Theodore Kosin – The 49 Day Commando – No NDSM

| September 19, 2022

Theodore Kosin

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on Theodore James Kosin, 33 y/o, who comes to us from Jamison, Pennsylvania.  It seems that Theodore has been telling tales of two tours in Afghanistan, a Purple Heart, and PTSD.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  First, there are the claims on Kosin’s LinkedIn page.

Theodore Kosin – LinkedIn

Then, messages were posted where he claimed he was blown off a cliff in Afghanistan due to a hopper mine. Then, he also claims that he was awarded a Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Medal.

In an earlier post, Kosin suggests a resource for help with PTSD, but says that talking to the person that heads up the program reminds him of bad times in his life and the dark place in his PTSD battle.

Then, there is a service dog involved… aaaannd why not?

In a Dec 2021 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, there is a claim that Kosin did two tours in Afghanistan.

The entire article from the Philadelphia Inquirer can be read here: “Filling the Void” complete article.


We were informed that Kosin supplied the following documents to seemingly support his claims of Afghanistan and PTSD.  We stress that these documents have been obtained via a third party so we cannot speak for their accuracy.

DD-214 Allegedly Obtained from Kosin

There is no Purple Heart listed in the DD-214, however.

VA Certification of Service – Allegedly Obtained from Kosin

Certification of PTSD – Allegedly Obtained from Kosin

Someone pointed out that although there is a Dr. Harry Coslett associated with the University of Pennsylvania, there was no link found to tie him to the VA Medical Center in Philadelphia.  Maybe Dr. Coslett is associated but there is no public information linking him to the VA.  In any case, it was just one more thing that raised some suspicion around Kosin’s claims.

. . . . .


Theodore Kosin’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .



FOIA Result – US Army HRC – Theodore Kosin – DD-214

FOIA Result – US Army HRC – Theodore Kosin – ERB

FOIA Result – US Army HRC – Theodore Kosin – Form 1966/4

FOIA Result – US Army HRC – Theodore Kosin – Orders

The entire FOIA result is provided below.

US Army FOIA Complete Results

. . . . .


We searched the DoD Manpower Data Center database and found the following service listing for Theodore James Kosin.

DoD Manpower Data Center (SCRA) – Theodore Kosin

This database was searched as well for any other active duty to present day. It did not show any other service dates, but sometimes the database is unreliable for recall to active duty from reserve status. This appears to be consistent with Kosin’s DD-214, however.

. . . . .


(3rd Party) FOIA Results – NPRC – Theodore Kosin

We were provided the above FOIA result that a third party obtained from NPRC but we stress that because this document has been obtained via a third party, we cannot speak for its accuracy.  However, it appears consistent with other FOIA results.  We have also filed with the NPRC but have not had results returned to us yet, probably due to reduced hours as a result of COVID.

. . . . .



There are discrepancies between Kosin’s claim of being in the Army and being in Afghanistan for two tours. Several documents point to him being in the Army for 49 days which is not enough time to complete basic training in 2007.

Also, it is odd that he was discharged on the day his military school was supposed to start – 12 DEC 2007.


Kosin was discharged as a PV2 (E-2) vs. the SGT (E-5) claimed.


Although Kosin was guaranteed Airborne training upon his enlistment, no documentation supports him attending or completing that training.


His records do not support the claims that Kosin served in combat.


Although we cannot prove or disprove a medical diagnosis of PTSD, if he does have it then it appears highly unlikely that it would have been due to combat, which he claims it was in his posted messages.


Kosin’s records show no award of the Purple Heart – not to mention the Distinguished Service (DSM) medal also claimed.  There is no mention of a Purple Heart in his awards block – in fact, it is completely blank.  There is not even an NDSM listed so that further points to him not completing basic training.


If Theodore James Kosin has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, he could violate the Stolen Valor Act.

Much like the danger of someone training others with firearms and the trainer does not have the experience that he/she claims to have, it is also questionable if not dangerous practice for someone to advise on PTSD when their own experiences with it are questionable.  Kosin may have PTSD, but it is highly doubtful it is from his imaginary two tours in Afghanistan.


Here are a few short audio files of Theodore Kosin speaking before a board.  These recordings are from July 27, 2021, Sept 14, 2021, and Sept 28, 2021. The September 28 recording was part of an attempt to get himself a seat on the school board when someone resigned.

