliff Clavin weeps.


Poland is asking for more than double their current GDP for a war that ended nearly 80 years ago. Seems unlikely that going to happen.

Seems a bit like a naked attempt to stir up German Fascists and create divisions in NATO at a key moment.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

Poland enjoys pissing-off Germany. Enjoys pissing-off Russia, too.


If I were Poland I’d piss in both of their Corn Flakes on the regular.


Old joke…

A Polish soldier is faced with a charging German soldier and a Russian one. He has a rifle with a bayonet and one (1) round. Who does he shoot?

The German– business before pleasure!


Looks like Rear Adm. Satterwhite sat-a-while on his rear.

Forrest Bondurant

Someone ought to jack up the admiral’s DD214 when he retires, and see how he likes it.


Speaking of Majewski, we have situations such as this where Family Members are led to believe stories told by the Veteran that are not true.

In this Veteran’s obituary, someone wrote:

“He served in the Army, Marines, and Navy, and was honorably discharged from each.
Additionally, Randy served as a Marine in the Vietnam War. The US Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes him as a former POW.”

He was never a Vietnam POW. Sounds as if he had mental and substance abuse issues.

You Be The Judge.

“Reizenstein served on active duty in the United States Marine Corps from May 1968 to May 1970, the United States Army from November 1974 to July 1977, and the United States Navy from December 1980 to February 1981.   During his time in the Marine Corps, he served in Vietnam.”

George V

I deployed on two different carriers 40-45-ish years ago. Can’t remember which one it was but the water smelling of jet fuel was not unusual.


Yup, same here. There was nothing unusual at all about having JP-5 in the water during my deployments. We could taste it in the water, smell it in the showers, etc.

There’s nothing quite like heading to the wardroom after a challenging night recovery for a Barney Clark slider and washing it down with a lukewarm glass of red bug juice highlighted with the piquant flavors of JP-5.


Served 3 weeks on the USS Blue Ridge; that was one of the things I never forgot, i.e. smelled it in the Showers, in the drinking water, etc.

A bunch of us Non-Navy joked with an Air Force CPT who frequently went on deck to smoke a cigarette…😉😎


Never been on a ship that didn’t smell of some kind of fuel oil generally anyway, too.


I have only been on Navy ships as a dependent when my father took me on tours, but one thing I remember about all the ships, from submarine to carrier, is the smell of oil. Lubricating, hydraulic, or fuel oil I don’t know.



“Biden Says He Was Raised Around Puerto Ricans ‘At Home Politically’ During Visit To See Hurricane Fiona Damage”

“We have a very… large Puerto Rican population in Delaware,” he said. “I was sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically.”

Hack Stone

His Puerto Rican neighbor were affectionately called Breakfast Tacos.


No, they would be breakfast pastelillos. Just sayin’, tacos are more of a Mexican thing.

Hack Stone

It’s hard for Joe to differentiate between all of those little brown people. He doesn’t even know how many grandkids he has.


He was driving an 18-wheeler, I bet.


Joe knows them because he had them picking his watermelons.


If Corn Pop was from PR, things might make sense. Just sayin’.


“Space Force Guardians Are Officially Eligible for the Bronze Star and Other Awards, Biden Says”

??? Women Vets have been receiving the BSM for a long time:

“The president also amended some of the language in the orders that date back to the World War II and Vietnam eras to indicate women may either bestow or receive the awards.”

“Biden’s amendments cleaned up outdated language in the old executive orders, such as switching “distinguished himself” to “distinguished themselves” and “his jurisdiction,” in reference to the service secretary, to the “jurisdiction of the Navy.”

“The executive orders establishing the awards were written before women took a more significant role in the military, including filling combat roles. All military roles were finally opened to women in 2016, more than seven decades after World War II.”


Um, okay… not that the old language stopped women from earning or bestowing said awards before.


I am guessing the alien invasion is well under way and they will land on the planet sometime in the next couple of years.

Hack Stone

Looking forward to it. I, for one, welcome our new intergalactic overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted Director of Media relations I could be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves!


I am sure they will set you up with a place on the Vineyard.

Hack Stone

Since Hollywood has run out of ideas for movies a long time ago and now are just recycling old movies, they need to release an updated version of the 1966 comedy The Russians Are Coming.

The Governor of a US Border State dispatches a plane of undocumented immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts to give them a better life in America. A 50 passenger plane of South Americans arrives at the municipal airport and all of the Karens on the island believe that it is an invasion. Soon, the information leaks via the Next Door Living app, leading hysteria and paranoia among the Woke inhabitants of the island, but the residents show their true compassion when they have the visitors removed by the military and relocated to a military base.

BlueCord Dad

I’d settle for the giant meteor that NASA is so effing worried about….

BlueCord Dad

I’d settle for the giant meteor NASA is so worried about


“Can’t We All Just Get Along…”


🎶”Oo-oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo-oo
When I’m calling you
Oo-oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo-oo
Will you answer too?”…🎶

Forrest Bondurant

They better get a list of approved pronouns, and amend that executive order.


We had to do a Double Take when we read this article…🙄

“How to Spot a Veteran”


Yeah, I think ball caps, jackets and stickers are some of the best way to spot phonies.

My dad did wear a USMC jacket for several years but it was something that his wife bought him. He did fly a USMC Flag in front of his RV wherever he went while he was traveling around the country. I figured out that he did that in hopes of running into other vets to talk to while on the road.


