Salman Rushdie stabbed

| August 12, 2022

Author Salman Rushdie was about to provide a lecture when someone attacked him and stabbed him on the neck. Rushdie, who is 75, needed to be flown to a hospital. His condition is not known as of the current linked article. He wrote a book, “The Satanic Verses”, which did not sit well with many Muslims. A fatwa was also issued against him calling for his death.

From NBC Connecticut:

“We can think of no comparable incident of a public violent attack on a literary writer on American soil,” CEO Suzanne Nossel said in a statement.

“Salman Rushdie has been targeted for his words for decades but has never flinched nor faltered,” she added.

His 1988 book “The Satanic Verses” was viewed as blasphemous by many Muslims. Often-violent protests against Rushdie erupted around the world, including a riot that killed 12 people in Mumbai.

The novel was banned in Iran, where the late leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a 1989 fatwa, or edict, calling for Rushdie’s death.

A bounty of over $3 million has also been offered for anyone who kills Rushdie.

The death threats and bounty led Rushdie to go into hiding under a British government protection program, including a round-the-clock armed guard. Rushdie emerged after nine years of seclusion and cautiously resumed more public appearances, maintaining his outspoken criticism of religious extremism overall.

He has said he is proud of his fight for freedom of expression, saying in a 2012 talk in New York that terrorism is really the art of fear.

“The only way you can defeat it is by deciding not to be afraid,” he said.

Iran’s government has long since distanced itself from Khomeini’s decree, but anti-Rushdie sentiment has lingered. The Index on Censorship, an organization promoting free expression, said money was raised to boost the reward for his killing as recently as 2016, underscoring that the fatwa for his death still stands.

In 2012, Rushdie published a memoir, “Joseph Anton,” about the fatwa. The title came from the pseudonym Rushdie had used while in hiding.

Rushdie rose to prominence with his Booker Prize-winning 1981 novel “Midnight’s Children,” but his name became known around the world after “The Satanic Verses.”

The Chautauqua Institution, about 55 miles southwest of Buffalo in a rural corner of New York, has served for more than a century as a place for reflection and spiritual guidance. Visitors don’t pass through metal detectors or undergo bag checks. Most people leave the doors to their century-old cottages unlocked at night.

NBC Connecticut has the rest of this story here. Thanks to Roh-Dog for mentioning this article.

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It was the usual suspects dressed in dark clothing?

OIP (5).jpg

LOL! I can never hear the original without thinking of Al’s.

He is the pious guy the little Amlettes wanna be like.


The Religion of Pieces continues to spread its Gospel.


After him since 88 I believe.


Cat Stevens unavailable for comment.

A Proud Infidel®™

Done by an Amish Anarchist, I presume?

tom reynolds

Cowards scared of words


Muhammad was an illiterate pedophile.


It’s true, they never forget. Let’s make damned sure we never forget either.


Was just looking around the internet for “The Satanic Verses”, by Salman Rushdie. Guess what came up first? Amazon. But I clicked on the link and it is “Unavailable”. Research shows it has been unavailable for about 10 years. Goes to show that fear of Muslim fanatics and Muslims, in general, is alive and well in corporate America.

Fuck em and the goats they screwed yesterday! I say print up those books and send them out to every mosque in America, a truckload at a time. I’ve never read it, so for interest’s sake, I found it in PDF online, for free.


So that makes 3 Iranian sponsored operations either carried to conclusion or interdicted in the continental United States in the last couple of weeks? And warheads aren’t hitting foreheads in Iran? No we don’t have a weak president or anything.


I’m sure it was a misunderstanding. Rushdie had a bee flying around him and a well-meaning melissophobe was in attendance with a K-Bar.

It happens, literally, all the time.


Probably going to live but lose an eye. So many crazies out there.


Query: Does the stabber get any of the three million? Guess there is no consolation prize for the attempt, no matter how many times (fifteen reported) he stabbed Rushdie.