Discarded hotdog napkin helps solve cold case murder

| August 30, 2022

Investigators leveraged advances in DNA technology, and the presence of ancestry websites, to solve a cold case murder. Taking the DNA from the crime scene, investigators worked with a DNA/ancestry website to find a possible match. Using social media, they discovered that their man of interest was planning to go to a game. He went to that game, ate a hotdog, then discarded a paper napkin after wiping his mouth with it.

From Fox News:

A Minnesota man who murdered a woman decades ago was caught after he wiped his face with a hot dog napkin during a hockey game and was convicted of the killing last week.

A jury convicted Jerry Westrom, 56, on Aug. 25 of first-degree premeditated murder and second-degree murder in the death of Jeanne Childs after a few hours of deliberation.

Westrom was arrested 25 years after the June 1993 killing of Childs, who was found stabbed to death inside her apartment.

“My condolences go out to the victim and her family. They have had to live without justice for her brutal murder for nearly three decades,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement. “I hope this brings some closure to them. Today’s guilty verdicts show that we will pursue convictions for serious crimes, even if it takes years to gather the evidence.”

Westrom was arrested in 2019 after investigators retrieved a napkin he discarded during his daughter’s hockey game. He was eating a hot dog and wiped his face with it.

Fox News has the video and article here.

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So he ate the weenie….and in the end the weenie ate him. Poetic.

Hack Stone

Dat’s a good one.


Not Nietzsche, but not bad at all.

“Stare into the hotdog, and the hotdog stares back at you.” 


I imagine pretty soon he will be eating more weenies.


Like Subway’s Jared, he’ll still get a footlong in prison!

A Proud Infidel®™

Garnished with Man-Mayo!

Hack Stone

Magic 8-Ball forecasts him eating a lot of hot dogs in his future.


Yep, supplemented by some tossed salad.

May his murderous ass be “stabbed” as many times as he stabbed the innocent girl…every day.

Hack Stone

Is that Blue Cheese Dressing on his chin?

Hack Stone


Not to mention “fisting friday” events.


Jerry Nadler said “just one?”


The moral of the story? Stay far away from DNA websites.


And don’t be a murdererer


“Murderer” has such negative connotations. I prefer “Gene Pool Maintenance Technician.”




Not his first rodeo.

Public Information.

Jerry Arnold Westrom. Born 1966.

“Despite Westrom’s high standing in his community, part of which comes from his involvement in youth sports, he has a record of drunken driving convictions dating back to 1996.”

“He also has two arrests on his record for prostitution-related offenses. A 2012 charge was dismissed, but he was convicted in Stearns County in 2015 of trying to hire a prostitute.”

“Westrom was snagged in a police sting in which he thought he was soliciting a teenager for sex. His probation for that offense ended in February 2018.”


His Linkedin Profile identifies him as a “Risk Management Specialist.”



Hack Stone

He was mentored by George Constanza.


2015 Mugshot when he was arrested for soliciting a Prostitute.

His 1993 victim was a Sex Worker.

“Other convictions include a 2004 weapons possession case where he served 90 days in jail, his first driving while impaired that same year; he was sentenced to six months, records show. In 2011, another DWI with a sentence of a year, though it appears he did not serve that full bid. Another DWI in 2012.



Other claims:


“..served as a treasurer and helped the mortgage mission campaign for Cambridge Lutheran Church.”

“A supporter of youth athletics, he’s raised his kids to play ice hockey and is often seen on or near the ice.”

“..helped craft the farm bill known as the Agricultural Act of 2014.”

Other sites has claims he made that he had a Law Degree, owned and operated two gas stations, owned or operated a local Sears store, owned and operated an organic farm, is a deer hunter and “enjoys attending performances at the Orpheum Theatre in his leisure time.”

The only thing he did not claim was his obvious sex addition and his obsession with prostitutes.


“The only thing he did not claim was his obvious sex addiction and his obsession with prostitutes.” That’s covered under “performances” at the Orpheum theater.


Jerry Arnold Westrom Probable Cause Affidavit:


The other victims in this case is his Wife and Children.


“other victims in this case is his Wife and Children…”

“Are”, not “Is”…


Given the normal quarter century between the death penalty sentence and execution, he should be scheduled for Friday

Prior Service

Sweet. Minding his own business, eating a dog, and out of the blue he’s popped for a murder from decades ago. Sucks to let your guard down like dropping that napkin. Ha ha. Roll him up!!!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Well Hot Dog, I’ll be Frank about it and glad he got caught holding the green weeny after the Law enforcement Mustard enough evidence to arrest him.