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| July 23, 2022

Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 10mm

Man in his 60s shot, killed by SWAT team after police say he threatened officers, roommate with gun News Staff
A fight between roommates ended with a man being shot by a police officer. The incident happened Friday morning along Templeton Drive in Loganville.

Police said the suspect threatened them with multiple guns, forcing SWAT officers to shoot and kill Leonard Hollingsworth, 63.

Investigators said it started at around 1:30 a.m.

“Two SWAT officers fired at the suspect, and he was determined to be deceased at the scene,” said Cpl. Ryan Winderweedle with the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Investigators said Hollingsworth’s roommate escaped when police showed up, but police say the Hollingsworth ran back in the home while an elderly woman was also inside.

“We heard them telling the guy, ‘Get out of the house. You’re under arrest.’ And that the SWAT team is there, and they’re not going to leave,” a witness who wished to remain anonymous said.

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Yahoo News

Thanks, Gun Bunny.

Atlanta woman shoots man in self-defense during assault, police say

By FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team
Police officers in Atlanta are trying to determine whether a woman will face charges for shooting a man overnight.

Officials say the shooting happened shortly after 2 a.m. at an apartment complex near the 200 block of Greenhaven Drive SE.

Investigators tell FOX 5 right now they believe the woman shot the man in self-defense while he was assaulting her.

According to police, the incident started inside the apartment and that the woman fled to a nearby Publix parking lot before shooting the man in the leg.

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Fox 5 Atlanta

Followed her to the parking lot? Good shoot, on the face of it.

When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat. – R. Reagan

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Suicide by cop? Or just a dumbass? Either way, one less parasite on society.

Aimed a little bit low there, girlfren’. BZ for fighting back.

Nice looking Springfield, but you do know that a 10mm is the FIRST (ht 2 Chippy) tool to get lost. Another plasticized abomination. *sigh* Least is ain’t a Glock so there is that.

Do believe that Ronnie made someone see the light when they felt the heat from some ‘varks.


“a fight between roommates” – at 63? “an elderly woman still inside”? Older than the perp? There are some serious red flags on that …uh… relationship there. Indicative of …other… mental issues?

10mm’s are always getting lost. But Springfield Armory is several levels up from the plastic abominations, nonetheless. As KoB says, it at least is not-a-Glock


Knew you’d feel the love, AW1Ed.

Robert Szrama

The woman shot the man in the leg. Sort of speaks to the assertion by some who fantasize about gun control that we should shoot a suspect in the leg.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Lash Larue used a whip to grab the bad guy’s gun hand and Hopolong Cassidy along with other good guys were able to shoot the gun right out of the bad guys hand and I say thats great shooting.


Yeah, why can’t the cops do that? If they shot the guns out of the perps hands, we could have avoided a few of those fiery but mostly peaceful protests in the 2020 Summer of BLM love.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

If we could reserect Gene Autry, Roy Rodgers, Tim Holt,Rex Allen, Johnny Mack Brown, SunSet Carson, Wild Bill Elliot, Hoot Gibson, Bob Steele, Buck Jones,Allan Rocky Lane, Ken Maynard, Tim McCoy, Tom Mix, Tex Ritter, Whip Wilson and the Durango Kid, maybe we can go all over the US teaching the LEO’s how it’s done.


That would be some training I’d like to see, since they hit those bad guys’ pistolas regularly without ever looking at their sights and sometimes shooting from the hip. But in Cowboy Action Shooting, even the champions have to look at the front sight at least to hit the targets. Nobody shoots from the hip.