Team Biden held weekly censorship meetings with social media giants

| September 3, 2022


Meetings occurred between Team Biden and social media giants. The purpose was to suppress information, related to COVID and to vaccines, that contradicted the government’s narrative. Many social media users who did not voice views consistent with that of the government on these issues experienced some form of censorship. A lawsuit has subsequently been generated based on the First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

From the Post Millennial:

Federal officials in the Biden administration secretly conspired and communicated with social media companies to censor and suppress Americans’ private speech. This is revealed in a new lawsuit brought in a joint effort by The New Civil Liberties Alliance, the Attorney General of Missouri, and the Attorney General of Louisiana against the President of the United States. The suit is brought under the first amendment right to freedom of speech. The lawsuit seeks to identify among other things “all meetings with any Social-Media Platform relating to Content Modulation and/or Misinformation.”

The discovery shows that there was “A recurring meeting usually entitled USG – Industry meeting, which has generally had a monthly cadence, and is between government agencies and private industry. Government participants have included CISA’s Election Security and Resilience team, DHS’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, the FBI’s foreign influence task force, the Justice Department’s national security division, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Industry participants have included Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Microsoft, Verizon Media, Pinterest, LinkedIn and the Wikimedia Foundation. The topics discussed include, but are not limited to: information sharing around elections risk, briefs from industry, threat updates, and highlights and upcoming watch outs.”

Communications across 11 federal agencies reveal that the federal government, under the Biden administration, “has exerted tremendous pressure on social-media companies—pressure to which companies have repeatedly bowed,” the New Civil Liberties Alliance details in a new release. The social media companies that were part of this Partner Support Portal include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

The CDC invited “all tech platforms” in to their meeting to discuss how to suppress free speech about Covid online.

Those agencies involved include the White House, HHS, DHS, CISA, the CDC, NIAID, the Office of the Surgeon General, the Census Bureau, the FDA, the FBI, the State Department, the Treasury Department, and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. The NCLA notes further that, during the discovery process of this lawsuit, “the government has been uncooperative and has resisted complying with the discovery order every step of the way—especially with regard to Anthony Fauci’s communications.”

The Post Millennial has the article, and related images, here.

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It just feels kinda like agenda of some type is progressing?


Slap out of shocked faces and not a single phuque to give for these despotic tyrants. Just curious as to how much more proof will be needed for We, The People to Rise Up! Resist! Rebel! and Revolt! And guess what Kids…your no count Kongress Klowne Kritters are neck deep in the aiding and abetting of the destruction of our Republic. They can’t censor me on the platforms listed cause I ain’t on them, but I’m sure that the moles they have monitoring this site have already pin pointed the location of Firebase Magnolia.

All of this is happening because…ORANGE MAN BAD!!!


Firebase Magnolia! Love it! Are you from TX or MS?


Georgia. Great Big YYUUUUGGGE Magnolia Tree in the yard, ideal for sittin’ under while sipping a frosty refreshing beverage. Shade canopy is pert near 100 feet. Guesstimate that it is several hundred years old.

The Stranger

We are almost to the point where I just say, “BOOGALOO!”

Now THAT’S a jam.


The Big Igloo you say?!

What beers will we be enjoying that afternoon?

KoB! You’re on grill duty with that sweet southern cooking magic.

results in 30 mikes or the second is free.jpeg

I’m on it Big Dog. Knocking the bottom out of some Frosty Cold Black and Tan Yuenglings as we speak. Just pulled a skillet of buttered milk cornbread (sans sugar) out of the oven to go with this baked ham, Great Northern Beans, and sauteed squash with zookeenies. Dutch Apple Pie/Vanilia Bean Ice Cream.

🍻 🍽


I’ll bring some Kentucky’s finest and Connecticut shade leaf wrapped stogies.

After we’ve a bourbon and smoke wanna hunt hog with night vision and suppressed ARs?




the correctest of responses

Someday, machine gun with thermal and can will be on the menu.

pre-’86s NFA MGs will come down in price soon!


I’ll leave the light on for ye. Just about equi-distant twixt The Benning Skool for Wayward Boys and Camp Swampy @ The Ville.

Dry Rub porked chop beasts are in the smoker

The Stranger

Gonna smoke around 4 pounds of chicken wings tomorrow. They’re brining as we speak.


Any yet, they say it is Republicans that are the fascists…


If you want to see what the left is guilty of, watch what they accuse the right of.

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s 24K Psychological Projection, they can’t accept what they are, thus they project it onto us and our side, they are every bit of what they accuse US of being.


comment image


So the Perfumed Princes/Princesses/Otherkin are wring their well-manicured hands with glee whilst convoluting with the Centralized Bank subsidized rentier-class technocrats to remove my Countrymen’s God-given, man-enumerated rights?

If you are the enemy of Natural Rights, you are enemy to all Free Men.

And now, and STILL! you act in concert to cover up your crimes?!

You shall be fretful over a’many things, knobs:
Wringing and removals have happened over less!


Was this considered their Wannsee Conferences? and they needed more then one…


A disciplined and intelligent evil vs. a feebleminded evil that ‘accidentally’ came to power.

Neither respectable, both doomed to fail.

Skivvy Stacker

Nothing about this surprises me.
But everything about this makes me laugh out loud at all the people who called me a “Russian Bot”, or that I was an “Anti-Vaxer” (even though I’d gotten the Vax) because my arguments were based in scientific fact, rather than political expedience; and favored essential, individual liberty over government overreach and control.

A Proud Infidel®™

I am not surprised; the mainstream media has been the DNC’s lapdog for decades, and that includes the social media giants as soon as they got established.


And let us not forget TAH’s very own iterations of the DNC’s lapdogs, Lars and LC, who continuously told us how wrong we were, and that all our claims were nothing but conspiracy theories.

There’s another study out recently showing that ivermectin is, in fact, an effective treatment for Covid whose wider use could have saved tens of thousands of lives, something Lars and LC smugly mocked us knuckle-draggers for supporting.

Once again, our conspiracy theories have metamorphosed into fact. Where’s that snide mockery now? 🤔  🙄  🤔 

Last edited 1 year ago by Poetrooper

That and the fact that regime’s big-pharma controlled campaign touted their not-a-real vaccine to us, while using us as lab rats. While their latest “booster” was only tested on a dozen lab mice before it was given the EUA from the FDA.

AT1 ret