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| September 4, 2022

A day late again. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers from you all this past week. Hopefully things can start returning to more normal soon.

$480,000 awarded to inmate who suffered miscarriage after sheriff’s deputies stopped at Starbucks while driving her to hospital


Southern California’s Orange County has agreed to pay $480,000 to an inmate who was pregnant but suffered a miscarriage after sheriff’s deputies stopped at a Starbucks while driving her to a hospital. Sandra Quinones, who is no longer in custody, alleged in a federal lawsuit that sheriff’s staff delayed treatment after her water broke in the jail.

County supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved the payment, but Quinones must formally accept the settlement before it becomes final, the Orange County Register reported.

“That’s a very good result for someone badly treated in the jail,” her lawyer, Dick Herman, told the Register. “This poor woman, she’s in jail having a miscarriage and, instead of calling an ambulance, they take her to the hospital in a patrol car and the cops stop at Starbucks while she’s bleeding.”

Herman said Quinones is homeless and mentally ill.

“The Orange County jail is capable of sinking to the lowest depths,” Herman told the Los Angeles Times. “Unfortunately this is not the only occasion.”

The lawsuit said no jail staff responded for two hours after Quinones pushed a call button in her cell when her water broke on March 28, 2016.

Then instead of being put in an ambulance, Quinones was given a ride to a hospital in a patrol car, but not until deputies stopped for coffee, the lawsuit alleged.

Quinones was hospitalized, but the fetus did not survive, according to court filings.

Sheriff’s officials declined to comment on the settlement.

The lawsuit accused deputies of acting with “deliberate indifference” toward Quinones’ civil rights and her medical condition, the Register said.

The lawsuit was initially dismissed by a federal court in 2020 but reinstated by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2021, the Times reported.

“She doggedly pursued this case, including all of its ups and downs,” Herman told the newspaper. “This was a long, hard fight. We’re glad that this reached a successful conclusion.”

Source; CBS News

Florida woman tries to beat DUI test by Irish folk dancing — and fails

A Florida woman pulled over for alleged drunken driving performed an Irish folk dance for cops in an attempt to prove her sobriety, video shows.

Amy Harrington, 38, of Madeira Beach, rear-ended another vehicle about a mile from her home on April 27, cops told WFLA. When Pinellas County deputies arrived, officers said her eyes were bloodshot and watery.

Harrington tried to walk a straight line during a sobriety test along a parking space marker when she gave up and started dancing, the video, which emerged Saturday, showed.

She “struggled to follow instructions, and was unsteady on her feet almost falling,” according to arrest documents obtained by the outlet.

Harrington, clad in a black skirt and white top, danced wildly in the footage, before she was asked to walk the line.

“Do you want to pay attention so I can give you the instructions?” a deputy administering the test asked.

“Yeah, well, you sound like my ballet coach, so, sounds about right,” Harrington answered before busting a move, according to the footage.

“That wasn’t good,” the officer quipped.

She proceeded to break into “multiple ballet and Irish folk dance moves,” police said, and can be seen waving her arms and dancing around the line in front of the unimpressed cop.

She later refused testing — the second time she refused to take a sobriety test after a separate incident in Pinellas County in 2019, officials said.

In the end, Harrington hoofed her way into a driving under the influence charge, according to the report.

Source; NY Post

Man arrested after statements made during pre-employment polygraph for job at the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

Pinellas County is a bounty of riches this week!

Detectives from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office arrested 29 year-old Robert Luth of Palm Harbor.

Luth is facing 5 counts of Possession of Child Pornography and was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on Tuesday, August 30, 2022.

On August 17, 2022, detectives began an investigation after Luth admitted to viewing child pornography in a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office pre-employment polygraph.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for Luth’s cellphone and found multiple files of child pornography on the device.

Luth was transported to the Pinellas County Jail.

The investigation continues.

Source; IONTB

Cartersville Police deputy chief on leave following arrest in Florida on solicitation charges.

The deputy chief for administration for the Cartersville Police Department is on leave following his arrested on solicitation in Polk County, Fla.

A statement from the Cartersville agency says Deputy Chief Jason DiPrima was arrested by Polk County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office on charges of “soliciting another for prostitution, lewdness or assignation. Deputy Chief DiPrima has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.”

All additional questions were deferred to Florida authorities. We have talked with the agency’s public information office who is attempting to find the files behind the arrest.

Our check of the Polk County Jail logs for Aug. 31, Sept. 1 and Sept. 2 do not include DiPrima’s name.

Source; Northwest Georgia News

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Florida women had a dancing fail and ends up in county jail.

Pedo wanted to be in law enforcement but the law was enforced on him. Say hello to Buuba bitch.

Police Chief wanted to do some undercover work but it was the wrong kind.


Reference the Cartersville Police deputy chief on leave following arrest in Florida on solicitation charges….

We saw this story the other day along with his picture of him in his uniform…had to do a second glance when we saw his shoulder boards and awards…

Thank You, Mason, for sharing the stories as well as giving us an update on your family situation.


Another LEO from the Cartersville Police Department.

Is he wearing US Army Military Police insignia?


Looks like he is wearing a PH and a Soldiers Medal. And that is MP officers insignia,


Yes. And I love how they both have appropriated Army officer rank shoulder boards. This is the first time I have seen them on a cop uniform.


Let’s be cheap and lazy…

Commissioner Wretched

They were standard on Atlanta PD dress uniforms for several years. It’s a fad that caught on, it appears.


I’d respect Barney Fife and his bullet more.
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Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

Thanks Mason. They’re out there, and they vote.

A Proud Infidel®™

AND they’re allowed to reproduce.

Hack Stone

$480,000 can buy a lot of meth.


We know this, how?


True, the way Hunter blows through the stuff, it’s hard to tell.


Speaking of stupid people:

You all still express fealty and admiration for this guy. And then wonder why people are saying the MAGA movement is a threat to democracy.

The guy says the quiet part out loud and his cult cheers.

Xi is famously and notoriously ignorant. He has an entire propaganda effort just trying to tamp down and counter the widespread awareness of how he is a fucking moron. Complete with fake degrees being awarded from prestigious Chinese universities he never attended.

He was one of the peasant soldiers of the cultural revolution era. He was decidedly and militantly anti intellectual and anti education. He is a member of the Chinese lost generation. Ignorant, uneducated, and ideologically pure communist authoritarians.

And Trump openly admires him.

Putin has already proven what a craven idiot he is.

Yet, still, Trump admires him.


Irony. Do you speak it?


Of all the forum topics, he comments on this one.


Business insider’s writers all have TDS, like the others which are the only ones for whom the cuttlefish ever provides links.


Bottom-dwellers of a feather flock together?


You just mad cuz Putin be yo biological father who abandoned you and the lab equipment from which ya borne.



What about THIS person?

IF you had to choose between Trump and Biden (for scenario sake, i.e. the next Presidential election), who would YOU pick?

Thank You!


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A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat, YOU and your ilk are just what you accuse US of being and you project it night and day.


God must love idiots…He made so very many of them.

Thanks, Mason.

A Proud Infidel®™

MANY people are proud of their idiocy given how they parade it for all to see and I give y’all Lars aka Major Moonbat as a piece of living proof of that.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Would have been great if the Gal doing the folk dance sang “Shake hands with your Uncle Mike me boy and your Sister Kate and heres to the Girls you used to swing down on the garden gate”


I’d like to nominate the 1st Emperor of the Trash Heap, Josef Rottenrobin Bidet, Uriner as an honorary SPotW.

He’s pissing off everybody, and as much as this makes me happy, his actions will bring even more pain.

I don’t know who Royce White is, but I like what’s hes got to say:


Stupid Person Of The Week….

I mean Month…

I mean Year…

I mean All The Time…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Expensive cups of coffee, $480,000 worth.