Minneapolis starting to realize they might actually want the police

| September 21, 2022

After attacking their police department figuratively, literally, and politically, some residents of Minneapolis are finding that it’s not all roses when you get what you want. Wait until the end. The best part to me is the spokesman for the homeless encampment (that the police refuse to enter unless lives are in danger) says that it’s not the actual homeless people there that are the problem.

KARE 11 reports;

Under the watchful eye of a surveillance camera, a thief breaks into the work van filled with tools belonging to Ross and Heather Lumley, owners of the small property management company The Stepping Stone Group.

“He’s got a bright yellow construction vest on so no one’s asking questions,” Heather says.

“It’s very violating to know your years of hard work are driven off by some criminal,” Ross says while the couple reviews their video.

After driving off with the van, the thief comes back for their box truck.

“Yeah, it’s very frustrating,” Ross says.

The next day, the Lumleys find the box truck, stripped and abandoned.

And the GPS from the van pings from what’s known as the “Near-North homeless encampment” in the Harrison neighborhood of Minneapolis off Humboldt Avenue.

It’s one of at least 18 encampment sites known to city officials.

When the Lumley’s get there, they can see the van inside and shoot a cell phone video of people handling their power tools.

So they call police.

“If I can see my stolen property, I don’t care if its in someone’s home, in their business or on the street, I should have the right to go retrieve it with the authorities,” Heather says.

But the Lumleys say they were told by MPD that officers can’t go into the encampment to investigate or get the stolen property.

“To have just that kind of brush-aside when we actually need something was, to me, more frustrating than the actual theft,” Heather says.

A Minneapolis police spokesperson tells KARE 11 News that for life-saving situations, they don’t hesitate to enter encampments. But for property crimes, because of the hostile nature toward police inside the encampments, they need to slow down and make sure they have available staffing and resources before proceeding.

So the Lumleys attempt to get the van back themselves — filming a video following it as it drives out of the encampment — before the van speeds up and loses them.

The next day, the Lumleys learn the empty van was recovered, trashed and crashed in an alley.

“It was part of multiple hit and runs so now we’re talking about residents’ vehicles just being hit on the side of the road,” Heather says.

That still left the missing tools, so Heather, baby in tow, goes into the encampment alone and asked for the tools back. She was able to recover a few.

“And the cops sat around the corner,” she says.

Full-time encampment resident Ted Fox says he’s frustrated when criminals use the encampment as cover from police.

“A lot of it is second parties — people who are acquainted with someone who’s here,” Fox says. “It happens quite a bit. Because they know this is a place that the cops don’t come here and shake you down.”

He says most people living there would disapprove.

“Yes, it would be frowned upon,” Fox says.

But the Lumleys feel hopeless by what seems like a lack of enforcement, repercussions and equal standards for wrongdoing in the city of Minneapolis.

“These criminals just need to be held accountable. And once that starts getting some traction, we can close the door on this chapter and go back to the society that we had,” Ross says.

No one has been arrested or charged in the theft and destruction of the Lumleys’ property.

And no one ever will…

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I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. That is what happens when you think with your heart and your ass as opposed to using your head. I have no sympathy. You made your bed Minneapolis, now lay in it.

Hack Stone

Too late, their bed was stolen.


Oops. Forgot about that part.

Skivvy Stacker

And the guy who makes the pillows had his phone taken by the FBI.
[he makes the pillows here in Minnesota]


Considering the whole “movement” was inspired a degenerate scum and career criminal, everything is going according to plan.
Crime is going to continually get worse and worse…
Until the people cede unlimited power to reorganize the Justice System.
The new system will be based on previous successful ones run by The Checka, Stasi, Gestapo…


Exactly. (Is whole plan, comrade!)


Yep, my field is barren…I have none to give.

Hack Stone

Welcome to Thunderdome. Anyone have a good phone number for Snake Plissken?


I’ll also take Ash Williams (Shop Smart, shop S-Mart!) in a pinch.

Green Thumb


Send them Turd Bolling of Ambassador Worlwide Ptrotection Agency (national and international).

With his not-so-real-deal Navy SEAL training, he could make a differnce. Or not.

When Turd Bolling is a patrollin’, anything could be a goin’…


Want to be a benefit-grubbing coward who beats only law-abiding people for offending political favorites? Left/libtard jurisdictions are hiring now! (See what happens with “defunding”– look at the UK, Seattle, there, etc.)

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

(Really, that’s how Leftists play it– see Venezuela.)


comment image


Your’e not gonna make it after all.


Hack Stone

George Floyd certainly could turn the world on with his smile. He could take a misdemeanor charge and suddenly make it a flashpoint to burn down the country.

Skivvy Stacker

I’ve read his autopsy report.
There was no injury to his neck at all. No bone or muscle injuries that could account for his death.
He DID, however, have a lot of illegal substances coursing through his blood, and had actually swallowed a bindle of something during the arrest. His heart was found to be enlarged, and his lungs were scarred. The guy was a heart attack, or stroke waiting to happen.


