Record pay increase for retired, disability forecast

| August 19, 2022 reports a possible 9.6% pay bump for retired and disability-drawing payees, since all are tied to the Social Security COLA as calculated by the The Senior Citizens League (TSCL), a nonpartisan senior advocacy nonprofit.

Military retirees and veterans receiving disability pay from the Department of Veterans Affairs are likely to see record monthly check increases for the second year running thanks to the pace of inflation, according to new estimates.

Me, I am hoping for once my innate cynicism will be wrong and that this won’t turn out to be ‘way more “modest” than that. I suspect that what we will actually see will be a few points lower…you know, ‘reasons’. Gas prices dropping, whatever.



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That’s a C note on top. The rest are ones.


You saying I’m gonna have to helicopter for tips if I want more COLA?


What kind of pay raise for the active duty folks?

In the past when my retired pay raise has exceeded the active duty one, I’ve searched out ways to contribute to AFAS etc. That is getting harder to do.


Going to be 4.6% for all ranks. That was voted on earlier in the year before the catastrophe that is Joe Biden was fully realized.


Well, thanks, But I will not be bribed to vote (D).

OIP (6).jpg
USMC Steve

Won’t happen. The socialist democrats hate military and veterans because most of us are conservatives and won’t fall for their nonsense.


Thinkin’ and personal responsibility like a grown should exercise are “racist,” you know.


Here’s a novel idea. Peg Kongress Kritters pay and benefits to the same level as the average active duty or retired military person.

I struggled with math but I was hell on arithmetic. Kept stumbling over that whole pie are square thing. By my cyphering, prices have gone up waaay yonder more that 9 some odd %.

Odd that we don’t have enough $ to increase payouts for people that served this country but we have plenty to piss away for ones that broke the law getting here and the ones that are parasites on the Treasury.


A 9.6% increase in this inflation and (D)emon-rat controlled economy is like pissing on a forest fire.


Increase In Retirement Pay = More Taxes To Pay.

The Government Giveth…And The Government Taketh Away…

Oh, Well….

Old tanker

I’m not gonna hold my breath about this. I’m going to wait and see if it really happens.