14SEP22: “Friends Die in My Arms”

14SEP22: “Taliban MEME”

28SEP22: “Weapons SGT, Infantryman”


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AW1 Rod

The dude has certainly lived a very exciting military life. Inside his head.


Legend in his own mind.


“Inside his head”

Looks to be a rather spacious one at that.


The more they brag about their daring do the more likely they are to be less than truthful. I don’t think Dick Winters was bending people’s ears about charging a company of SS in Holland? Was Chesty Puller talking shit? Basil Plumley spewing out of his pie hole? No. Its always seems to be some Round Ranger with imaginary fruit salad talking the most junk. Am I wrong?


These “Instavets” have an Internet moto… Be all you want to be! I’ve helped him along, Theodore Kosin, phony Afghanistan Veteran, who only did 49 days in the military, fully “kitted up”.

Theodore Kosin 49 Day Commander Meal Team Six Meal Team 6.png
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Was just thinking the same: “Meal Team Six”.

A Proud Infidel®™

That boy looks like he has NEVER come across an all-you-can-eat buffet he didn’t like.

Daisy Cutter

If he would have gutted it out just a few more days he would have gotten hisself an NDSM.

Sometimes you can get so close to the kitchen that you smell the cookies.

Last edited 1 year ago by Daisy Cutter
Hack Stone

That’s the “highly coveted and rarely awarded NDSM”.

Daisy Cutter

We came dangerously close this time to a case of someone wearing an unearned NDSM.


Not even the minature one.

MI Ranger

It will soon become very rare…31 Dec 2022 last day to qualify

Daisy Cutter

We few… we so happy few.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I thank the RibbonMedal Gods that my NDSM and AFEM are legit I am happy to say.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Lucky you! I don’t think that I have an AFEM.; Depending on the requirements, I may have been awarded one after I retired (28 Feb98), but I haven’t looked, not sure I care to.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The AFEM was for Op Power Pack
(Dominican Republic) 1965


Something like this (at best)… rang the bell at BCT:

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

The poor bastard couldn’t even make it to the Gunga Dan line with 1 month and 18 days of service. Weak, weak sauce.

His POSing is also subpar. No Harley, no doo-rag, and no vest of fake bling. He does sport a “service” dog and claims the dreaded battle induced PTS of D, so he has that going for him. I also like how he bogarted someone else’s DD214 and forged in his name.



The Stranger

As a two-time recipient of that most hallowed of awards, I think I can speak for the Brotherhood when saying that we dodged a bullet with this clown 🤡.


A for-the-good-of-the-service quitter? For a brief moment, he sense for one in his life and save countless friendly lives?


Not everyone. A trail of wreckage has been left behind.


Looking at the cantaloupe atop the watermelon make me think he didn’t just break tape he destroyed it and without any hope of safely making it by the end of BCT, they sentg him home.


The dog has been trained to sniff out PTSD. When there is none in the vicinity it pretty much just lives a life of barking, eating and pooping.


I LOVE they blurred the dogs face out as Clearly it too is a victim!


Unless there was a time warping machine involved, there were a few instances where his math doesn’t add up on the timeline.

1) claims he was paralyzed for 3 months. That would have taken quite a bite out of the 49 days, unless they kicked him out while he was paralyzed.

2) on his LinkedIn page, he says he was in the Army from 2006 until 2011, but JUST below this he claims he was in college from 2007-2009. Maybe he’s talking Army Reserve or he went to college full time while he was in the Army. I dunno. Strange he would put them side-by-side on a resume.

Last edited 1 year ago by tshe

wtf. How do you make it out of a hellhole like 30th AG only to be dicharged in the early part of OSUT? I did my BNCOC phase II at Benning in late 2005 and had a Drill on Sand Hill tell me the ITB commander wouldn’t discharge anyone for ANY reason, even the kid in his company that had gone AWOL twice and who just sat on phone duty all day stealing oxygen. I wish I knew what lead to him getting shown the door so fast.
This guy clearly had a dream of being a bad ass Infantryman, and it never happened, except in his head.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Oh, he could have been a bad-ass infantry…….as a “sandbag” bullet catcher.


Nothing says badass like making E-2 in 49 days.


