Los Angeles hotels may have to house homeless people

| August 7, 2022

Los Angeles voters will vote on a proposal that could require hotels to accommodate homeless people using government vouchers. Hotel management in the area worry that this requirement may endanger their guests, staff, and people in the community surrounding the hotels. If the proposal becomes reality, hotels will have to report empty rooms no later than 2PM every day.

From Fox News:

President of the Northeast Los Angeles Hotel Owners Association Ray Patel joined “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Sunday, to discuss why the policy is not a long-term solution and his worry if the policy is adopted.

“This is not a solution, it’s just a temporary fix,” Patel told co-host Carley Shimkus. “And during Project Roomkey, a great example, they housed the unhoused in the hotels — but the government never provided an end solution. They never provided transitional services to permanent housing; and simply issuing hotel vouchers impacting our hotels and our marketability of those rooms to the pain tourist, corporate travelers and locals is not a solution now.”

Patel touted the COVID-era program to secure housing for the homeless, but stressed his concern surrounding how the policy would impact public safety as crime continues to spiral out of control.

If passed, the voucher program would require hotels to send information on their vacant rooms for the day by 2 PM daily, but Patel stressed that many guests have not yet checked in by that time.

“That just doesn’t make sense because at 2 PM people are barely checking into the hotels, and they’re asking us to combine both populations in a hotel – the paying guests and those that have hotel vouchers that would be issued by the city,” Patel said.

Fox News has additional details here.

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Any city that adopted such a policy would be off my list to visit. No way I’m exposing my family to such risks

RGR 4-78

Grinding the hotel industry between the millstones of inflation and insanity.


I see what you did here.


Behold my fields…


Ah, Comrades! Welcome to Larzie Boi’s wettest of dreams



Two options come to mind..
1. Immediately close all student housing, and repurpose it for housing the homeless.
2.Start shooting all violent protestors

Keep in mind, these options are NOT mutually exclusive!


I guess I should have added
3.Expell all student protestors


I’m sure we’ve got some of these layin’ around…

many bomblets of peace.gif

works for me


Rockeye Charlie Foxtrot.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

What do you expect, it’s berkley.


Two things:

(1) Will illegal aliens get to vote?
(2) If this boondoggle passes, Los Angeles deserves every bad thing that happens because of it.


Wait till the homeless use the pool for an open toilet.


Who doesn’t like Baby Ruths floating in the pool?


Sidewalk no longer good enough?


And they will wonder why people will stay away in droves, people abandon them for saner climes, and nothing gets fixed.


A clear and blatant violation of the 3rd Amendment to the Constitution of these United States…not that violating the Constitution has ever been a barrier to demonrats. Not troops you say? Well, yes they are…soldiers of the free sh^t army! Plus you got that whole “…private property…” thing going on. Pandering at its finest by politicians. If the “voters” approve this, then they get what they deserve.

I see a business opportunity here. Go to LA and open up a moving out of state service.

Here’s a novel idea to you deadbeat homeless folks. Stub out your camel, get off your ass, pick up a shovel and go to work. Millions did and do everyday.


Everyday the homeless move to LA,
Hey you better get ready the tourist are staying away.
If you’re gonna go woke
Then you’re gonna go broke


You obviously never had to manage the demands of a drug problem and a job at the same time. It aint easy.


Sometimes I think, “It would be kinda cool to go back and visit some of my old spots in San Diego and LA.”

Then I read stories like this, and I’m like, “Nah. I’m good.”

Only Army Mom

Organization I am with did this, using Covid money, during the pandemic. It was decided to be too risky to allow the homeless to be in congregate-style housing – think shelters.

More than 185 people in about a year were assisted in securing permanent housing.

Interestingly, the shelters were and remain strongly opposed. If there are no homeless, there is no reason for them to exist, much less beg for more money every year.

Shelters do not seek permanent housing. They collect the food stamps of ‘residents’ in group housing to feed them and get money for every bed they fill in the group and shelter facilities.


Hope you like bedbugs, scabies, stray needles and the fluids of crackhoz and their johns all over the genetic petri dishes that are hotel bed spreads.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Do the govt vouchers pay more than a paying guest, and if so why not get rid of guests and take in the homeless.


Might have something to do with the associated extra costs not covered.


This is an awesome and timely program. They should expand it to Air BnBs and even private homes that don’t rent out rooms. Everyone should report to the government the number of vacant bedrooms in their house and apartment every day by 2PM. The government can then give them a voucher for gas, food, marijuana or a tax “rebate” for every homeless person or undocumented alien they house.


They are not addicted and/or mentally ill because they are homeless. They are homeless because they are addicted and/or mentally ill.

In the case of the “event driven” homeless, poverty driven homeless, they are homeless due to anti-housing anti-market legislation.

Legislated poverty.


Hmmm. Does forcing someone to house someone else count as “involuntary servitude”?

Oh. Right. Donks are always cool with that.


The 13th only applies to people, not kulaks.
We at the Central Messaging Service appreciate you adjusting your thinking accordingly, Comrade.
Your compliance has been noted.


My Party Oath is painted on my fingernail. Let me hold it up for you. See? I proudly show it on the tallest finger!


The Mansions of Beverly Hills seems like a good place to put the homeless. Let the Dems that voted/funded these policies share in their handywork.

AW1 Rod

Maine has been doing this for some time, now. It’s a clusterfuck.


A ‘culturally enriched’ clusterfuck.


Shithole failed state and a once fairly decent college.


So I’m Joe Hotel Owner.
I have one employee who’s only job is to create reservations for every room not booked by an actual real life breathing customer. And change my booking policy to allow reservations to be cancelled as late as 2300.

“Yeah City of LA? We’re booked for today. And tomorrow. As a matter of fact, we’re booked through the end of never.”

A Proud Infidel®™

Let’s not forget that the homeless will typically trash whatever they’re handed and demand more. As for the high-end Hotels, will they also be forced to hand rooms out to the junkies?


Is THIS the future?


I’ll say it again, “Larzie Boi’s wettest of dreams…”.

Sometimes otherwise reasonable men need to do unreasonable things.

(both those commissars would’ve learned ‘ice pick’ can be a verb)

Old tanker

I wonder how many will be housed at the disney resort hotels in Anaheim. Just think you check in get your mouse ears then get shaken down by pan handlers in the hallway. Cool beans for tourists.


I’m sure the homeless will abide by check-out times./s
Another issue will be those homeless who partake in fentanyl.

A 2 year old playing in a park near Seattle this past week picked up and consumed what he thought was a skittle. He had to be revived and stomach pumped revealed 😷  a fentanyl pill. Who knows what the “unhoused” motel “guests” will leave for the next occupants.