The Ron Mailahn saga

| September 13, 2012

Hondo did the leg work to prove that Ron Mailahn, the youngest Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps, isn’t really. Yeah, he has military service, to some extent; that’s his coconut in the above photo and here’s his FOIA;

11 months on active duty and 8 of those were on an abbreviated 8 month tour of Korea. Discharged after at least nine years in the reserves as an E-2 – which almost a sergeant major, right?

Since the character of his discharge is not considered public information, we can only guess that the “date unknown” means that he quit going to drills and training and the Reserves just scrubbed his nasty ass off of their rosters and sent him a discharge when they got around to it. And it looks to me like he was a derelict while he was in Korea and they cut his tour short by four months to get rid of his pervert ass and then pawned him off on the Reserves, who then pawned him on the NJ Guard, who then pawned him off on the Reserves again.

He told us that he pretended to be a Marine because he was embarrassed to be in the Army. Yeah, well, not as embarrassed as we are that he was in the Army. Trust me.

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Love to see how his “lawer” is going to respond to that.

Currahee John

One question popped up in my mind – how did he get a National Defense ribbon? Looks like his service time skipped around Desert Storm, was post-Vietnam and pre-9/11.


He should have taped those ears to his head before going out on windy days. They seem to have beat the boy senseless !


@2 Desert Storm is the likely answer. You just have to be in….but then again I think he would have had to be in good standing with the Reserves/NG.


Currahee John: per para 2-10.c of AR 600-8-22, members of the Selected Reserve (TPU or IMA) in good standing are authorized the NDSM for both the Desert Storm period (1990-1995) and the current period (2001-present). Active duty service is not required unless one is a member of the IRR; and not all active duty service counts (e.g., short tours solely to fulfill IDT training requirements or to serve on courts/boards/commissions/etc . . . ). This is a change from previous periods of eligibility for the NDSM (Korea and Vietnam), which required service on active duty.

Since Mailahn has the NDSM, presumably that means at least part of his USAR or ARNG service was rated as being “in good standing”.


And, you guys did not vote for him. I stuck with him to the end. But, all the guys I backed lost and kept up their loser status. Next year!

Yat Yas 1833

Once a Marine, always a Marine,

In his case…once a turd, always a turd. He’s such a loser, he can’t even win a loser’s tournament!?


SJ, I was pulling for him till the end. He should still be in the running for Biggest Douche in the Galaxy.

John the Baptist

Hondo: Thank you, didn’t realize that DS qualification went all the way to 1995. I always thought it was interesting that Vietnam ND qualification cut off in 1994, though we still had folks there as late as the end in April 1975.

CI Roller Dude

A Sergeant Major? I’m still trying to figure out what purpose they serve in the Army…why would anybody pretend to be one?

Frankly Opinionated

CI Roller Dude:
Sgt Major is given to those who’ve had good service careers, as a way for them to nearly, almost, sorta, sit it out till they head for the woods.


“He told us that he pretended to be a Marine because he was embarrassed to be in the Army. Yeah, well, not as embarrassed as we are that he was in the Army. Trust me.”

Who’s the “us” he talked to? Because I’d love to see a transcript of that conversation.

Green Thumb



Awesome, thanks!



Looking sharp … is that a booking photo?


So, am I the only one who saw that photo and immediately thought of Donald Sutherland’s psycho killer character in “The Dirty Dozen?” (Or was Telly Savalas the psycho killer?)




Okay, that’s right, but he still looks like Donald Sutherland in that movie.


Sutherland was the ediot … Savalas was the rapist!

Question who was the famous singer? Come on …. we all know it. You either listen to it or you heard your parents playing it!


Telly Savalas … Archer Maggott

Donald Sutherland … Vernon Pinkley


@22 – Trini Lopez


@ 24 ….

First, I hate those who sign in as Anonymous.

Second, you are correct Sir, Ma’am, or pre and or post op sex identity crisis victim.


The Drive Survives! Raising his jug-like head from the primordial ooze of obscurity and failure, Gunny Driveway once more shows up on our collective radar screens.

An MCPO not offended by anonymous

@25- Master Chief, I apologize for offending you with such a controversial response. As far as gender goes, 90% of the handles I see here are not gender specific, including yours.

BTW, thank you for providing me with my new handle.

Hack Stone

I’m thinking he looks more like Cruiser from Stripes. You decide:


Hey if we get any more MCPO’s around this here chicken ranch, we are gonna have to start issuing you numbers. IE MCPO-1, 2, 3, ect…Welcome aboard newest MCPO…You’d be #2. lol


Jesus, it’s like I’m back in recruiting again–too many Chiefs, not enough Indians.

Ptolemy in Egypt

Wonder if this will cost Ronad anymore job opperinitys

AW1 Tim

Yeah, Sparky. Anymore chiefs and they’ll need to open a virtual goat locker here. 🙂


Great–toss ’em a cribbage board and some old pron mags, and they’ll leave us alone for a while. ROFL.


should he not also have a KDSM? You do not need to do the entire year in Korea.