He enlisted as an E-2 and still owed the Army the paperwork to substantiate his claim to be eligible for that program IAW AR 601-210 paragraph 2-18a(14).


“Hopper mine”

— SIGH —

In classic POSer fashion, looks like ol’ Teddy here lifted that little gem straight from a video game.


Yeah, I was taken aback by that but I’m so old we had the
term “bouncy betty” back in the day.


That’s “sexist” and mean to wimmenz now.


As soon as I read he claimed he was wounded by an enemy “hopper mine,” I knew he was FOS. Never heard that term in connection with any of my mine training. It was always called a bounding mine or “bouncing betty,” the name given to the WWII version employed by the Wehrmacht.


According to the website that I’ve linked below, a “Hopper Mine” is something that is found in a video game called “Half-Life 2”:

Hopper Mine | Half-Life Wiki | Fandom

So I wasn’t joking when I said that ol’ Teddy here must have lifted that term straight from a video game.

This assclown must actually believe that “Hopper Mines” are real and are in use in the field.



Too much time spent playing video games in his Mom’s basement.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mick
Green Thumb

He was probably wounded by a two-hole drill.


WTF is a hopper mine? It’s not in the FM20-32.

Derek Mitchell

“The Hopper Mine is an anti-personnel proximity mine that hops into the air towards the target before exploding, much like a bouncing betty.” From the video game Half-Life

A Proud Infidel®™

Next, he’ll be saying that he got wounded by a Plasma Grenade just like in the videogame “HALO”.

Hack Stone

And he got hit by a barrel rolled by the ape in Donkey Kong.

A Proud Infidel®™

Likely claiming that as a getting Combat Wounded.


He was trampled by the opening crowd at the Golden Corral on Mother’s Day !!!


Along with having a group of beings called Heartless who attempted to steal his heart. The Heartless are the main villain faction for those who have never played Kingdom Hearts.


I’m thinking is was called a Bouncing Betty but they probably huddled and thought it may be perceived as sexist, so they renamed it a “Hopper” (pronounced ‘Hop*pah’ with a Boston accent – the letter ‘r’ is never pronounced in Boston dialect i.e. cah, triggah, etc)


Great commercial. As a bonus, I got a bra commercial too.


Must be pretty powerful to blow that POS off a cliff.


Thank God they blurred the dog. Nobody deserves that.


BCT discharge? From the looks of it, he was discharged from the BCT fat-camp (Fitness Training Unit). They’ll only keep you for the length of BCT and discharge you if you don’t pass the minimum standards.


The Donut Brigade takes no prisoners.

Daisy Cutter

On that one form it says: “Airborne qualified at Harrisburg MEPS on 20071024.”

Who knew you could get a crash course in one day at a MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station), while all others had to endure weeks of training to get qualified?

MI Ranger

Qualified to attend training…not trained

Now maybe they meant Koalfied at MEPS, I haven’t seen the pictures!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Huh. “Access denied”. Oh well.


Hey, if I’d known that, I’d have spent money to go process there.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Hey. I went in the Army at Harrisburg 54 years ago. No one told me I could Airborne qualified there. Guess that’s why I ended up a crypto mech.

Derek Mitchell

His stories over the years have changed. Originally he was a Ranger who did drug interdiction and hunted drug lords in Columbia. Oh and he was a LT in the NYC fire department. Never could provide paper trail to back it all up. Unfortunately I have to admit I knew him. Never believed his BS tho..

Green Thumb

One thing we do know is that is probably employed at All-Points Logistics.

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) would not pass on this type of talent.

And another thought, this clown looks a bit like Phil Monkress. Phildo’s long lost son?


For what the heck does he have to blur the face of his support dog exactly?


I was very surprised they sent the “Taliban” after him in boot camp ? but he “respects them” . Next up the Bat Mobile…


ASPCA rules.

Hack Stone

To protect the reputation of Man’s Best Friend. The dog does not want to lose his standing in the canine community.


put Kosin in the pound and give the Dog a “Golden biscuit award” for tolerance for a big dummy.


True that.


The TAH admins always blur the face photos of the POSers’ mutts. Otherwise, the poor canines will catch a great deal grief on Fakebook and TikTok.


True, it’s not their fault their owner is an embarrassing sh*tbag.


Probably because the dog, being smarter than he is, wanted no part of his sorry ass and demanded anonymity.

