Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| August 23, 2022

Public education indoctrination

Republicans think Democrats are uninformed. Democrats think Republicans are evil.

“Maturity” is wanting to chop your dick off?

This isn’t concerning…

Turns out drag queens are trash, who knew?

These guys really love their dogs

The Ivy League does child abuse?

This lady gets it!

If George Cascon will be proud

Racism against whites is OK

Let’s just stick to the 3 Rs

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I know this is a stupid question and I’m way behind on my TAH reading but, wasn’t this banned/blocked recently?


Repeating and amplifying posts deserves a ban?

Either way I thought the HSE comments were interesting, even if completely empty.

E. Conboy

If not, why not?


Please, for the love of God, if you have children, DON’T subject them to this!


Indoctrination is correct. Seems to be and is getting worse. Odd how a very small % of the population is allowed to run amok and dictate to the majority how we should think. A kid can’t decide what they want for a snack much less what gender they want to be. Lenin grins.


And let’s not forget the “activist” LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ crowd…

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Instead of defunding police, how about defunding teachers’ unions? Seems to me a lot more problems in society would be solved.


If you have children, please get them into a non-woke private school, or better yet, homeschool them.


They all have those wild-ass crazy eyes… 😳 

E. Conboy

Yep.Illegal drugs can do that….


Giant crowd of violent thieves in my store?


The ones that cannot leave, are guilty.