You are correct. It is not possible to compress an adult’s airway by kneeling on the side of his neck. The misfeasance was in continuing the restraint after he showed signs of medical distress. There enough cops there to deal with him safely once they picked him up, but the others just stood and watched.

Skivvy Stacker

He was also well known to MPD, and was always claiming he “couldn’t breathe” as he was being arrested. It got to be so common with him that they would automatically call for a police van to come so they could get him to jail. He was always the boy who cried “wolf” until it came back to bite him in the ass.
The cops didn’t kill this guy, and had nothing to do with his timely death.


You can compress the side of the neck to close off blood vessels and cause unconsciousness without injury to the person. This is trained in the Army as part of the Combatives system.

Chauvin’s actions inhibited the movement of the diaphragm that allows the lungs to expand and and compression to the neck reduced the flow of blood carrying oxygen to vital tissues. Not enough that he couldn’t breathe at all, but enough that a man drugged up with a bad heart couldn’t breathe enough. Using the “but for” test it is fair to say that Chauvin caused the death of Floyd.

The others didn’t stand around and watch. Kueng knelt on Floyd’s back, Lane held his legs and Thao kept bystanders back.

A more interesting question is whether it was justified. Floyd was resisting a lawful arrest. With four officers on the scene there were many other actions that Chauvin could have directed that would likely kept Floyd and alive and in custody but he chose not to take them.


Actually, intentionally passing forged currency is more than a misdemeanor.

Hack Stone

Yeah, but in that city he would have been released with desk appearance ticket.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

This shit can’t get any better. Now where have I heard that echo before

Skivvy Stacker

I live in Lakeville, MN which is about 20 miles south of downtown Minneapolis. I will not go there anymore without a gun on me. The city counsel found out that the residents don’t want to defund the police. And the clowns on the city counsel have bent over backwards to blame the rise in crime on anything other than a lack of police officers. Laura Ingraham was up here not long ago doing a week long story about how the riot zones still haven’t recovered. The results of that were the mayor shutting down access to the police by the press. He doesn’t want to have to be responsible. Neither does the governor; he has people who literally run interference for him when reporters try to ask questions about that particular fuck up.


It’s almost like they were okay with no police until it actually affected them. Who would have thought?


Life in the big lawless city. Too bad, so sad, file an insurance claim.


Nope. Fuck ’em. They bought it, they paid for it, they OWN IT. They screeched for YEARS about George Floyd and ‘muh racism’. You asked for a reduced police presence, you GOT IT. Deal with it.


Not the police causing the problems, is it?

Skivvy Stacker

The PEOPLE didn’t want it, the idiots in the government did. When it came up for a vote last year the people wanted to FUND the police. Surprised the shit out of the city counsel. They keep trying to make the crime problem out to be a lack of social programs and “feel good” programs to intervene in the poor lives of the under represented gang bangers.

USMC Steve

Given the significant percentage of liberal fools in that city, I am sure it was trendy enough to gain traction among a lot of the populace. They willingly and aggressively go along with the thoughts issued to them by the hivemind.


Very messed up situation, but WTF she took her baby with her to the encampment!! I feel for her and losing her property and the police situation is ridiculous but if its so bad cops won’t go in what fucked up logic says bring the baby. Property can be replaced your kid can’t.

RGR 4-78

She was probably trying to elicit an escalation of force from the scumbags thereby forcing Law Enforcement to act.


Not a great idea if that’s what she was thinking. Really stupid and probably criminal endangerment.

RGR 4-78

I totally agree.


“Trained Marxists” at work!

AT1 ret


Skivvy Stacker

How did you get my picture?


It appears Rule of Law ended in Minneapolis some time ago. Any sane person left in the city should have left a couple of years ago.


This article here paints a picture of things circling the drain.


“On this balmy night in early August, 14 Minneapolis police officers are covering the downtown precinct from 4:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. That’s down from 60…
“O’Rourke’s job is to figure out how to use those 14 officers to cover downtown, where there are two concerts and a Twins game tonight. He’s had as few as 12 officers in the past couple of years.”

“The department has lost about 350 officers — dropping from about 900 cops to 550 — in the past two years.”

A lot more in the article.


Last person out of Minneapolis please turn off the lights. Thank you.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Let’s see…….
Can’t start a fire in the encampments, that’s a life hazard and would bring fire and police departments.
Semi-toxic gas? (chlorine based?) Again, life hazard.
How about fire hydrant water hose? Wash it all down the gutter.
Or a stink gas? Something along a butyl line? (Or worse? Not too familiar with those)
Not a life hazard, just an annoyance and a nuisance. That might work to dispel the camps.

Old tanker

When you denigrate, then prosecute, the folks who are supposed to help you teach that force that doing their job is tantamount to being indicted, convicted and tossed in prison. Hence, they will do nothing in order to insure they neither are killed, injured or prosecuted by the folks who hired them. What they hell else would you expect or do if you were in their shoes. Another question to ask is why ANY of the LEOs are still there? A sane person would understand that the job is not worth the results if you actually Do the job.

A Proud Infidel®™

Those idiot politicians at the helm must have thought that the gangbangers and dope dealers would take care of everything.