Semper Supra- USSF Announces Anthem

| September 21, 2022

The United States Space Force announced the release of its own official song at the Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber Conference at National Harbor in Maryland.

The song, “Semper Supra” (“Always Above”), joins the ranks of “The Marines’ Hymn,” “The Army Goes Rolling Along” and other staples of the American military anthem repertoire.

I’ll just leave this here.

*cough* Well. Nicely done, folks.

That is all.

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Prior Service

Now picture a formation full of sullen guardians reluctantly singing it after the senior NCO (1SG??) made everybody memorize the lyrics but nobody knows the tune. Meanwhile the senior officer (commander??) stands out front by himself at the end of the ceremony in front of his boss and maybe his boss’s boss singing loudly but off key.


That…is a beautiful image.

RGR 4-78

I guess paying the fees for the use of “Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon” cost too much.

So, where is the Space Force Academy going to be located?

What will their football players be called?

What will their animal mascot be?

Inquiring Dickweed/ettes want to know. 😜 


Whatever their mascot is, it won’t compare to the Oozlefinch.

I’m hoping it’s a Wookiee or a Tauntaun. I’ll settle for an Ewok.

It will probably be something stupid, after some constellation, like Ursa Major or Draco.

I can’t imagine they’ll have a football team. I’ll never bet against their e-sports.


The Tribble
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jeff LPH 3 63-66

I wish that Tom Corbett, Rocky Jones, Capt. Video, Buzz Cory and Cmdr. Cody were still alive to see this.

BlueCord Dad

You forgot Buck Rogers….😎


…and Colonel Deering (plus her spandex).

BlueCord Dad


jeff LPH 3 63-66

I mentioned 1950’s space TV shows and Buck Rogers did the 1930’s serial and later on in the 70’s their was a TV series so thats why I left him out.

BlueCord Dad

Okay, I’ll buy that. But don’t think I’m not watching😎


Aww, now ya tell us…


Boy, that sure strikes terror in my heart….


Skivvy Stacker

Makes me shiver with….um…..revulsion….I guess.


I thought that the Village People only did Navy Tunes. Who knew?


I guess you want yours cooked like Navy’s chances at an upcoming gridiron competition…Rare?


Since you mentioned it, I actually have grilled steaks over a nice bed of coals that were once Army issue oak tent stakes. I bet Claw could find you the NSN if you ask nicely.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Make no misSteaks about grilling steaks like that. I always wondered if LEO’S ever set up a grill while doing steakouts????


8340-00-261-9751 Tent Pin, Wood, 24 inch, two notches.
Items do not contain any precious metals, are nonrepairable, so disposition is authorized at the lowest level possible.


And if you want to go big, you only need to change one digit of the aforementioned NSN:

8340-00-261-9752 Pin, Tent, Wood, 36 inch.


Oh, and don’t forget to use the proper tool to drive them home:

5120-00-926-7116 Mallet, Wood


In space no one can hear you sing.

BlueCord Dad

Which might be a good thing in this case….

Hack Stone

Hack was hoping they would have gone with this one.


What exactly do they do anyway? I know it’s basically satellites and cyber stuff but is it really military? I’m not trying to be a wise ass isn’t this something that could be done by a civilian agency? Do they even learn to shoot and if so why?


Space Force is like the Air Force, but without all the emphasis on “military”.



Has a 50s vibe. Not a good one.

From on high?



The Stranger

It just keeps getting worse. I’m praying for SMOD at this point.


Needs more Kazoo.


Nah, Theremin…


Speaking of Air Force….You Be The Judge.

“Air Force Academy diversity training tells cadets to use words that ‘include all genders​,’ drop ‘mom and dad'”

“Air Force Academy also tells cadets to be ‘Color Conscious’ instead of ‘Colorblind'”

Hack Stone

Cadets can now be subject to a Summary Court Martial if they get a “Mom” tattoo.

Somehow all of this diversity training will make our service members successful in combat, but Hack Stone has no idea how. Can someone explain it to us?


I’m so embarrassed at what our military has become. Stay away kids it just ain’t worth it anymore. Forget service to something bigger than yourself, get an education or skill in something marketable and make enough money to insulate yourself from the stupid as much as possible. And never ever support or vote democrat, they are responsible for ruining the greatest country in history. Never forgive or forget.

AW1 Rod

You gotta be fucking kidding me!

I’d like to offer an alternative:

AW1 Rod

I can’t believe they’re actually teaching this bullshit at the service academies, now.

I wonder how that “diversity training” is going in the CHICOM PLA, and in North Korea and Iran.

What a fucking laughing stock our “military” has become.


Well, it’s a good bet they helped develop this shit for their minions here to foist on our military..


my thought exactly. Too, there’s always CW McCall’s “Crispy Critters”-
After all, the leader was a space cadet.

Old tanker

I have a question. They are the “space force”. OK. Does that mean they are going to be like the Navy, fighting in space, vehicle vs vehicle and then require a separate infantry / armored fighting force they haul around? If so, would that force be pulled from terrestrial forces (Army / Marines) or would they have their own “ground” combat force as an adjunct of the space force just like the Navy / Marines?

Hack Stone

It’s going to get pretty confusing when some people start talking about safe spaces.


And with that service dress uniform (like this) they want:


Mobile Infantry… “M I does the dying, Fleet just does the flying”


I would have voted for this 1980’s classic:


Lyrics, for those who can’t be bothered to listen:

Sitting up here watching all the lights blink below
The Earth is turning, why does it go so slow?
Thinking about the girl I left behind
Houston, can you hear me or have I lost my mind?
Why me? Why me?

I was waiting on the pad, all systems were go
The man up in the tower was enjoying the show
Then I got this feeling that I never had before
Hey let me out of here, what am I here for?
Why me? Why me?

There must be a thousand other guys
Must be some other way to look good in your eyes
Why am I up here? What do they see in me?
Must be one thousand other places to be
Why me? Why me?

The last man to be here was never heard from again
He won’t be back this way ’til 2010
Now I’m riding on a fountain of fire
With my back to the Earth, I go higher and higher
Why me? Why me?

You’re welcome! 😀


Well now that my earholes have been violated, it’s time to listen to some Kenny G covers of my favorite Slayer albums…