MI Ranger

So he was going to be a 35K AH-64 Apache Electronic Test kit repairman.
I do recall before the great War (Desert Storm/Desert Shield) when I was in ROTC, the National Guard trying to recruit me to be a Crew Chief. They said it was the best way to become a pilot. They wanted me to go to Basic one summer and AIT the next, but what would be even better was I skip a semester and go to both. Luckily my parents convinced me it would get me off track and to not do it…in actuality it would have hardly interrupted my schooling at all, except that darn DS/DS kicking off and everyone sitting in the sandbox for over a year!

Getting back to Mr. Kosin: He doesn’t look that unfit, even after he has been laying on the couch at Fort Livingroom for a while talking to a shrink about how bad his military experience was! I don’t see a discharge type, but he does not appear to have completed basic. Maybe he had some issue fitting in to the Army? Bed wetting, or pooping in the sink


Oh, my God, it was awful– life sucked with the PTS of D from extra duty after I missed Dental twice and it’s all the Drill Sargeant’s fault! (Well, you know how it goes.)

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

“Bed wetting, or pooping in the sink”

Sleepwalking during nocturnal emissions.


Fractured taint… that’s what happens to all of those Instavets.


Shhhhh! Those e-missions are classified!


Let’s not forget the fictional “Handjob” (and Jimi Hendrix’s real creative idea to encourage approval of his early out) from Full Metal Jacket:

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous
Hack Stone

If you could get kicked out for not being “master of your domain”, Hack Stone knows a few guys who should be on death row at Leavenworth.


True about Jimi (although enhanced a little by Stanley Kubrick). The guy who earned a Purple Heart jerkin’ in a latrine when hit in a mortar/rocket attack still has more to be proud of than the JAG dude demanding a CAB for being 5m within the required radius from a random IDF impact.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous


Daisy Cutter

There I was, knee-deep in spent shell casings and grenade pins. The enemy was closing in when suddenly, without warning, a strange sound pierced the air…

“Theodore! Get your fat @$$ off that damn couch, quit playing Call of Duty, and clean up that filthy pig pen you call your bedroom.”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’m glad that he’s no Kosin of mine.


More Fraud….Listen to this Shit….


I wonder who he stole this from?
Speaking on 9/11 the very same person who above says “respects the Taliban” calls our own service members basically “the terrorist”


He was definitely reading that…!!!

MI Ranger

and breathing heavily doing that…maybe he got out because he had stress induced asthma?


He’s a Fireman too?

Hack Stone

His Facebook page (that was still open to the public as of this afternoon) only goes back a few months, but chock full of religious inspired memes. No military related posts that Hack could see.


What in the ever loving hell is this


More of this idiots B.S…..

Black Bart

Man, a real-live GRAND MASTER! I’ve always wanted to be a Grand Master, unfortunately it can never be. I was born handicapped with a thing called ‘integrity’. But you’d think he’d lean more on the Bible in the naming conventions of his minions more-so than just straight-up STEALING his rank structure from my beloved Army!

Two words: Clown Shoes.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Grand Master” MY ASS, that title is another masonic one, there is one Grand master in the Grand Lodge of each State. Where did he do his recruiting for his other “Officers”, or do they even exist? That looks like some kind of junk one would post to con donations out of those who ask no questions, IMHO he’s far less ethical than Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart put together.


I’m curious how much money he’s hiding from the IRS with this simulated church.


Here is some more…!!


Where did you find all of this?? That’s loony,


His Facebook…

A Proud Infidel®™

As it says on that webpage, “he Archangels of Liberty and The Liberty Vanguard were formed in the spirit of the Knights Templar, …”

THE REAL Knights Templar of today is a Masonic Body, meaning that in order to be a member, one has to first be a Master Mason in good standing, that Boy is all hat and no cattle.


He was in the Battle of Kosin Resevoir.


Refrigerator not Reservoir
LMFAO !!!!!!!!


His colostomy bag broke.

The refrigerator works, though. 😉


This complete horses ass has gotten into political campaigns
to infiltrate both major parties –
He has infected school board races all the way I’m told into state representative races. When I received this email today
I was both grateful and pissed. Thank you Valor Guardians!
Some how I feel the damage shown here just scratched of the surface of the disaster left behind by this cowardly kook!


