How’s That Again?

| September 7, 2022

French President Emmanuel Macron

Europe is in an energy crisis, and it’s entirely self-inflicted. Eschewing organic fossil and nuclear sources for green energy, the continent has depended on Russia for more than 40 percent of its natural gas imports, and large portions of its oil and solid fuels needs.

Now Russia has choked off the supplies of cheap fuels that the continent depended on to run their economies and heat homes. Gazprom for example said the main pipeline carrying gas to Germany would stay closed due to a leak, and claims the problem cannot not be fixed because of ‘sanctions.’

European leaders say it’s energy blackmail, and analysts predict Europe could face serious electricity shortages as soon as this month. This winter cold weather, low wind generation and cuts in gas could lead to power rationing and blackouts.

French President Macron has a plan.

Running Out of Ideas: Macron Pleads with French to Use Less Energy to Avoid Rationing


French President Emmanuel Macron has pleaded with the general public to use less energy so that he will not be forced to ration energy.

France’s embattled President Emmanuel Macron has asked the public to ration their energy use voluntarily, with the head of state claiming that them doing so may avert the need to ration energy officially by government order in the country over the winter months.

Having previously warned that France was seeing the “end of abundance“, the move appears to be the latest attempt by an embattled Macron to avert a now-probable energy crisis as opponents grow ever more critical of the politician.

According to a report by Le Figaro, Macron has once again urged “sobriety” from his country’s population, saying that individual efforts to use less energy could translate to rationing being unnecessary over the coming months.

“The solution is in our hands,” Macron is reported as telling the public, pleading that individuals reduce their energy consumption by “putting the air conditioning a little less strong” and “the heating a little less strong than usual”.


Macron will of course set the example for the French people. Liberté, égalité, fraternité, and all that. Maybe after he asks his Mom.

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Hack Stone

European leaders say it’s energy blackmail, and analysts predict Europe could face serious electricity shortages as soon as this month.

If only some politician had the foresight to say that relying on Russia for your energy needs is not a good idea.


Yeah, Germany has been shuttering nuke plants and has said they will shut down the last one, knowing the problems that are on the horizon. Perhaps they will return to burning brown coal as the Ossies did.


I had a view from my apartment of the German Nuke Plant cooling tower near Schweinfurt. Wonder if Germany has had second thoughts about shutting them all down.

On a semi-related note heard this on the radio this am:

What’s the difference between California and the Titanic?
The Titanic had it’s lights on when it sank. 😜 


They have not. They’re still planning on shuttering them all by the end of the year. Naturally, it hasn’t gotten cold yet, and I doubt the Germans want to burn furniture for heat again.


Ha! So did my wife and I. My mother and father in law lived in Waigolshausen. Saw the cooling towers all the time.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I had a sinking feeling that would be the answer


They changed their mind on shuttering the last 3, last month.


“Perhaps they will return to burning brown coal as the Ossies did.”

I think those newly imported “cultural enrichers” may have some ideas on that subject.


It’s “blackmail” in the same way that sanctions are blackmail against Russia. This is the game they wanted to play. They just assumed Russia would buckle. Just like North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, et. al. the sanctions don’t seem to be having the desired effect.

Hack Stone

At least no desired effect on the leadership. The masses will suffer, but the blame will placed on the Western powers.

Forrest Bondurant

“Qu’ils mangent du gateau.”

(“Let them eat cake”)


Biden’s first day in office was the first domino to fall. The Left’s War on Fossil Fuels gave Putin all the leverage he needed. I thought Vlady was slipping with his poor execution of the Ukraine War but he was playing the long game and knew the sanctions were very short term. He can hold Europe hostage all winter to squeeze a sweet deal for himself.


I thought France got most of its energy from nuclear power.
The one European country that was smart enough to rely on nuclear energy


French energy policy hasn’t changed much. They are not getting rid of their nuclear power plants. French nuclear reactors are of a safer design than most others however they require more frequent and more time consuming maintenance. Plus, you know… France. They actually have enough capacity in theory to power the whole country but about 25% is off line at any one time. The other problem is warmer river water making cooling difficult and lowering production.

