Congress raises morale at forward Navy bases

| July 19, 2022

Congress might be looking to force the Navy to provide “plant-based protein options” at two forward bases. Nothing will cheer the overworked, chronically suicidal sailors like replacing their mystery meat (which is, in accordance with USDA regulations at least 51% meat) with tofu.

From Navy Times;

The Navy might be required to serve vegan meat on some bases

A provision tucked into the House version of 2023?s defense budget bill could require the Navy to serve up Beyond Burgers or Gardein at a number of forward bases.

The amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2023 would create a pilot program by March 2023 to offer “plant-based protein options” at at least two Navy forward operating bases.

The secretary of the Navy would identify at least two forward Navy installations for the pilot effort and would be directed to prioritize bases “where livestock-based protein options may be costly to obtain or store,” the amendment states.

It mentions specifically Joint Region Marianas, Guam; Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean; and U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo, Japan, as examples of such bases.

More at the source.

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“plant-based protein options”

They will compliment the new plant based fuels for ships.

Hack Stone

Hack was going to make reference to that. Something like 30 times more expensive than standard ship fuel, and what foreign ports would set aside fuel storage tanks for the “green fuel” in the event that one of these ships pulls in?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Congress raises morale at forward Navy bases
By…..not showing up on base?


Soy is a toxin for the manliness of young men.

It’s almost like there’s a plan here….

Methinks the ‘cost savings’ will be subsumed by tissue costs as Beaches and The Notebook viewings go up 2,000%.

Last edited 6 months ago by Roh-Dog

Makes me blast ass like I’m getting paid for it. Maybe the plan is to capture the methane from sailors and use it as an alternate fuel source?


Me too. I have a genetic intolerance of hydrolyzed oils (HVO), especially soy oils.

I has a theory: my mother and maternal grandmother both had right hip replacements due to joint damage caused by localized lymphocyte response from HVO-induced cecum inflammation.

Ask me how I know.

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I am allergic to soy.
If they want to go all soy-boy, they can. I’d eat their dog BBQ’d before touching that trash.

Green Thumb

WTF? The Navy is trying to outdo the AF.

No more baked chicken that can be reconstituted over the next week into six additional – yet separate – dishes and recipes?

I wonder if room service will come w/ that option?


So I’m guessing strippers (of whatever sex) were out of the question…

A Proud Infidel®™️

Death from within!!!


Ham & muthers, horse cock sammiches on stale bread, and orange colored bug juice starting to look pretty good right about now, huh. The new bug juice is made from actual bugs now. Bill Gates grins.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Ham & lima beans (mother f..k’s) C’s can’t beat franks and beans. horse cock sandwiches weren’t bad if the meat was sliced as thin as a sheet of paper. Used to get an empty B can from the galley and load it up with bug juice and ice cubes and bring it up to the starboard motor whale boat for lifeboat watch as the aft engineer and bow hook while steaming. The generic koolade bug juice we had wasn’t that bad and I enjoyed it.


I wouldn’t mind opening a case of C rats now and then even if
they date code to “vietnam times”.
At least nowadays I can toss back a shot of good bourbon before and wash it down with an ice cold beer after.
Or the reverse if it suits.


Don’t forget the Tabasco.


My father toldme Back in the old Corps when Saturday mornings were a normal workday that fried baloney was the standard Saturday lunch.


Those veggie burgers are NOT cheaper, and they taste like ass. You can Vegan all you want on your own, but the mess decks/chow hall does not cater to your dainty, delicate tastes…man up!


Force-feed that crap to the Congress-critters that advocate it.

There was a time when TDCJ-ID had some alternative to meat for the inmates and the guards who ate in the Officers Dining Room.

It was unmitigated garbage.

Eventually it turned out that someone on the prison board had a kick-back from the company foisting that on them and the whole program went into the trash-can.

I’d be willing to bet there is a kick-back involved in this fiasco as well.
Follow the money, honey.

Hack Stone

And don’t forget Nancy Pelosi’s husband.


Ahhhh Diego Garcia. My “remote work space” for eight months of my life.


Hack Stone

Would you like a Biden Burger?

What’s a Biden Burger?

It’s a sandwich with no meat, 100% vegetable.

Old tanker

The stupid is just so strong in the “woke”. AFAIAC liberal political thinking is a mental disorder characterized by a severe disconnect from reality and a total failure to understand human behavior.


This article is very deceptively written. 1) this is a bill and not yet a law; 2) meatless vegetarian options would only replace a few items on the menu, mainly some expensive beef based options – tuna pouches or other lunch options are still available; 3) science recommends not eating heavy meals with beef or pork in hot environments – medical types in Iraq advised troops to avoid main meals in MREs and eat trail mix or Hooah bars or protein bars to avoid heatstroke.
Mixing up protein sources in hot environments is not a bad thing as long as there is sufficient variety (cheese sticks, tuna pouches, impossible burgers, etc)

A Proud Infidel®™

FEED THAT SHIT to the hippies & hipsters in San Foo-foo and Oakland!
Better yet, if it’s as good for you as they say, offer it to the homeless.

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