I have a question here
I know it’s been answered before
But I forgot
Shouldn’t he have rated at least 2 ribbons
From basic ????
Or did the fat fu$& wash out before hand.
was he was a hold over who washed out
Before he was to recycled


Im asking because it looks like he made it through basic but never made it to AIT


Skippy, He did not even make it through the Basic Training Phase of One Station Unit Training (OSUT) before he was shit-canned.

The Basic phase is 10 weeks long and does not include a one-week long reception period.

I would venture to say that he made it through Week 2, but then that old malady of enuresis (bed-wetting) showed up and he went into a “hold over till discharge” status.

But long story short, his 49 days doesn’t even put him the TAH Top 10 of Least Days of Service. For that, Ron Etzig with his total of 16 days in the Army still holds the Crown and Scepter.

Reverend Doktor Righteous

Fat boy could use a purple ass.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Maybe he got the PT of the SD from a runaway floor buffer? OH, the horror!!!!


Hey! That ain’t funny. Those buffers are dangerous!


Any evidence of a motorcycle and a leather vest covered in POSer bling anywhere in this steaming hot mess?

They’ve gotta be in here somewhere…

Hack Stone

Any tattoos? They get bonus points if they get some ink to honor their fallen brothers.


he has them


“I love to read about phonies in the moring….
It reads like <pause> Victory” – Lt. Col. Kilgore (paraphrasing of course)

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

As we have all seen, time and again, SV is the Rancid Cherry topping the Shit Sundae.
What has Bulgy Boi Chosen Kosin done that could have earned him a prison record and other assorted criminal records?
Mebee time to dig deeper into the wood pile and see what rot lies beneath?


I can’t believe that, after 61 comments, I have to be the FIRST (ht 2 CW) to make a MOTION for the Deployment of the TAH As(s)terioid of Insults on the lying Despicable POS, Rotund Ranger (Buffet Assault Hero), Theodore James Kosin. Nothing more despicable than the claiming of a Purple Heart when it is in no way earned. He may have earned a Purple Taint in the shower. ESAD mofo.

I’m gone TAD for a few days and y’all forget how to call in a FIRE MISSION! FIRE MISSION! FIRE MISSION!?

Can I get a SECOND and an AYE? ChipNASA standby.


Second! Where the hell is that AYE?

The Stranger

Con una chingada…SIIIIIII!




AYE AYE and AYEEEE ! ! ! !





I have never seen a dick bag Sarge get a DSM. Maybe a star, but never a sarge. What an asshole.


49 days. I spent more time submerged on one deployment than this asshole. We would shoots water slugs out the torpedo tubes, it would be a pleasure to shoot him out as well.


Brittany Kosin,
the WIFE of Phony Purple Heart Theodore James Kosin,
is running for a State House seat (as a Libertarian).

Just in…
She just announced….
on her Twitter AND her Book of the Fake:

[I am taking a break from public appearances and social media.
On Saturday, September 19, 2022
a member of my family had a serious health event.
We are not sure what is wrong
as we are awaiting more tests.
Family comes first.]

Dig further on “TJ Kosin”.
Theodore Kosin runs his own CHURCH “Archangels of Liberty”
as well as a PARALLEL “The Liberty Vanguard”,
you know, about CHIVALRY.

All of it is all over Twitter AND the Book of the Fake.

Twitter link >

Brittany Kosin twit 1.jpg

I wonder if the health emergency is that she found out her husband is a lying sack of shyte?


Still not known if wife Brittany is a victim,
tricked and fooled by her husband,
(and possible new PHONY DEFENDER),
who knew all along.

We’ll know soon.

The Kosins are having a bad day today
on both Twitter AND Facebook.

Blocking commenters,
and deleting comments when they can,
including this FaceBook comment from a Navy officer,
with the link to MP.

Brittany Kosin deletes FaceBook comment 1.jpg

She and TJ are one and the same. Just like a ventriloquists one is talking while the others mouth is moving. 🕵 



This link said she either withdrew or was disqualified:

BTW…Welcome Back!


Thank you.
I am here today,
due to a nearby phony,
with tentacles all over.
Not necessarily “back”.

Find me on FaceBook or Twitter, and send me a PM,
if you’re curious to know more about my status.



This link said she either withdrew or was disqualified:

BTW: Welcome Back!