Don’t forget the honor vest, Dad’s master blaster jump wings and a Harley they can’t ride very well.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I rotate wearing Navy, Firefighter, Doowopp and non political tees plus Navy emblemed golf shirts. Always running into Vets and once had a former Viet Nam Marine Vet who was aboard my ship for medical care when the ship was in Viet Nam and a former Marine Vet who was on my ship during the 1980’s. Met one who was involved in Op Power Pack 1965 and one who was in Op Steel Pike back in 1964 off of Seville Spain.


I wore my boots until they wore out (took almost 30 years). Why not? They were comfortable, all-season all-weather all-terrain, suitable for work or play, easy to maintain.



“Here are some starter questions.
What to Ask a Veteran:”
Distinguished by its absence–

“Want a beer?”

They obviously never met any veterans I served with.


We don’t understand this.

Alex Drueke from Tuscaloosa, Alabama went to Ukraine on 12 April, “believing that his experience during the Iraq War and familiarity with Western weapons could prove helpful to Ukrainian forces.” He was captured and finally released on 21 September.

Drueke had been living with family members in Tuscaloosa, Ala., after being diagnosed as a 100 percent combat disabled veteran with post-traumatic stress after serving 2 Tours in Iraq.

If he is drawing 100% Disability based on PTSD, why did he go to Ukraine?

Also, it looks as if his Military photo is dated 13 January 2022 with an MOS of 74D. Did he have this picture taken for the Army Reserves/National Guard IRR? Or to go to Ukraine?

“Americans Captured By Russia Detail Months Of Beatings, Interrogation”


That would probably be an old photo. The Class A’s haven’t been a thing for quite a while.



You are right.

We got the dates wrong on his photo.

Photo looks as if it was dated 22 January 2013 instead of 13 January 2022.

Still don’t understand him receiving 100% Disability based on PTSD, then him going to Ukraine.

Also, trying to figure out the 74D MOS (CHEMICAL, BIOLOGICAL, RADIOLOGICAL, AND NUCLEAR) in conjunction with his 2 tours in Iraq and his 100% Disability.

Something is not right.


They look a bit tailored.


Look closely, but I can’t believe he had his picture (for the upcoming E-7 board) taken with reversed order of precedence Expert Weapons Qualification Badge and Driver & Mechanics Badge.

How did he expect to slay the Rooskies with that going on? / s


Thank You, 26Limabeans and Claw for the feedback.

True story.

Was waiting to get my DA Photo on an Army Base….the Color photo using a digital camera versus the Black and White Photo. While waiting my turn, I watched the Photographer CUT the back of a Soldier’s Class A jacket AND his shirt so that it would fit the Soldier.

Yep. The Soldier was a bit on the Heavy-Duty size. I also watched the Photograher use alligator clips, straight pins and cardboard tubing for the sleeves. The necktie was a challenge, but the Photographer made it happen.

The Soldier’s Class A pants was about 3-4 shades lighter than his jacket. For that Soldier’s sake, thank goodness DA decided to only take waist up photos. Additionally, the only way the photographer could erase the three chins on that Soldier was to digitially enhance him, which I speculate what happened.

All I could think was “I hope I do not go to War with this Soldier…”


“A Retired Soldier Fights For Kuwait Comrades’ POW Recognition”

“Retired Army Col. Fred Hart is trying to ensure that his fellow military comrades who lived through a harrowing chapter in American history more than three decades ago can get POW status and benefits.”

“Few Americans know that when Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990, 16 service members — and, in some cases, their families — were held hostage, trapped in the American embassy in Kuwait and then taken to the embassy in Iraq. Now, shortly after National POW/MIA Recognition Day, Hart is on a mission to ensure they receive recognition of their ordeal and to let them know they can apply for former POW status and the significant benefits that come with it.”


“The service members who were with Hart in Kuwait when the Iraqis invaded on Aug. 2, 1990 are:

Army: Col. John Mooneyham; Lt. Col. Tom G. Funk; Lt. Col. Rhoi Maney; Capt. Bill Schultz; CW4 Dave Forties; CW3 Gene Lord; Master Sgt. Alfred Allen, and Sgt. 1st Class Laurens Vellekoop.

Navy: Chief Petty Officer Ray Galles.

Marine Corps: Gunnery Sgt. Jim Smith; Sgt. Gerald Andre; Cpl. Dan Hudson; Cpl. Paul Rodriguez; Cpl. Mark Royer, and Cpl. Mark Ward.


What The…

23 Seconds…

“KAMALA: Communities benefit “psychically” from racial equity.”


Like using the Force?


What The….

“NYC Subway Attack: Gang Of Women In Neon-Green Bodysuits Attack And Rob 2 Women”

“Animals belong behind bars,” said the mother, who wished to remain anonymous. “Make an example of them. What happened to the New York City we all loved? Start fixing it now.”

Old tanker

Regarding the nimitz fiasco. Turns out a JP fuel line was integrated INTO the fresh water system. Lots of JP4 was pumped into it.

There is a you tube channel called Angry Cop who also was a Drill Sgt in the Army. He had a video about this the other day. I don’t know when that water system flushing article above was published but they made an announcement it had been cleaned and flushed then sailors were still finding JP4 in their water requiring further actions.

I’m not sure I believe the “official statement” just yet.


WTF, over?


“I’m not sure I believe the “official statement” just yet.”

Now that’s how you spot a veteran.