Chechens reportedly want to step up

| July 23, 2022

A Chechen group has announced that they will be starting active operations against the Russians soon. Chechnya is a hot spot for the Russians and the Chechens have a personal hard-on for Putin, whom they say is responsible for breaking the peace treaty in 1999 they had signed with Yeltsin.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, volunteer Chechen forces joined the fight in support of Kyiv — fueling the flames to a long-held animus towards not only Russia, but Putin.

“We know the enemy’s positions, where Russian military bases are,” Islam Belokiev, spokesman for the Sheikh Mansur Battalion, said in a video message obtained by Fox News Digital this week with the help of Ukraine Frontline Media Platform.

“We have divided the Chechen Republic of Icheriya into three fronts and 16 sectors,” he added while announcing a plan to once again fight for Chechen independence.

Rebekah Koffler, a Russia expert and former intelligence officer in Russian doctrine and strategy for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), said it could serve as a strategy to distract Putin’s war effort in Ukraine.

“The possibility of them taking advantage of Putin’s forces being tied up in Ukraine to assert their independence is very plausible,” she explained.

It is unclear if the Chechen volunteer forces are strategizing with Kyiv by creating a second front, but Koffler noted that even if a second front is not fully launched in Chechnya, it could still strain Putin’s forces.


Historically uprisings succeed best when the parent country is distracted by another conflict – England’s preoccupation with France helped us, and France’s problems with England  are just two examples. If your enemy has concentrated his forces to hit someone else there is always a good time to attack his weakened forces here.


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“once again fight for Chechen independence”

Go for it.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


Most of the time….


Irish Independence because England was distracted by The Great War


Oh goody, we gots somebody else to give some more American Taxpayer funded weapons to. That ought to make the MIC happy. Now if we can just get the Tally Bans to open another front on the south side. They already gots a nice cache of weapons that we gave them. Then china joe can call his buddy Xi and open up the eastern front. Offer them Taiwan in exchange.


Not a fan of Chechen’s terrorists/fighters, but it does seem an opportune time for them to try for independence.


hopefully because you remember the schools, hospitals, and soft targets they went after the last time. I thought the Russians just eliminated the Muslims from Chechnya.


Like I said, USAF E-5 – not a fan.
They have too much in common with the other rag-heads we’ve been fighting in the various sandboxes and shiite-holes around the world.
In the eyes of all those folks, if you don’t adhere to their particular interpretation of the pedo-prophet’s planderings you’re marked as lower than a dog and acceptable to kill without regret.

Kinda like “Which rabid vicious dog are you rooting for?”
“Doesn’t matter, I’ll have to shoot the survivor one way or the other.”

The Stranger

Yeah, well if it happens, I’m going to take the Kissinger position: it’s a shame they both can’t lose.


This seems appropriate:


*cough cough*

Prior Service

Ha ha. Tough luck, Putin. I don’t care for Ukraine or Chechnya but I enjoy the prospect of Russia trying to fight both. And, cue Georgia in 3, 2, …

The Stranger

We’ll all stop laughing when China moves on Siberia.