P.S. To Admin:

Why are my comments now frequently awaiting approval?

My handle is correct.

My email address is correct.

There is only one link.



She was disqualifed from the May GOP primary.
She will be on the upcoming November ballot
as a 3rd party Libertarian,
in that smallish PA House district.



What Brittany wrote does not make sense:

“On Saturday, September 19, 2022
a member of my family had a serious health event.”

We could have sworn that TODAY is 19 September 2022…and that 19 September 2022 is Monday….🤔🙄

What is so sad is that Theo’s lies/embellishments are hurting his Family, especially his Children.

And the question always comes up:

Why? Why Did Theo Lie?

Mental Illness Is A Terrible Disease.

Derek Mitchell

Unfortunately have known this POS for years. He wants the attention that he thinks we all want. He has that hero complex yet never had it in him to actually do what he brags about.


How can anyone expect sense out of thee 2 fraudsters?  😳 


rots of ruck with that ! 😎 

A Proud Infidel®™

Wha-happened, did she get a bleeding heart over her and her Boy’s con games getting exposed?


Yes, is the answer.

A Proud Infidel®™

*In the Star Wars Evil Emperor Voice*



Brittany for State Hospital and Teddy for STATE PRISON!


MarineDad61 – We only hope and pray that you drink bottled water, because something must be in that central PA municipal water.


Phony Kosin and wife are in Jamison, PA,
Bucks County, north of Philly,
near the Delaware River and New Jersey.

Google Map Jamison PA 1.jpg

Sorry, didn’t mean to lump you all together in one geographical category. 😉


Boy Scouts were told in the 1970s
that a flowing river cleanses itself in 10 miles.

So, all that pee and poop above Matamoras
from Boy Scouts and others
on canoes and kayaks,
the Delaware River is free and clear
long before the floaters reach New Hope, PA.

Plus, we know the history
of coal silt and farm runoff
in the Schuylkill and Susquehanna Rivers.

So that’s not it.

Derek Mitchell

Correct!! Brittany’s family is from the Warwick area (Jamison) and are in with the Warwick FD. I know from being here and unfortunate enough to know them both. Some of what was published came from me. Don’t care if he knows.


Now he’s terrorizing everyone with “a law” suit Maybe he needs an orange jumpsuit. D.O.C endorsed!


Where is this happening?
Anything that can be seen in public,
on his websites,
or on social media,
like Twitter or FaceBook?

Hack Stone

He needs to reach out to a competent “lawer”. Unfortunately, Daniel Bernath has not been returning phone calls lately.

Since he is the Delaware Valley region, he should reach out to Gunny Driveway, AKA Ron Mailahn, in South Jersey for tips on coping with his new found fame.

And further Gunny Driveway trivia, it was ten years ago this past week that he made his debut on TAH.


What competent “lawer” would touch this? Even lawyers have a bottom, low as it is.


RE: lawsuit

This is a common reaction when a POSer is outed. They insist they are going to bring a lawsuit, but these types of statements are more intended to resonate with the people around the “perp.”

Although I have to add that some are just crazy enough to sink money into a lawyer to give the appearance they are doing something about it. Nine times out of ten it’s merely spending a few hundred dollars on getting the lawyer to do a cease and desist letter, implying the threat of a lawsuit. However, almost all of them give up when staring at tremendous legal fees and throwing good money away in a futile effort to file a lawsuit.

Their lawyers are warned that they will be defending demonstrably false statements. Once they know that, they put their law license at risk.

But it helps when friends and neighbors ask about it – “Oh, I’m suing them. The legal process takes a while, though.”

I guess that sounds better than “I’m a dirtbag and liar.”

A Proud Infidel®™

They obviously think that everyone will kowtow to them the moment they screech the words “I HAVE A LAWER and…”


And He will be WRONG again..The true veterans want thier Valor back and THAT is really what this is about in the end….Its STOLEN VALOR ! Surrender THEODORE! Give back the Valor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Green Thumb

Lori Benton might be available.


Yes. As a lawer, it is my opinion and experience that no competent lawer would take any such defamation case on a contingent fee basis.


He was (@ 5 years ago) a host of a Podcast.