French energy has been a basket case since, forever. Macron just got caught standing when the music stopped. Their plan was always to import energy from Germany; but now they can’t because Germany got rid of their excess capacity.

The only thing I know is that Germany will take care of Germans and if a few Frenchmen catch some frostbite, that sounds like a French problem.

Sgt K

CSM Behrends was on that deployment. I was on that deployment. Guv Yellow Belly quit the guard so he wouldn’t have to deploy. As far as the facts of Walz quitting the Minnesota Army National Guard in 2005, CSM Behrends is correct, and he would know more than just about anyone.


Good share. That guv seems like the type you wouldn’t want in the shit, imho.

The Stranger

Ran away from a deployment? Fuck. That. Guy. I hereby move that we provide that coward with the ASSteroid of Insults! Who’s with me? KOB, you better be on this like a hobo on a ham sammich based on his disgracing your branch. Hell, your Pappy, the Engineer hereby disowns E-8 Walz.


Seconded with great gusto! Go for the gusto… or don’t go at all


AYE! Chip NASA pick up the white courtesy phone. FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION You are cleared HOT!


“Ran away from a deployment?”

Ol Poe was unaware until now that the surname Walz is French… 😉 


He went a-walzing Matilda…

Green Thumb

What a turd.


A self-inflicted energy crisis is outstanding “green” virtue signaling!


So… the EU’s intent is to squash the price by monetary intervention (brides to plebs so they don’t riot), while punishing energy corps, also penalizing them for hedging future price shocks, intend to drive down the usage attempting to fight ‘climate change’ but keep the economy running and ensure the citizen doesn’t freeze to death? In short (as Zerohedge should’ve put it): unicorn farts.

Might as well get started on that metal loop attached to the poles, placed in geosynchronous orbit at Lagrange 1 so we have enough power to resurrect Carl Sagan so his immutable windows can save us from us.

Good thing our ‘leaders’ will not be bereft of beef steaks and private aircrafts so they will be full of vigor to save us from these very complex problems.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

Holy fuck. You know what I’m saying

‘resurrect Carl Sagan so his immutable wisdumbs can…’

I’m gonna go mound potatoes, this humanity-wide rake-stepping has gotten to me hard.


That’s not his mom, that’s his wife…


She is old enough to be his mom as they are 24 years apart, which is the same as the Trumps.


May be the same in years but to an avowed sexist like ol’ Poe, it sure as hell isn’t the same in any other possible way… 🙄 


They met when he was 13, She groomed him to be PM, among other things.

A Proud Infidel®™

 “This winter cold weather, low wind generation and cuts in gas could lead to power rationing and blackouts.”

Gosh golly gee whiz, weren’t the moonbats telling us that wind and solar would give us ALL the electricity we need and then some?

Hack Stone

Can’t the Europeans just get all of the residents to plug in their electric fans to create wind that will turn the turbines on the windmills? Does Hack Stone have to do al of the problem solving around here?

The Stranger

Nice one, Hack. 🤣


“Can’t the Europeans just get all of the residents to plug in their electric fans to create wind that will turn the turbines on the windmills?”

Not all of ’em, Hack, just half. The other half need to be shining their Maglites onto the solar panels… 😜 

Last edited 1 year ago by Poetrooper

Ahh…when the shit hits the fan, its always the mass populace that must suffer. Macron and his ilk will feel no pinch from the shortages, yet Manon and Yanis will be suffering through cold winters with shortages. The band played on…


Behold my barren field.


We’ve had an above average monsoon, yet my field remains barren.

Prior Service

Northern Europe gets awfully cold in the winter. Good luck with that no-fuel thing.


Nuclear power is green!

Just ask Dr. Banner.

A Proud Infidel®™

What a Marvel Comic you are today!


I guess electric cars are out of the question! Take a good look at Europe, that’s what Democrats want for us. They want you on public transportation and control of your thermostat. And by you I mean everyone but the self righteous and self appointed elite. Our country is no longer ours, it’s theirs and they really don’t like you much.


When are the Europeans going to invoke the NATO treaty to get the US to bail them out of this flagrant and uncalled for Russian “aggression”? It is, of course, of critical importance to the US to supply Europe with enough energy to resist the Russian energy-aggression; the fate of Western Civilization hangs in the balance.