Ayman Al Zawahiri Droned Near Kabul

| August 1, 2022


Ayman al-Zawahiri and Osama bin Laden forged an alliance in 1998, and his Egyptian Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda were merged. Zawahiri was closely affiliated with both the bombing of USS Cole and the attacks of September 11.

He gradually became al-Qaeda’s chief spokesman, opining on the U.S. invasion of Iraq and warfare between Hezbollah and Israel. The U.S. State Department determined that Zawahiri was al-Qaeda’s leading decision maker, while bin Laden reportedly occupied figurehead status.

Zawahiri assumed formal leadership of al-Qaeda in June 2011, following bin Laden’s death.

Happy trails, asshole.

US takes out Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri in ‘successful’ Afghanistan counterterrorism operation

Two intelligence sources say Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri was killed in a CIA drone strike

Brooke Singman , Bret Baier , Peter Doocy | Fox News

The United States conducted a “successful” counterterrorism operation against a “significant” Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri in Afghanistan over the weekend, a senior administration official told Fox News.

President Biden on Monday night at 7:30 p.m. E.T. is expected to address the nation from the White House on the operation.

“Over the weekend, the United States conducted a counterterrorism operation against a significant Al Qaeda target in Afghanistan,” the senior administration official told Fox News Monday. “The operation was successful and there were no civilian casualties.”

Two intelligence sources tell Fox News Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri was killed in the CIA drone strike.

Fox News

It was bound to happen- the Blind Chipmunk theory is finally proved by PINO Joe, who made a sound policy decision. Or did he? Whichever, this is good news.

Needs Updating

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Saved round:

Enjoy your eternity in Hell, cocksucker!


You see that bruise/callus in the center of his forehead? It’s called azabiba or zebiba. That’s how you know you are dealing with a muslim fanatic. It’s from praying in such a way that your forehead keeps smashing into the floor. The only cure is to apply a Hellfire directly to the forehead.


Hopefully they shot one of these AGM-114 R9X Hellfire missiles right up his evil goat-f*cking ass:

comment image


Ha! Yes indeed!


I’d bet dollars to donuts that’s what it was — they hit him on a balcony without incurring collateral damage, they say. That’s the Flying Ginsu, absolutely. Good job, spooks.


After watching SFC D’s video, ol” Poe thinks “Airborne Veg-O-Matic” has a nice ring to it.

Known as the top-rated slicer and dicer throughout the Middle East… 😜 

USMC Steve

So this is the dreaded ninja hellfire.


What’s wrong with the other end? Really make that azabiba or zebiba whatever really stand out.

A Proud Infidel®™

I thought that callus on his forehead came from the ballsack of a nude male bronze statue!


He now joins Mohamed and the others deluded by him in Eternal Torment.

I have to wonder if, every time a Muslim dies, Mohamed’s torment increases?


comment image

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Aloha Snackbar, mofo. Will you be the goat, one of the 72 virgins, or the Centerfold for Man Love Thursdays Weekly?

Smart move on prezzy sniffy creepy’s handlers to change the headlines. Too bad it took the Alaphabets so long to waste this murderous POS.


Insh’Allah, bitch

John Seabee

Phew, think of the goats who are safer now that he’s departed.

A Proud Infidel®™


Green Thumb

Like how old is this dude?

Is he relevant?

Green Thumb

Low hanging fruit.

But a political win, I guess.

Forrest Bondurant

Precisely. Low hanging fruit.

Biden is probably hoping to increase his popularity since the 1 year anniversary of the Afghanistan pullout debacle is around the corner.


He was 71…much younger than our disastrous prez…

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USMC Steve

He isn’t anymore.

Hack Stone

Dat’s a good one.


Rest in Pieces, ashole

Skivvy Stacker

And you can bet that this attack is going to be celebrated by the left with the same fervor they exhibited in their disdain for Trump when he took out that “warrior poet” that none of them had ever heard of before.


Close shave.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I wonder if he could be put together with a styptic pencil or alum bloc


Might sting a bit..

Hack Stone

Doc is prescribing Motrin, water, and duct tape. Lots of duct tape.


The first nine minutes of commentary actually has a pretty good history of the now dead shitbag.


You all can stop watching at 9:30. 9:35 or so is when she mentions Trump lying for Saudi Arabia.

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At what point does she mention your Lord and Savior Obama bowing before the Saudi King?


Didn’t you say you were never coming back here?

Forrest Bondurant

Trump hasn’t been President for over a year and a half, and Commissar still manages to mention the former President in his posts.


What he fails to remember is that when the previous administration killed Al-Baghdadi in October 2019, and Soleimani a year later, Biden criticized those actions, but as long as a Democrat does it, it’s all good.

Another fail.


IF this actually happened, it’s worth celebrating (I’m sure the goats are), but given the penchant for this regime to lie about everything, and their track record with drone strikes (think innocent family), I’m not sure I’m buying it..


The See Eye Eh been messing with that country for my entire life and has accomplished……………………?

I’m waiting for them to ‘oopses’ a Chinese businessman in these contentious times, per their SOP.

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Hack Stone

Anyone of you Adorable Deplorables want to kick in a few bucks so that Hack can send an FTD bouquet of Mylar balloons, Teddy Bears and a 40 ounce can of Camel Piss to be erected at the location where he was taken from us too soon?