Some of the topics in 1 Podcast include:

Traveling – Soldier

US Army Combat Veteran Soldier Hard – Triggers (Of

Homeless Veteran PTSD Song ‘I’m Not Home’ (Official Lyric Video)

War – Within


Interesting article dated September 2021 about Theo and his wife:

“Pennsylvania Three Percenter group lays the groundwork to go national”

Green Thumb

Three percent of the top shitbags.


This guy really thought he could cry veteran and have a meal ticket for life. BTW his pops is a convicted 2 time bank robber and Teddy is no better. He moves around constantly bc people always catch on after awhile. PS Is that doctor letter a fake or is he cashing in on VA for traumatic bunion injuries from when he failed fat camp

Derek Mitchell

He used it to get the service dog. Pretty sure he didn’t pay a dime for it.


*********** BONUS ***********

Since we published this blog, people have been coming out of the woodwork offering more evidence in regard to ol’ Theodore here.

I added a few more audio files at the end of the blog. This was Kosin speaking at a public meeting. Teaser: men died in his arms, he was offended when someone pasted his head on the body of a Taliban, he was a Weapons SGT and Infantryman, etc.

And the hits just keep on comin’!

Last edited 1 year ago by Steve Balm

Wow! He was a Weapons SGT. That is a Special Forces MOS descriptor. He musta squeezed the SF qualification course into his 49 days of Active Duty.

RGR 4-78

In the picture with the poor dog his t-shirt has the initials R.E.D., must stand for Retarded Extreme Dumbass.
Another fat body that can’t PT.






Us Army Folks are trying to keep the Marines on its toes…🤣😆😂😅







It has happened to me when I put in a bad email… only off by one character or .com vs. .net. It doesn’t recognize you as the same person.


Big KUDOs and Thank You to our very own Dave Hardin and Steve Balm for their hard work on exposing Theo Kosin and his lies.

Here’s a small toast to both of them.🍻

BTW…Our Admins do a Super job as well. Thank Yous and KUDOs to them as well!




This case has a strong potential to generate a Sock Puppet or two.


Where’s Will Chamberlain when you need him?

Hack Stone

Probably out skydiving at the moment with Round Ranger, the guy so broke dick that his wife kids have to consume generic Mac or Cheese for breakfast lunch and dinner. They can’t even get Mac & Cheese, because all of that Ranger bling ain’t free.

Green Thumb

I did not know All-Points Logistics had a drop zone!


He made E2 in less than 2 months! I’m impressed. It took me the full 8 weeks.

And what’s that about dipping “protein levels” causing PTSD symptoms?


Maybe someone saw his potential in boot camp and pulled him out to go directly to Special Forces.

It’s quite common from what I’m told.


He needs a steady supply of value meals or else you really won’t want to see him when he’s angryyyyyyy

A Proud Infidel®™

You should have seen the last time he snarfed a Happy meal down, the kid cried and the Parents were angry as hell!


Yes, it gets worse.
Here, on August 29, wife Brittany Kosin
(running for office, remember)
states at 24:11 in this little seen podcast,
that her husband,
Phony Purple Heart Fake Afghanistan Veteran
Theodore James Kosin
(“TJ Kosin”)
was provided a FREE SCOOTER.

Brittany Kosin doesn’t say who gifted TJ the free scooter,
but it sure sounds like
she is intentionally dodging saying “VA”.

Not exactly a Harley.
And, no matching patchy blingy black leather vest.

This now reeks of a classic episode of Seinfeld,when”fake handicapped” George Costanza got a free scooter,and soon encountered a geriatric scooter gang,that resulted in words, then a scooter chase,
and then a bad outcome for George.

This now also reeks of suspected VA FRAUD.

Go to 24:11 at Link >

Brittan Kosin SCOOTER video on Twitter 1.jpg

Found this photo


I wonder if that is the ill-gotten mobility scooter?


Good catch!

Most likely.
Unless he burned through 1 scooter,
and is now on his 2nd.

Dual forearm tats, check.
Huge gut, check.
First responder T-shirt (Fire Dept), check.

Not exactly POW*MIA or Legion Riders material.
More like THIS…..
[Seinfeld – George vs. The Geriatric Bike Gang]


marbles and tshe,
Planet Snoopy at Dorney Park, Allentown, PA.

This could be a Dorney Park scooter.
Then again,
the Park scooter would be loaded with logos, yes?

