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| August 20, 2022

REAL assault weapons – M98s, arguably the finest battle rifle ever, assaulted much of the world during two world wars. But that’s brown wood, not scary black plastic, so it’s OK.

On to the ridiculous articles, you filthy racists:

American Psychological Association links gun control to racist views

In a study of just 88 white Americans who apparently speak for all of you, testees were slighly quicker to associate whites with gun ownership and blacks with gun control. Therefore, support for the 2nd Amendment is racist.

This was determined by research participants being quicker to match photos of White people to gun rights phrases such as “self-protection” and “National Rifle Association” and photos of Black people to gun control phrases such as “waiting period” and “weapons ban.”

Regardless of race, gun ownership is pervasive amongst Americans with 36% of Whites, 24% of Blacks, and 15% of Hispanics claiming gun ownership. There is, however, a political divide with 44% of Republicans claiming gun ownership compared to 20% of Democrats.

Fox News

‘Claiming gun ownership’ – before or after that boating accident?  And calling the methodology “suspect” is probably being too kind.

Uvalde petition asks Oasis Outback gun shop owner Klein to stop selling assault weapons and ammo

There are at least a half-dozen listings for gun stores in Uvalde (my favorite is Liquornguns but aparently they don’t sell guns now), but this store sold the guns used in the school shooting so it’s their fault.

“Out of RESPECT for and in support of those affected by this catastrophe, we strongly urge you to cease the sale of assault rifles and the ammunition paired with them.”

The petition also asks for Klein to end the handling of gun transfers of this style of firearm from gun retail stores and manufacturers.

WHIO7 News

Well, they are up to 1656 signers which would be more impressive if it wasn’t a internet petition. You can sign those from literally anywhere. The odds of all those 1656 signatures being from Uvalde? Texas? The US? Buehler?

NY Governor signs bill to make realistically-colored toy guns illegal

Remember a few years back when they started requiring airsoft and toy guns have bright orange caps on the muzzles so playing kids wouldn’t be shot? There were predictions then that criminals would cut off or paint the ends black to make toy guns more real-looking, and that possibly criminals would paint real guns with orange to make them look like toys. Well, now any toy gun painted black, blue, aluminum or silver is prohibited. Clear is OK.

Data from the governor’s office show there have been 63 shootings since 1994 due to an imitation gun being mistaken for a real gun. Eight of the shootings were fatal, according to the data.

The law follows a 2015 settlement reached between then-Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office and 30 retailers that sold realistic toy guns to people in New York. The law at the time required imitation guns sold in the state not be black, blue, silver or aluminum.

As written, this sure sounds redundant.  At best, this is maybe going to prevent roughly one death every two and a half years. Sure seems there should be something more important to worry about. NY, what could we suggest…

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Skivvy Stacker

Gun control was started by Southern Democrats to keep black people from owning guns. This was one of the NRAs first Civil Rights battles.
And it pays to be an insomniac; I’m foist.


Nothing has changed.


NY is a bunch of sissy left/libtard killjoys.


There are a few of us NYers that are still good Americans!! 😁 

Last edited 3 months ago by LIRight47
jeff LPH 3 63-66

Nassau County is a little different than the now screwed up NYC. A lot of people think that the County is part of NYC and I used to have to explain the geography to them.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I grew up in Queens County NYC and moved to Nassau County NY (state) which is not NYC and is easier to purchase firearms in Nassau and neighboring Suffolk County NY State. When I lived in Queens, before all the anti gun stuff came up you could go into Macy’s and buy surplus Brit Enfields no license involved but things changed after the 1968 firearms act.


Had a buddy in Viet of the Nam that was from Queens.
Seemed normal to me.
But then again I was from Boston…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

forgot to mention in my above comment That the 1968 Firearms act came in after robert kennedy was shot. Do you say, “I pawck my caw in the Hawvawd yawds” Thats how the Boston all year rounders and Snow Birds say it down here in the GunShine State of Florida.


Lifelong Hicksville resident.


I bought an M-98 (8mm) around 1973 after my home was burglarized and I lost shotguns and rifles. I didn’t have the money so I bought the Mauser at a box store for around $35, as I recall.

I did eventually kill a nice 6 pt. Whitetail upstate NY, so it served its purpose.


Oh no, you didn’t, you heathen.

Everyone knows that the M1 Garand was the finest battle rifle ever made. Maybe even more than that; “the greatest battle implement ever devised”.

So far as the gun ownership numbers there are those that would dispute those numbers:

I know in my state gun ownership is pretty much universal. It’s fair to say I know of no one that doesn’t own at least one gun of some kind.

Last edited 3 months ago by 5JC

Where would you put the Enfield?


What about the often under-reported, under-estimated M-14?


A lot of Marines used that weapon in Nam.


I would argue for the M14. Not the A1 but the basic semi
auto with bayonet. The entire weapon is heavy made
including the magazines and is of great use as a cudgle
should it come that. Ideal buttstroke weapon.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The Marine BLT that we used to have aboard the ship all had M-14’s. Most of the time we had the same BLT and became friendly with a lot of them. One wanted to sell me a 1911 and another a field jacket. Marine Recon had M-4 .45 green parkerized Grease guns. When we were underway and we had small arms weapon firing quals, we fired the Garand, Carbine, M-1 Thompson .45 sub gun, BAR and the 1911 .45, and always had Marines watching us and asking the Gunny the names of the guns we were firing.


Mosin Nagant for the win.


any minute now…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The Garands are great as long as you pull your thumb out fast when depressing the E block clip follower. Take the tip from me, My red thumb lit up the hanger bay when the bolt hit it while waiting for the ComPhibron 3 Flag to come aboard.


Or you could just knife your hand to hold the bolt in place while you depress the follower until it creeps over the clip and then pull your thumb out of the way and release.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

No problem after I learned how to correctly do it and worked out great when firing off the fantail and up at Camp Smith for Qualification and a few maggies draws waved at me when I was in the inactive Navy reserve after doing my Kiddy cruise 3 year active duty enlistment.


Waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy back when I was in J-ROTC drill team, I learned to avoid the Garand thumb when drilling.
Personally, I never had an issue with it.

Speaking of JROTC, Dad (an inveterate and unrepentant prankster throughout his military career and adult life) caused some bit of commotion when he slipped a blank round into the rifle of a guy in the rank in front of him. They had a drill where they’d “clear” the rifle: open the bolt, look in the open breach, close the bolt, and pull the trigger. It was so routine the guy didn’t see the blank round before his eyes, and when he pulled the trigger he dropped the weapon (as I recall) and the entire formation dissolved in some chaos.


“…the finest battle rifle ever,…” Shots fired! INCOMMING!!! GET SMALL!!!! heh heh Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Getting low on Flame War subjects there, David? Next thing we know, you’ll be putting sugar in cornbread and beans in chili. *grin* Surprised the comment count isn’t higher by now. Slow day around Firebase TAH.

I think it would boil down to a mission requirements and a personal choice. The ability to “spray and pray” comes in handy sometimes, but there’s nothing that can match long range and knockdown power. I fired all of the above for familarazation. Highest # of good hits with the ’14, but the only score that counted for quals was the -16. There was a whole lot of folks that toted an AK during the Viet of The Nam Times. Draw you own conclusions on why. I wouldn’t throw any of them out of the gun rack.

If they can’t control the gunz, they’ll control the stores. And can go eat a bag of dicks.


“arguably the finest battle rifle”


May need to review this: