Ambassador Nancy Pelosi?

| September 6, 2022


The rumor mill in Washington DC is hinting that Nancy Pelosi has a backup plan in case the Republicans take the majority in the House. She is eyeing the ambassadorship to Italy. There are also rumors that Joe Biden may be holding that position open for her. What is open in the air is how a new Senate would treat her nomination.

From Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning her next move after an expected Republican victory in November.

Sources tell FOX Business that Pelosi wants President Biden to nominate her to become the next U.S. ambassador to Italy if the GOP takes the House majority in the midterm elections.

Biden is holding the spot for the speaker, sources say, which is one reason he has yet to fill the position since taking office. Speculation earlier this year that a Pelosi ally and former Wall Street executive wanted the job has shifted with the increasing likelihood that the GOP takes the majority.

There was no clarity yet on how a new Senate will react to a Pelosi nomination, but there was a mixed reaction to her in the role from sources this week.

So far, 101 Biden ambassador nominees have been confirmed by the Senate, but Biden has been slow to name ambassadors to several countries, including Italy.

About a quarter (27%) of the 194 ambassador positions are currently without a Senate-confirmed official.

Fox News has the photos and the rest of the story here.

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The house drinker just wants to die (the rest of the way) on active duty.


Just the Continuity of Corruption instead of a Conga line of Orange Jumpsuits and a List of Charges.
The Big Lie, They Live!


Quanto ti piaccio ora?


Just as much as I did before.


One would be inclined to believe that if those are real, they would pull the wrinkles from her face.

AW1 Rod

I’d rather see her become ambassador to San Francisco National Cemetery.


Please! NO! My parents are there!


Nice image!
Real talk tho, Europe may become a lawless wasteland shortly.
The People are pissed over rising energy prices and exponential grown in cost of living.
I’m not saying I want a hair harmed on her head but there’s a real possibility she’ll get Gaddafied on the way to the airport for EXFIL….

Sine dubio, omnes bayonetis Romanus!

A Proud Infidel®™️

Shit like that could be considered an act of war.


I suggest she be appointed Ambassador to Antarctica. Make it a lifetime appointment.

AW1 Rod

Negative. Time for this fucking crone to suck Fescue from the root end.


FFS Nancy, you’re fucking 82 years old…GO THE FUCK HOME!


The Pope was unavailable for comment.


I think Cheech and Chong predicted his response back in the 60s


Here’s how I’d love to see this play out: PINO Joe announces her appointment as Ambassador to Italy; she resigns from the House in anticipation of her ambassadorship; then the Republican-controlled Senate squashes her appointment and she goes home to San Francisco in tears, unemployed.
Unfortunately, she’ll still be collecting taxpayer funded retirement as a former Speaker of the House, but I’ll take all the victories I can.

Forrest Bondurant

^^^This. She can go back to San Francisco and go down the toilet with the rest of the city.

Herbert J Messkit

If so, I hope they don’t let her drunk husband drive those narrow streets. He’ll start an international incident.


How appropriate that a Wanton Harlot of Babylon would hope to defile her fleeting days servicing vicars behind the Vatican Hotel.

Amateur Historian

What have the Italians done to deserve that indignity?


They should respond, “Vaffanculo, Puttana!


Does Italy have an extradition treaty with America?


Ambassador to West Bumphuque, Egypt.