Dorney Park Planet Snoopy 1.jpg

Nice work and deductive reasoning!


Theodore – put the crack pipe down! Just put it down and walk away.


Looks like he ran this network (NUTwork) too. Show of hands who here thinks he actually drove his fat ass to Kentucky – or anywhere else – to hand Walmart bags of “relief” out of his trunk. He and his imaginary team, saving the world again. Hero complex AF


If he suffers PTSD it is from that night in 2017 when his local Dairy Queen closed eight minutes early due to a power outage.


Almost as bad as the night DQ ran out of rainbow sprinkles and chocolate jimmies.


It’s seared, seared into my memory. Nearly as bad as Macho Grande.


I’ll never get over Macho Grande.


Andy went to pieces?


The “Patsy Cline Syndrome”?

Green Thumb

The “All-Points Logistics” Syndrome.


“Stolen Valor Village Idiots of 2022 (Marine Reacts)”

 😂  😄  😅  😆 


I miss the good ol days when there were phonies a plenty to roast and mock.
It’s like they aren’t even trying anymore.
Soupsandwich, Ballduster, Bernath….THEY were phonies that gave 110%
Almost brings a tear to my eye at what passes for a phony these days.


Yes, this latest batch of POSers is weak sauce compared to the ones back in the glory days of the Dutch Rudder Club.

Dennis - not chevy

Where are the sock puppets?

In Catch-22 the question was asked, “Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?”

I ask where are the phonies of yesteryear, the ones who would respond and call us names? The ones who swore they saved the lives of everyone but themselves and were in reality ghosts, where are they?

I miss them.


Dennis – not chevy,
1 not so socky puppety phony defender
showed up at MP on Twitter.

[Bucks Co News Feed

Replying to
You missed a major part….figure it out,
BCNF will school you if you cannot figure it out.
Speak, but know what you are saying.
He saved every life he could
from one of the most deadly wrecks in Bucks…
your clue.]

Link >>

BCNP on MP on Twitter 1.jpg

We heard about this. We have someone gathering information as to what, exactly, they are claiming. We welcome any organization to obtain their own FOIA information to establish a clean chain of custody. Not sure how an EMT response translates to supposed truth about a military career, but we would be open to hearing how they are connected and what that proves.

Derek Mitchell

It’s called grasping at straws

Derek Mitchell

Except he wasn’t there. I know the wreck he is talking about and I know the people who were on the ambulances that responded. He wasn’t there. He was with a transport company at that time so wouldn’t have been dispatched.

Daisy Cutter

I love it when the girlfriend or the wife takes point.

Remember when Scotty Priest’s wife claimed he died and was whisked away by ambulance, stiff as a board. But moments later she had time to write comments on Facebook to shame everyone involved in calling him out.

Then, Scotty miraculously came back to life, threatened law enforcement and was on the lamb through three states before they caught up to him.

Scotty is still in prison from what I understand.

Last edited 1 year ago by Daisy Cutter
Hack Stone

When was the last time that we were on the receiving end of a threat to have crackheads go medieval on our asses with pliers and blowtorches? How about a wife coming here telling us that we don’t know the shit her husband has been through, because she has to console him as he wakes up screaming from the nightmares he suffers from? And Hack Stone would willingly give up the door on his mailbox for a sock puppet.


There is no better chew toy than a determined sock puppet.

RGR 4-78

If Theo’s wife doesn’t have tennis balls to throw at him while he is in the midst of a fake PTS nightmare, then she just isn’t trying.

Skivvy Stacker

I looked up the criteria for being awarded the DSM.
Surprisingly being blown off a cliff by a hopper mine, and serving two tours in Afghanistan aren’t enough. That comes up just a tiny bit short; who knew?

Dennis - not chevy

I had to look up Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) because; if I’d heard of it, I have forgotten about it. Seems to me, the DSM is awarded for merit not valor. It is similar, allow higher in precedence, than the Legion of Merit. I have no flag officers in my circle of friends, relatives, and people who owe me money; but, again it seems to me, only Generals and Admirals, super upper level civilians, and foreign dignitaries receive the DSM.

Perhaps he chose the DSM because it took forever to verify the Wikipedia report that SMA Daniel A Dailey was awarded the DSM. I could find no other enlisted awardee. Or, more likely, he confused the DSM with the Distinguished Service Cross.